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July 05, 2007



Excellent post Claire. You saved me the trouble of typing something very similiar. I agree with the fact that this is a sales job. When you work for a large corporation, guess what... they train you too but it's not called brain washing. You have an upline there too... but it's called a boss and you are not criticized for doing what your boss says or trying to reach her position but emulating her success.

You work for HP and they tell you what to say to sell your products so that you sell more then Dell and IBM - that's called business. At least with a consumable product you can try it first to get your own personal results. I like our approach because you can try the products before you buy them - what's better than that?

I have worked with so many schmucks before in my previous careers that didn't get fired either and that is much easier for a company to do when you are an employee. I wish Arbonne would dump the people you are all referring to as well but why on earth would you let that be a stoppping point to grow a business? that's ridiculous when there are so many other people doing a great job.

I am not brainwashed, stupid, dim-witted or any of the things you allege "arbots" to be. I am an ethical, talented business woman running a business that suites my families needs and I am helping so many people along the way - based on their goals and not mine. I have countless stories that are contrary to what you guys are writing - too many to post.
I know some of you who are posting mean well but those of you who are bitter and nasty do not serve your purpose well.

This is a business and you need to do your homework. I agree with Claire that anyone willing to drop $2500 bucks to start a nm business is in for trouble. Anyone who choses to work with someone who suggests the same is nuts. If you accept a paycheck from a company you should learn about their products and process of doing business and follow the p&p - it's your responsibilty.

I hope each of you find what you are looking for in life... and I hope keeping this site going isn't your only goal because no one thrives in a land of negativity. good luck and god bless

Kate H.

Someone earlier asked about the Teagues...they were de-registered by Arbonne and are no longer consultants. They did not get out by choice, rather they were "fired." If any of you were part of their organization, it's no wonder that you have such bad feelings toward Arbonne.

I have read all the posts and am saddened that there are so many out there who have had such bad experiences with the company. It is just like any other direct sales company - you have to work hard to be successful, and unfortunately, many people are very lazy and don't want to have to work for success. Then, when they realize that they are not going to ever make the kind of money they want to make, they tend to blame the company, their upline, or their downline for their own failure.

Some of you have so much hate for Arbonne. Wow. A lot of wasted energy. Move on and find something positive in life to focus on, instead of being such a hater.

Greg Fitzpatrick

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Ken Frisbie

I don't know much about cosemetics and am no business mastermind, but I think people should know how the cosmetics industry really works. Arbonne does not manufacture cosmetic products. Nor do any other of the name-brand cosmetics companies. It's hilarious that women think they actually do. It works like this, for all cosmetic companies...You hire a lab in Switzerland to create a formula for you, it's the same or a slight variant of existing formulas. There are a few companies that actually manufacture the cosmetics, you pay them, they make it, put it in a bottle with your name on it, then you sell, market, and distribute it. Those few companies actually make the cosmetics for all the cosmetic name-brands that you know. One bottle sells from Company A for $5 and the same or a slight variant sells from Comapny B for $35. It's all in how you market it. With Arbonne, you're paying for the marketing and to make a few people at Headquarters rich. The whole business is probably just a few people at Headquaters, and a handful of people working in a storeroom in California. And let's not forget the most horrific animal testing you can imagine. Things like stuffing lipstick down dogs throats til they die, or restraining rabbits while poking their eyes out - comes to mind. Of course, the cosmetics companies pay outside labs to do the experiments, so they can say that they themselves do not test on animals. What an industry it is.


Hello Ken,

You are correct, most companies have outside manufacturers produce products for them, same as with mass produced clothing. They make the products according to the specifications of the formula. Levlad is the company that produces Arbonne and Nature's Gate and Levlad is owned by Harvest Partners. Levlad is "a leader in the manufacture and distribution of personal care products." Just look into all the brands owned by Estee Lauder, Makes you wonder why anyone pays top price when you can just guess that formulas are shared, then slightly altered, between lines.

I have joined a company where our products are actually formulated and then manufactored at the same place outside of Paris, France. We are now distributing them in the US.

I will say this much for Arbonne, they don't test on animals and neither do their suppliers. I can no longer recall the name of the organization that shows that, but there aren't many worldwide that can make that claim. That's not to say at one time testing was done to prove safety, but it's not currently done. Honestly, if something might be harmful, why use it all for skin care?

Independent Consultant, Votre Vu

Karen H

WOW, some of you are really rude and ugly people. Melanie and anyone else should have the right to post or blog their experience and comments, negative or positive without being taken apart limb by limb because their opinion differs from the majority.

It's called the First Amendment


This is weird. When you sign up, you KNOW that the person who signed you up is going to make profits off your sales so why do you all keep saying it's a bad thing? They don't lie to you and say they wont. They tell you exactly how it works.

I'm thinking of selling and after reading I think that wow, this company is a lot better than most companies out there. Practically every company in the world is money hungry and unethical. They use scams all the time in almost every commercial to get you to buy. As a beauty professional I know how skin care needs to work and this is the only product I could back 100%. Seems like this company is on the ball more than most. There's bad apples all over the place.

Most things you buy are marked up. We pay 2 bucks for a bottle of water for goodness sakes. This company isn't worse than any other.

hot house

You know, so far, I've been reading this blog and discovering it is based on one things: embarrassment for greed.

First of all, if this is a free country. This is a time-tested way of selling things (an informal, comfortable setting and, yes, peer pressure). Pushy salesmanship has been around forever. If did something irresponsible, don't blame the person who convinced you.

As for the business, I'm sure there are many people out there who can make a reasonable profit without pushing irresponsibility. Stop picking on one name-brand. Every smart company promises incentives to increase sales. Duh. If you really want that Mercedes, go ahead. If you believe it's impractical for you, tone it down or find another job.


It is too bad you have to bash another company to sell your own products. What ever happened to an honest living?


what happened to this site?




well i do believe in arbonne...i use it my family uses it and even my baby uses it...i belive it is the best product out there..i really dont know what you are talking about..it is so funny that you say that arbonne talks bad about other companies when you are doin the same thing to bring up your business..that preaty much a hiprocritical statement...i know people that have their own business in facial products who actually switched to arbonne..i am so happy that i have been using arbonne...i love it!!!!!

Martie Huggins

I think that you people have such an uneducated opinion. It's alsmost funny! No wonder there is such negativity in the world. Arbonne is a company that realized that women who want to make extra money and love skincare can supllement there income by selling a product through multi-level marketing and earn apercentage of the profits for the rest of their lives. What is so stupid and fraudulent about that? Yes, it is expensive, but so is Estee Lauder & Anne Klein. What about Merle Norman. Hey...get this...what about Revlon, L'Oreal...Hey and there's Neutrogena. Man, let me think..ah yes Prescriptives! They are all expensive. They all claim to do certain things for your skin or to accentuate what you already have...but do the other companies let you gain a profit for you to earn the rest of your life if you so desire? Also, Arbonne products are meant to last longer than most products, which means that if you compared the price of a a single arbonne product and actually followed the instructions using what is recommended for your skin type, you will finds that the product lasts a considerable amount of time longer than the ordinary skincare products. I was a former Arbonne Consultant. I love cosmetics. I have been with Mary Kay...pink cadillac not my style...I have a friend with Beauti-Control... she wona $24,000.oo mustang Gt and used the extra money she earn wach month working with Beauti-Control to help pay a tremendous amount of hospital bills incurred when her 14 year son had a brain tumor (successfully recovered thank the Lord Above). I have been inolved with Avon, and been an outside sales person with many companies, a licensed insurance agent in the states of Texas, Arkansas, and Ohio. I love talking to people, but not leading them along. The truth is...some things are for some people, and some are not. Don't put A HUGE JUDGMENTAL ASSUMPTION FOR EVERYONE TO SEE IF IT CAN'T BE BACKED UP WITH LOGIC AND FACT. Do you know what I was told an assumption was by someone one time...assume...an ass of you and me...meaning nothing! Back of your facts next time and don't spoil it for those who are trying to make something of their lives. It's obvious how you want to live your life, but other people have a right to have their sports car from any organization and drive it, too! Just like you!

Martie Huggins

Also to add to the previous comment I made..I am not the best typist in the world, but you get what I am saying.


We all sell something!If you are a preacher
or a drug dealer you do what it takes to make the sell! Some will do it the right way others will cheat,this does not make for a bad product just a bad person. I own several companies and 2 resturants and I also sell Arbonne because the products are great.So far in my affair with Arbonne my only problem is product in Demand will there always be enough!!! Arbonne teaches to have respect for other companies and each other ,really How many companies do that? I will stay in Arbonne if I make it to ENVP or not due to the fact that I love what they stand for and stay true to.
Go to a Arbonne meeting anyone and you will see a women or a man with a dream.... in this world we can use something that allows a person to dream and like with anything it does take hard work to make it but with Arbonne race, relegion, education none of these matter just do you want it. then go for it


For those people who don't think Arbonne is a scam THINK AGAIN.

As a consultant, I can personally attest to the fact that ARBONNE is a total scam centered around the exchange of an ordinary product to skirt the letter of the law regarding PONZI schemes.

This isn't a joke.

Arbonne Burned Me

Well, it's about time the roof finally caved in at Arbonne. I knew this would happen with the way the company was run. They turned the other way when pyramids were built, people like me were taken advantage of and profits soared.

But greed and deception caught up with Arbonne and its former owners, Harvest Partners. Despite countless people like me, now without a husband but with a garage full of RE9, the roof caved in. Management encouraged frontloading, and I wonder how many people it affected like me. Management didn't seem to mind when my upline told me I needed to buy in for $2,500. I guess karma finally caught up with these guys, and that's why they're out.

My NVP told me earlier this week that everything is great, that Arbonne is on its way to $2 billion. Really? I guess the reason the banks took over the company and Harvest is out is because the company is about to experience growth? I'm sure Harvest left it for dead for some reason other than what my NVP is telling me. Surely they had a reason to hang on to a company that's really on its way to $2 billion.

On Wednesday, Arbonne posted this on their website, but then took it down the same day!

Dear Consultant,
You may have heard rumors or seen media reports in recent days speculating about Arbonne’s financial condition and outlook.

I joined Arbonne because I believe it has a very bright and exciting future, and everything I have seen and learned since arriving at the company has only deepened my enthusiasm and excitement. I look forward to continuing to work closely with you, President Rita Davenport and the other members of the management team as we pursue our strategy and business plan to drive our company forward in the years ahead. Rita and I are convinced that what we have coming in 2010, with product utilizing state of the art technology, will make it a banner year for Arbonne.

Since being named CEO in August, I have been closely reviewing our business strategy and operations, and meeting with employees, Consultants and Clients. These meetings have been terrific and have underscored for me that Arbonne is a very special organization, with committed employees and the best Consultants in the MLM industry.

As I’m sure you would expect, I have also devoted time to familiarizing myself with and studying the company’s financial situation. I view keeping our financial house in order as an important component of our strategy for success. In recent weeks, I—along with CFO Mark Lehman and our financial advisors—have been meeting with our lenders to discuss constructive ways in which we can strengthen the company’s balance sheet, and thereby enhance our future financial performance, as well as be in a better position to invest in business building ideas.

As we are about to celebrate our 30th anniversary, you are to be commended for building a strong, profitable company over time. You should be confident that your compensation from commissions and overrides is secure. All planned trips and incentives such as: ROAR, AAT, Areas in Paradise, NYC Trip, ASAP 2010 Caribbean Cruise, and NTC 2010 will remain as scheduled. In addition, we are planning even more activities and events in the upcoming year.

To the extent that we ultimately pursue financial restructuring with our lenders, the intent is merely to convert debt to equity, namely ownership. Such measures will have no impact on our day to day operations. The company has more than enough positive cash flow to continue our normal operations, and we expect there will be no disruptions to our relationships with Arbonne Independent Consultants, employees, suppliers or vendors.

In summary, I am very bullish on what I’ve seen and learned since becoming CEO of Arbonne. We have
outstanding people and products—and a very bright future. I look forward to reporting to you on our progress as we continue to focus on opportunities to position Arbonne to achieve all of its goals and continue to prosper long into the future. In the meantime, you can help the future of Arbonne best by continuing to deliver your outstanding performance in the field, and in carrying this same message of optimism and belief in the future. I am calling on all Consultants to unite and help create anew the excitement needed to help Arbonne grow now more than ever. We are “Going for Glory” in 2010.

Most sincerely,

Kay Napier

Doesn't sound like a company headed for $2 billion. Sounds like a company salvaging the scraps, begging to keep people around while they pull cash out one last time.

Well, sorry Arbonne. Your PIN number is no longer valid at my ATM. You fooled me once. Shame on you.

Kathy Shelton

Are Candace and Bob still with Arbonne??


No, both are gone. Why do you ask?

mlm leads

Nobody should be pushed or conned into doing anything. Usually if it's a good product you're offering the products should sell itself.


okay i got arbonne as a gift and went online to see how much it was, but first i had to enter my contact info name phone number so i did and was looking at the product prices online(couldn't believe how expesive they were) when all of a sudden like i mean less then 2 minutes i get a call from the national vice president asking me if i need help with anything!!!...i was like wtf!! she then offers to come to my home and show me the products....she lives over 4 hours away!!! does she get comped to come to my house...is my reqruitment really worth the travel cost it will be to travel 4 hours to come see me!!! im scared kinda now, will she harass me to buy stuff??? anyone had an experience like this???


Hi Rose,

Interesting experience you had. You may want to read at www.mlmblog.net before setting up your appointment.


it's official, arbonne filed for chapter 11 in Delaware (the state where I live which is very interesting). they moved all their holdings to a building that does nothing but hold the names of bankrupt companies. looks like they are in the whole for $800 million or so owing $202 million to Wilmington Trust, my parents bank!

you can find the actual bankruptcy filing here: http://www.ratbags.com/rsoles/comment/arbonnech11.pdf

very very interesting, total mis-management of money, but they are calling it financial restructuring and this will be the greatest year for arbonne ever.... yea ok, what a joke!!!!!!


Interesting that Ms. Paula is selling her own skincare line...hmmm

Lisa Butler

I have had nothing but great results with Arbonne. The products and the company. I am forever thankful to my dear friend Theresa who shared it with me. My son's life and mine are forever changed for the better. I truly believe this company was part of saving his life. My youngest sits on my lap and not daycare because of this company. Thank you Arbonne!! You taught me how to be a positive thinker and to bless others always and to build my business with integrity. Dreams Come True with you. Lisa

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