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July 05, 2007



Hi JJ! How are you? It's sweltering here too. I hope all is well with you!


Man, there are some strong feelings here against Arbonne. People either seem to love it or hate it. I can get the lovin' part but I can't get the hating it part. I'm crazy about the product. Everyone I've introduced it to loves it. I'm already starting to give presentations and I mail out samples to everyone I know.

This is not a pyramid scheme, it's network marketing. A great way to make extra income.

I just started the business and yes, I've invested a lot of money in product to use as display and as samples and/or gifts for clients. And that gives me a nice tax write off at the end of the year.

My upline got her Mercedes after 4 months in the business. That isn't how it is for everyone and she was able to dedicate her time to it 100%. I know that she also invested a lot. I'm spending money, too. But I am really enjoying it and the people I'm presenting the product to are very receptive. Mostly because they are seeing the results on me before their own eyes.

Oh, and one more thing, I'm donating money I make from this to a local women's shelter. People get feel beautiful and help a great cause in the process.

FYI, Arbonne products are excellent quality. Research and development are state of the art. Ingredients are high grade.

Don't get the Arbonne products confused with therapeutic skin care, which has more variety, specialization and higher concentrations.

From an unbiased Skin Care Pro


By the way, I was looking for something like Arbonne when I found it. I had just tried a sample of Le Mer, a very expensive skin care product and after using it a week there was absolutly nothing different. I noticed a slight shift in my skin the morning after I tried a the party. Then, when I wore the product for 2 days my friends noticed, without my prompting or even telling them I had done something.

I use Arbonne because I see a difference, not because of the price. And with all the discounts 35% and even 50% off, it's not so bad.


Arbonne is a pyramid scheme whether one wants to acknowledge it or not. It is a scheme becuase in order to make a substantial income and earn a Mercedes one has to sign up a crap load of people and ride off their sales. Arbonne falsely calls it multiplying oneself. It is endentured servitude because the 1st level consultant just trying to make a few bucks does not qualify for "commission" from Arbonne and their "upline" does. So the consultant basically works for free and someone else gets the commission unless they sell everything retail whiach Arbonne trains them not to. It is sad because the skincare products are great. Everone who tries them loves them and thay sell themselves. The lying and schemeing that goes on within Arbonne is uneccessary.

Its a business structure, not a pyramid scheme. I'd suggest you know a little more about economics before you make slanderous allegations.


It's called Multi-level marketing. If you would like to understand how it all works there is a great book called: The 45-second presentation that will change your life. by Don Failla.

It's not a scheme.

By the way, I a friend came over yesterday to try the products. I let her take home a sample and she placed an order. I got a call from her at 8:00 this morning because she was excited about the results she got from the product. Someone told me about this product; she wants her friends to know about it, too. I've already told 3 friends. And these friends are telling their friends who are telling their friends who are telling their friends.....

That is how network marketing works....it's all word of mouth. And the fact that Arbonne makes such an incredible product makes it that much easier to sell. IT does all the work.


I just want to give Melanie a little support. She's NOT naive, she's NOT stupid. People can be consultants of Arbonne, MAry Kay, Pampered Chef - whatever they want to FOR THEIR OWN REASONS! I also happen to be an Arbonne consultant. I don't make a million bucks and don't aspire to, but I make a little something. I'm getting paid, and that's no joke. I'm not snarky about it, and either is my upline. yeah, there are bad apples. But there are great people too. I STILL am a consultant for Arbonne... why? because I have made some great friends, I like some of the products, and I make a few bucks. I don't lie to anyone. I don't push anyone. I also don't listen to the hype.

At the end of the day, what;s the difference between my Arbonne "job" and my regular job? NOTHING. I am still pushing paper around for some big shot CEO to go golfing 2 days a week, while I toil away. The difference between Arbonne and my day job - I only have to give as much as I want to Arbonne, and no more. My day job? Still has lying scum at the top of the food chain. So what do you people all want me to do? Stop working altogether? Let's just put it this way - if I was a pushy salesperson, I would PUSH customers away. And if the negative posters on here want to KEEP PUSHING about how bad something is - you start sounding less and less genuine, and a LOT MORE like a bitter ex-employee. And I don't believe you. I believe you have an agenda, and it isn't working on me.

I'm not giving my life and my first born child to Arbonne. I give it what I feel like giving it. I connect with other people. I make a few bucks. What's wrong with that?


I have a question:
My sponsor (AM) has made a complete turn for the worse in unethical biz practices. Two of us are wanting to switch to another leg on our Region. What is the policy for that and by switching will I lose all the people in my downline in that they stay with my current unethical sponsor? I don't want to risk that happening. What is the time frame also?


So when did this site become an Arbonne pep rally site? The reason it's a pyramid is that in order to make any real money (like they always wanna make out about) you have to either sell and 18-wheeler full of the stuff or get a bunch of people to sign up under you and then each of them sell as much as they can (which believe me isn't going to be anywhere near what they will need to get the white Mercedes). If you can find an indefinite number of people to pump 2500.00 into Arbonne then you'll make a killing, but what happens is that as your "nation" grows your downline runs out of people that can afford to part with 2500.00 in hopes that they will be able to find others to do the same.

Yes the products are good. Yes there are sweet women out there having little parties and making a few hundred each month. BUT the slap in the face is when Arbonne and it's very successful reps tout huge successes, 3 months to your Mercedes, and so on. You have to run it as a pyramid to get those results.

End of story. Anything else you wanna "pep rally" about is just Arbonne bullshit.


Hi there. I am an Arbonne consultant, but I do not follow the MLM model in my "business" (Recruit), and I certainly won't be doing any frontloading nor quitting my day job! Paula Begouin and her comments about any makeup line don't carry much weight with me. Its disgusitng, though, what some people will say to sell a product.

Just like ALL other cosmetics lines, Arbonne has some duds. So does Clinique (go on makeupalley a few times and ask what people think of Clinique 3 step. There is even a user whose name is "Clinique3stepsucks") and every other brand I have tried from Luxury to Low End.

I would just encourage anyone that wants to participate in a MLM company to NOT listen to the garbage from the upline! I also created a Yahoo group intended to support those that want to sell a great product but don't want to get sucked in paying 50 bucks for business cards among other things.

Anyway, my Arbonne group is new, but anyone that is a consultant (or even a curious other) is welcome to join. Recruting is forbidden in my group.

Michelle  Teague

Rick and Michelle Teague are no longer with Arbonne for some of the reasons mentioned in this blog...for more information contact...maxforce1@sbcglobal.net...

Michelle  Teague

Rick and Michelle are no longer with Arbonne for many of the reasons listed in this blog...for more information email...maxforce1@sbcgobal.net

Saw the signs...

Thanks for the site. Been in a year and just recently confirmed what my gut has been telling me for several months. Arbonne is a scam in the worst sense! 'The numbers don't lie' as my ENVP says...and I can show you my tax return to prove what pyramid scheme alert has documented. It's a shame that you have to wade through so many arbonne consultant sites claiming that it's not a pyramid to get to the few sites that document that it truly is a scam...I might have been spared wasting a year of my life and thousands of dollars!!!I'm sure I'll have more to say as I process the truth in months to come. I'm just now starting to see through the fog...

please fix this site

please fix this site


Are you kidding me? Rick and Michelle Teague were the leaders that trained everyone to do exactly what this site mentions. In fact, they would still be doing it if they had not been terminated from Arbonne. Now, they are with a new NWM company (reason they got canned) and are trying to get everyone to switch and follow them. Yes, they are successful, yes they make a ton of money and yes it looks inviting but don't do it. I personally am not sure how they put their heads down at night knowing the thousands of dollars that people lost because they believed the lies that the Teagues told. Thousands! I would encouarge you to steer clear of any business they are involved in. They will lose friends (and already have!) just to get ahead. They give this industry a bad name.


My wife was approched at a charity event the other night and she came home after spending over $500. Not for the charity but to an NVP at Argonne. I was very sceptical, so the next day I did some research and this site is one a many I found. I think it is nieve to think that Argonne isn't a MLM scheme, but we need to make a decision because her 3 day period ends today. If this is going to just suck cash from us and disappointment is the future we need to act. My wife has a fulltime job and a young son, we make a decent living, but she does not have much time to devote to this venture. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks.


Dear DP,
Hello, my name is Traci. I recently left Arbonne after 2+ years to persue another MLM company, but that's not your question. Yes, Arbonne is a MLM, but it is not a scheme. True schemes are where money passes hands but there is no exchange of product and they are illegal. Network marketing is a very viable business model and there are some big names involved like Citigroup, Jones New York, Warren Buffet who owns Pampered Chef, Estee Lauder who is a minority owner of Roden and Fields, Loreal who owns The Body Shop at Home - just to name a few. Robert Kiyosiki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and Donald Trump have endorsed the industry in the newest book "Why we want you to be Rich". You can search You Tube for interviews with Robert but I'm not sure I've spelled his name correctly.

For Arbonne, yes, it will take work. If you wife wants to succeed, she should plan on about 6 parties a month with retail sales of about $500. It's called Six for Success.
The average show is 3 hours from leaving your home to returning. I think 10 hours per week would be the minimum to invest with at least half being in front of clients and the the other studying and learning the business.

Arbonne is not designed to "suck cash" from you but if you are not careful, you can get into trouble. Don't ever let someone tell you to spend more than you can afford and never buy your way into anything.

A good upline will loan you what you need for shows and will help you develop your marketing plan.

I have seen many people have great success with Arbonne but not without great work.

For me, I wanted to get in on the start of something I think will be better than Arbonne and offers a better compensation plan. However, I think Arbonne makes wonderful products and for the most part attracts great people.

Good luck with your decision. If you would like to take this discussion off line, e-mail me at tbkuhn@wideopenwest.com.



Thank you Traci for the information... I think we have made our decision and I believe it is the right one. I appreciate your time and good luck in your new venture.



You're welcome!


You're welcome and thank-you.


I worked as a Arbonne CSR in the Irvine office. Most consultants, DM's, AM's or NVP's can spin a great tale of freedom and profit (only 3-7% of those that join). The truth is not so rosy. I can tell you horror stories. Its not in the program (it is NOT a scam, you get what you put in, IT TAKES A LOT OF WORK AND NETWORKING), mostly its the ASTOUNDINGLY INEPT and UNCARING management (the other part is just unwise and unprepared people who join to be consultants). Too many problems and Arbonne is not willing to resolve them. Don't you wonder why the website crashes at the end of the month, EVERY month. ANYTHING they introduce on the website is a complete failure, and thats EVERY month. Why don't the RE9 pumps work, how many times have you had to call and have them replaced and why haven't they made a attempt to correct the problem? Why is it so complicated and difficult to understand and promote to the next level up? How many times have your shipment of Arbonne product arrived missing items, or have damaged product ? E-invites is a complete failure. Webstats is a joke, myarbonne.com websites is a joke. The IT team is completely incompetent, a bunch of hairless monkeys really and Arbonne management lets it all slide...It goes on and on. Arbonne is per Bob & Rita a 90% internet company, ever wonder why their are SO many problems with the website, ordering, signing people up new product launches, you name it...you really have no idea how bad it is. The management is strictly about doing the LEAST amount of work to resolve any issue or problem. All they want is to stimulate new consultant sign ups. As long as you make your $100 order to qualify for your commission check and you renew your membership, great, other than that they don't give a rats ass about you (or their own staff). Everything else be damned and is shabbily or poorly handled if at all (think about last years gift cards or claiming ASAP points, not a pleasant experience is it?). Arbonne is bleeding profits now, HEAVILY. And they are cutting way back on all the extra things and what they used to do for their consultants (shipping changes for example). Arbonne is on a fast roll downhill. If the way they treat their employees is an example, I advise you do some serious research on what your motivations are before joining. Don't expect them to hold your hand, you will be running your own business (you are NOT a customer at a retail store, don't expect to get treatment as such), READ your consultants success plan and manual, READ the fine print and BE RESPONSIBLE for your own actions for YOUR business, BE RESPONSIBLE about deadlines and following up, you will get burned and be VERY unhappy if you don't. I know, listened to 120 unhappy consultants every day for a year and four months. Absolute WORST job I've ever had in my LIFE. BTW, I wouldn't be so impressed with the 35% discount consultants receive, employees get a 90% discount and Arbonne still makes a profit off that. That means I could buy a RE9 set ($298.50) for $30. Get an idea of how much profit they're making?


Dear Gumbypiz,
OMG! When did you leave? I find it incredible that you get a 90% discount on product. I left Arbonne to join another company that is very internet savy. It's their specialty. I left not because of product but because of corporate managment issues dealing with frontloading and some other ethical concerns I had. I had no idea of what you mentioned. Sort of like from the Wizard of OZ "Don't look behind the curtain."Come to think of it, I never received my ASAP gift card! I will need to follow up on that. Thank you for sharing.


Surprised anyone here was reading. My last day at Arbonne was March 31, 2008 (though my actual quit date was days later and it was with a very much relived SMILE).
Yes its true, most Arbonne regular CSR/employees get a employee discount of roughly 87-93% off. There is a sheet in the HR dept that lists prices…
The order for product has to be in by Wednesday, and have to be in the form of check or money order to Arbonne Int’l.
If you like, I can dig up an old order for the Clear Advantage System (Acne Care system) for my GF from a month or so ago. Arbonne retail is $66, my cost for two was sets $11.96 (no tax, but honestly it should be applied, I’m sure the state should or could go after them for that). For most of my time at Arbonne I fended off requests from both friends and my GF friends (some of whom were consultants) to purchase Arbonne products at the employee discount price. It was VERY tempting to pursue, but I wanted to keep my job…well at least at THAT time I did.)
Arbonne requires its employees to sign a statement saying they are not allowed to sell Arbonne product they purchase at an employee discount and/or confidentiality statement not to disclose the price point, or their own profit (which I haven’t done, but as far as the price point is concerned, let them come at me, I really don’t care or think they have a case).
You order from the Human Resources dept (HR) and the sheet is there in a bound notebook with the prices for employees. They (the warehouse) pull the orders on Friday and drop it off in your department/desk by that next Friday afternoon.
Now I’ll tell you right up front, Arbonne products WORK (or at least seem to work well compared to many other products that claim similar results that is, which is why they’ve been able to get along till this point). That’s NOT the issue, it’s the unbelievably incompetent management and corporate practices going on. Not so surprisingly, this is what has brought Arbonne to the situation they are in now.
Imagine the atmosphere at Arbonne in Irvine, the call center is staffed with about 115 customer service reps in total (not counting VP support), spread throughout the day from 6am to 6pm. 20-30 of them are temps paid at $12.50/hour that have NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT (little or poor training, these are people that just took a step up from flipping burgers). That high amount of turnover is due to the amount of permanent full time CSR that QUIT MONTHLY. I started the same way. Promised pay raises when hired permanent at 3 months, but not ever given any raise (after a year of service despite repeated requests and inquires). What’s worse is Arbonne continually asks its employees to train and take on new responsibilities and duties (business support, tech support, e-mail support WITHOUT ANY COMPENSATION whatsoever, I don’t know of any company that does this) They state “When your review comes up in 6 months your new training skills will guarantee you a increase in pay. I know of at least 7 people that have been with Arbonne for almost 2 years that have training in every department possible, should be managers by now, that haven’t received any compensation or a raise. There were over 90 CSR’s there after more than a year and a half without an increase and had already been supplying Arbonne with skilled service in so many more departments than the CSR position they were initially hired for…we’re talking some really pissed off people here (living in southern CA at $12.50/hr, that my friends, barely pays for gas to and from the office for the day, as no one there can afford to LIVE in Irvine for godssakes at that pay), trying to deal with upset consultants, but given no way to resolve their issues. Not a fun job, understand?
I’m not stating myself as a special case, ALL of the persons working as CSR’s are just short of REVOLT as it was when I quit. It’s a stressful job. I’m lucky, I found better employment, the CSR’s still there are bitter. Unhappy people that have to deal with unhappy consultants and have NO info or tools to help them, thanks to Arbonne management. And worse yet, the Management are tightening up on our “service point’s” as if the CSR’s phone skills are the root of the problem…Now how do you think, coupled with the internet and other issues does this situation effect Arbonne’s consultants in the final end?
Now, in addition to all that, whenever a problem arises (as it does) instead of Arbonne management letting the CSR’s or consultants know, we are left alone to deal with the calls that we don’t have answers for…
Problem with the website or new product launch or new program? Absolutely no way or plan to resolve, even after its made clear by the volume of calls that it’s an issue. Yes, they’ll send out five to ten page memos to us, but they don’t do or mention anything to RESOLVE the issue. Micro-management at its worst.
Instead of correcting the issue, especially if its an internet issue, Arbonne management gives KNOWINGLY false or unreliable information to give to you (the consultants) on when the problem will be fixed, or declare the problem is not a serious one at all.
What does that mean? That means extra overtime hours for CSR’s and long hold times in que for those consultants calling in on that same issue. Crazy, ‘cause in the long run it costs Arbonne more $$ for our overtime than it would to get some competent IT people to get the website problem fixed. But they don’t do it…serious, but correctable problems persist but they simply don’t care. I really wonder what’s going on in management sometimes.
Its non-stop, its one of the reasons Arbonne is not publicly traded, who’d want to sell this turkey to the public? I didn’t recognize the problem till late last summer (after the launch of the Christmas products fiasco in September) but I haven’t and don’t see Arbonne changing, its just like the Titanic looking for an iceberg, they WILL go down due to their own arrogance, greed and mis-management.
It’s only a matter of time…
Hope you have a life preserver or a lifeboat, it will be sudden (only to you) and tragic.


Yes, I check in on these boards a few days a week. About 18 months ago there was hourly chatter here but not so much anymore.

Did you read about Eric on here? He was a CSR for Arbonne and shared many things. He, like you, did not have a very good experience. It almost sounds like you guys need to start a support group. I hope you had an exit interview and were able to provide feedback.

Thank you for the additional info on the product costs. I think is't aweful but at the same time, it's business. I just read in a book (last night as a matter of fact) that a $130 pair of Adidas cost $3 to make in China. That's a very similar profit. Or when you go to the store and cloths are marked 80% off and you know that are still making money! And lets not even get started on oil profits these days. Being a consumer is tough some times.

It's good to hear you have found a position more to your liking. Are you still in customer service? If you are, thanks! It takes a certain type of personality to do that job. If you are looking, I'm preety sure my new company is hiring but I don't know where the call center is.

You can read more about us at http://votrevu-traci.blogspot.com/

Again, thank you for sharing and you should be proud of yourself that you took steps to change your sitution. It certainly sounds like you needed it. It was hard for me to switch companies and I've lost some "friends" because of it but I know it was the best move for me. Really - it's that all that matters? Life is too short not to be happy.


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