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July 05, 2007


Emma Archer

Arbonne has changed my life for the better and as a result I have been able to help change my friends and family lives too. Its so sad when people waste their time and energy trying to pull others down especially when they don t have an alternative!! Don t these people know about the Law of Arraction which is now being scientifically proven? What you give out, in thought, action or speech comes back to YOU! Running others down, spreading bad news and gossip, being critical and judgemental is LIKE DRINKING POISON AND HOPING THE OTHER PEOPLE WILL DIE! I hope these people re-focus their efforts and energy on postive things as I have done and then the financial, physical and spiritual rewards will flow into their lives!


I got an invite into Arbonne from my boyfriend's cousin who works for the company...but now after reading all this...I'm not too sure. Now I have to figure out how I'm going to let her down..does anyone have any ideas? :(

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i like this part of the post:"But I suspect that some of you may prefer to purchase expensive products for your own reasons; maybe you just feel more motivated to take care of your skin when you've spent a lot of money on products. I've been there!" is very good


Hi Leanne,

I suggest you go and hear what she has to say. If you are looking for a home based business, you need to interview potential companies that you may consider representing. Look at it as a fact gathering mission and make sure all your questions are answered.

After you've spoken to consultants from several companies, I think you will know what feels right for your personality. And although a good sponsor is not a guarantee of your success, it certainly can be helpful if you feel a good rapport.

Good luck and if you have questions regarding Votre Vu, I'd be happy to answer them. Or you can visit my blog at www.windycityglow.com.

Good luck!


Tennis Mom

I was with Arbonne for two years and not under the Teagues (?) and was under a very reputable ENVP with Arbonne. I can tell you frankly that I was encouraged to spend $2500 for my start up costs and encouraged after that to continue to spend and spend on conventions, new products and to give away at parties. All told I made it to area manager and went in the hole a lot. It has taken me two years to climb out. I love the product but not the pressure of certain NVP's.


melanie and eric? very intersesting comments! it has amused me.Arbonne has hit UK. so is anyone there going to give me advice and wouldlove to know if any pro-arbonnites are still into it? Its been so long sine antone has been back on this site????????????????

chanel 2.55

It is at the end of the day it is a sales job. And even with all the training Arbonne offers, some people are not going to be good at it.

Blown Away by the Ignorance Level in this Room

I think it's pretty apparent that everyone on here that has something negative to say about Arbonne is just plain lazy. I seem to recall one of you bitching about having to "put in effort"? How pathetic! Anything in life actually worth having is worth working for. I can imagine most of you are very unhappy, unfulfilled people, even if you haven't come to that realization on your own as of yet. I started with the company only 3 months ago and am proud to say that I've already managed to accomplish earning District Manager. I suppose the reason behind it wouldn't be obvious to some of you, so allow me to explain -- I DO THE WORK; on top of being a mother, home maker and full-time med student. Forgive me for introducing such a foreign concept. Have a nice day and thanks for the entertainment.


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I signed up with Arbonne and immediately discovered the following:

You are expected to bug everyone you know (your "warm market") in order to get started.

Your upline (the one who signs you up) will pretend to care about you as a person and a friend until the SECOND you decide that it isn't for you. Then you will NEVER hear from her again.

"Fake it until you make it" is a HUGE thing with Arbonne. If you're thinking of signing up, don't bother asking your upline how much they actually make with the company. They will lie. After you sign up, you're told that this is part of the deal. You tell people what you WANT to be the truth, and it's explained with some new agey stuff about positive thinking... when it's a lie, plain and simple.

The FINAL STRAW for me was when my "team" had a meeting at the home of our "Regional VP", where it was explained that we were moving away from the party method where you invite a bunch of ladies to someone's house, then you share the products and people buy what they like. (Nothing wrong with that, right? I mean, if you have time to spend doing that kind of thing. I personally LOVE to shop, so I go to Tastefully Simple, Creative Memories, Pampered Chef, etc. parties all the time because I like to browse and buy. Easy enough, right? No... my "team" had to mess with that concept...)

Now the idea was that we were going to have the parties and basically tell people that they were coming to an Arbonne products party, but instead of the focus of the party being the PRODUCTS... the focus was going to be the "Opportunity". Say WHAT? I was horrified. I called it what it was, which is a bait and switch. I said, "But that's not right! I have a lot of friends who don't need to work. They are stay at home moms. They like beauty products... they don't NEED a job!" The answer I got was, "You mean these moms couldn't use an extra source of income?" UMMMM.... YES! I know people who don't want to spend their evenings doing these parties, and they will be mad as the dickens if they think they're going to a party to try fun products, and it ends up being about getting a job. I walked away and never looked back.

(And I never heard from my upline again. The girl who just loooooved me like a sister until I was no longer interested in Arbonne...)

RUN away!!!

wendy parry

I am not an Arbonne supporter or a non-supporter. I have purchased a couple of their products and have seen results. I had a professional career for 25 years and now stay home with my 3 year old son. As someone who is looking at business opportunity myself, I believe it is the responsibility of each individual to do their homework BEFORE they enter into any business, MLM or not. The problem, as I see it, is not with Arbonne. It is with all of you who do not do your research before you understand the business and before you jump in with both feet. If you plan to post negative information about any one and/or any organization then you should be prepared to take constructive feedback from the other side and not be so shocked by others who have an opinion as well. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. I hope that in you seek the good in life in lieu of seeking and expressing the negative experiences. We all have them, but some of us will choose the high road...

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Not happy Jan

Wendy the problem is with Arbonne because they have a very clever and marketing strategy that means even the most aware people get sucked in.

Agree whole heartedly with Julie. Do run away! I experienced the same thing where I was invited to my uplines launch night. The purpose of it was to explain what the upline was doing but instead it was heavy prospecting with several Arbonne consultants there to convince you to join. They try and use every which way to engage you in the "opportunity".

It is true that you have to spend a lot of money to make money. A lot in product. I turned around at one point and wondered what the hell I was doing with all this %^&!

Finally, the product is definitley not the premium range they have you to believe. I've used far superior product and there is a hell of a lot of difference, right down to packaging. Notice how the ingredients are not specified on the products? I mean if they claim to be a premium range of botanical skin care why not print the ingredients on the product? What are they afraid of? Instead you have to source it from the internet. A load of %&&*^ when it comes to the statement of "pure. safe. beneficial."

Based on my experience this is one company you don't bother with.


I never seen so many people say bad things at each other like here today. I think it is very sad that you don't even know what you are talking about. It is more easy to say something is not good when you are not able to reach it. Arbonne does not only give you financial freedom but it changes all your life for the best. Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and a lot of wealthy people in this life promote Network Marketing and if you follow the leader you will succeed. I invested 1500,00 $ in Arbonne at the beginnig and In one years with work of course I could quit my job at the government. Some people just can't life a happy life and I don't know why but I know I am living my dream thank to God and to Arbonne and I know special people are choosen to work with them and help other. I will never come back here but I had to tell the truth about it. When you mention God and your statement by sure to say the real thing about it because Arbonne is a gift of God and it is really changing people life. And by the way in life there is not a lot of people that does succeed because success is hard. If you want to have what the other don't have you have to do what other don't do
pesonnaly I rader follow someone that did.


Scam or NOT, all I have to say is that Arbonne is paying my bills, and for my brand new Mercedezzzzzz. Thank you Arbonne for the great life I have now. Also, for all you haters out there, please go back to your 9-5, and work as much overtime as you can, because that's what you are made for. At the end of the day, there are only 24 hrs in a day, and only so much you can make per hour.

People with a paycheck, raise their kids how they can get a good job with a nice paycheck to make a living, and beg your boss for a raise. People with a business, raise their kids teaching them how to be successful. It takes alot to come from a paycheck family into a business family. The only people that can do it are the ones who have the courage and go for it.

A lot of people start Arbonne looking for a get rich quick "job". Well guess what? You are wrong. You have work for it, just like your boss at your current job has worked for his/hers. Your boss didn't just wake up one day and was a successful business man/woman. They worked hard to be where they are, and took chances and succeded.

Life is a pyramid, everything is. Just like your job right now. There are probably 30 employees like yourself. maybe 5 Supervisors, 2 Managers and 1 Boss. Isn't that a pyramid??? OMG, you need to quit your job because you are working for a pyramid scheme.

Arbonne is not meant for everyone. Not everyone is going to be a doctor or a engineer, or other high paying jobs. We will always need people working for minimum wage.

If you want to be successful, than go for it. If you want to work 9-5, than quit writing negative about Arbonne and hurry up go to work.


Your skin will only be as good as you choose for it to be. There is no miracle cure, just as there is no miracle finacial relief. Work hard for the things you believe can work work for you.


Arbonne most definitley does treat their staff like shit... Product is mostly crap and ridiculously priced.Yeah employees do get discounts and to be honest the product is worth less than the 80% discount


I love Arbonne!! I can't find anything better. I don't do the business anymore, I just continue to receive the discount. I keep trying other brands, Avon (inexpensive), Mary Kay (irritates), Origins and Aveda (natural, comparable in price, results not as good), Obagi (was excited to win a raffle, used the product, my skin looked dull). Anyway, I don't sell Arbonne, just use the products and love them. Worth every penny, (and I don't like spending money). Not a pyramid scam. Arbonne's the best.

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