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July 05, 2007



Thanks for posting this. Interesting about the requests she recieved and also a pretty unbiased review of the products, thier ingredients and what is beneficial or useful or not.

Something I've been looking for about the skincare line, just a real "review" from someone other than a post or present Arbonne rep. Hard to be unbiased if you've been "in" with this company at all.

Suprised no comments on this?

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore


A lot of ex-consultants on this site figured out that the products were just the front for the pyramid. While my experience with Arbonne did open my eyes to higher quality products (I now spend easily as much on Clinique), I didn't exactly feel educated after learning a little about their products since I had never actively researched anything I used before anyway.

Even arbots who go on and on and on about the products are merely parroting what they've been told. Go ahead and ask one what product she used before Arbonne and then ask her if she's done an item by item comparison on comparable products. You'll get a deer in the headlights look, followed by whatever scripted response she can think of to best apply, and she'll never speak to you again.

There are a whole bunch of nations that aren't even pretending that this is about the products. They tell you right up front that it's about the business and only the business. Therefore, the products could be bottles of mud from someone's back yard, and they wouldn't care.

MLM companies notoriously hang out in the 'health and wellness' product industry because FDA laws are so loose on skin care products and supplements. All they have to do is make a few wild claims about how these products are so much better for you, followed by their disclaimer that the FDA doesn't actually make them scientifically back up that claim, and they are in business.

Bottom line is that this woman says the products are nothing special and nothing horrible. Most of us already knew that. It's the business and those running it that are horrible.



Of the products I used, the RE9 Serum and Eye cream were ones I really liked; the others were so-so. Clients with dry and/or sensitive skin liked the night creme and cleanser, but those with more oily skin had a much harder time using the RE9 line. The RE9 products are not effective on age spots, especially compared to something like Strivectin. The Acne set did get some good results with teens, although it did not seem as effective with my clients as something like ProActive or prescription applications for very severe acne and adult acne.

I thought the Intelligence line was overpriced and non-descript, especially the shampoos, shower gel and body lotion. The RE9 body care products are pretty good (far better than the Intelligence) but I have found other shower gels and lotions that are equally or more effective for much less money, many of which are botanically based with good quality ingredients.

As far as supplements, reviews were mixed. One client got headaches from the joint formula. Another client loved the daily vitamin packs. The Prolief creams also had mixed results -- some saw results for awhile (2-4 months) but then symptoms would return. Some had good and better lasting results, some had none. This type of "success rate" if you will is very typical of the whole world of supplements and more "natural" remedies. Results vary so much from person to person, and as Lady Swisse said, it's not regulated by the FDA.

The cosmetic color products are really nice, but the pressed powders (blush, eye shadow, etc.) are very loose and "shed" easily in the case, so every time you run across the color with the applicator brush, a lot of powder is displaced and wasted. This makes them not last as long as other brands I've used. Arbonne discontinued their best mascara (the two-step one) and the current one is not worth the money -- Maybelline works just as well. Any mascara will work better with an eyelash primer applied first to hold the mascara.

I know a gal who has used Paula Bedoun's products for adult acne and she was really pleased with how it worked for her -- so much that she wouldn't switch for fear she would break out again. I've never tried anything from Paula's line, so don't have an experience there.

Lady Swisse hit the real point -- the focus for many of the teams/nations is their "business plan" rather than a true belief in a superior product, and knowing the real facts on how that product stacks up to the rest of the marketplace. Thus, the outlandish and false claims about lead and bat doo-doo in other cosmetics.

Never Arbonne Again

Hi there. I completely agree with some of the other posters in that Arbonne is not what it is cracked up to be. I consider myself a strong beliver in Christ and honesty. When I saw a Arbonne biz card at a coffee shop I became interested in a biz opportunity...so I called the consultant. At first she seemed nice, but then she became pushy. So pushy that I got swayed or conned into signing up. I have never been treated so rudely as to how the consultant that I signed up under treated me when I told her I was going to terminate my agreement in the 3 day window timeframe. She became upset and irate and tried to prevent me from terminating my contract. She decided to say things that belittle other cosmetic companies such as AVON that I currently promote and love. She became so pushy that she constantly interrupted me when I tried to comment in a nice manner- saying that she would rather have me quit now than work with me to promote my business and then stop selling Arbonne products. What a flaky, pushy person. I want nothing more to do with Arbonne Products and I will never ever purchase them. Thanks for creating this website to get the true picture on Arbonne International. If they are so international why are there marketing catalogs and brochures only depict caucasion non-ethnic people?


Hey, looks like Arbonne finally found a way to unload all those USED RE9 sets...seems they are having a promotion for every consultant who sponsors in 5 new consultants they get one free.


Hello, it's so disappointing to hear these comments. It seems that many of you ran into some very bad eggs, but I can honestly say, I am working with some of the nicest women I've ever met. They've never once pushed or swayed me in any way. I started the business with 29 bucks. That's it!! If anything, the 29 bucks was worth every penny for their Learn and Burn series featuring Dr. Jack Canfield and Dr. Shad Helmstetter. Two inspiring and motivating speakers. Regardless if I stay with Arbonne, I'm grateful for the focus they have given me.

My uplines have never told me anything to scare me about other products. In fact, no one has ever even mentioned another product once! They have also been extremly honest about the success rate and the amount of work it takes to get to the top. This is not a get rich quick scheme and no one has ever told me that it will be easy.

There are bad eggs everywhere and in every business. It's such a shame, but you have to remember that it's a business about people and personalities will always get in the way. There are some people that are just rotten to the core and no matter what they do in life they'll always find the shadiest, cheapest, nastiest way to get ahead.

I'm sorry for those who have been mis-guided, but we're not all like that. I certainly would never do ANY of the above mentioned, un-ethical practices. It's not who I am, never has been and never will be.

Eric Cooper

A lot of people are so lost in their lives and unable to run their lives that they need people like your upline and Shad Helmstetter to motivate them and tell them what to do. Thankfully I am not among those needy people.


Wow. That was incredible rude. I was simply making a statement that not everyone is practicing un-ethically. There are good people out there and good consultants. Just because I enjoy meeting new people and enjoy learning new ways to better my life does not mean that I am "lost." I was perfectly fine before I started this business and still, I appreciate the change of focus.

It's very disappointing to hear someone like Melanie come to this board to make a post without acknowledging what the real issues are with Arbonne. If she had read up on the many posts here she wouldn't have such a narrow viewpoint. Also, she misses the mark entirely with the standard "a few bad apples" which demostrates not seeing the forest from the trees.

But oh well, Melanie is one of 99% who is feeding the paycheck of the 1%. That's her choice to be uninformed.


Can anyone confirm for me...are Rick and Michelle Teague no longer with Arbonne???

Eric Cooper

Melanie, I was not trying to be rude. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear, isn't it?

was blind

I haven't been to this site in so long...
It saddens me to see the same old, same old. There is no defense. Good people are deceived and while oblivious they deceieve others. It IS a scam. It isn't Christian. There isnt ANYTHING good about Arbonne. OPEN your eyes. It is an absolute joke! It IS a pyramid. There is NO way to defend this company. It's an embarassment! I can't believe intelligent people just continue to convince themselves that this is okay. IT IS NOT OKAY. This is a joke. It is an embarassment. What a waste of my time and effort! I'm still getting ridiculous checks, and I haven't worked in almost 2 years. The money I make is at the expense of people who have no chance of "making it" in this business.
I'm a joke. I comtinue to place my minimum order every month so I can receive my monthly "blood money". Last month I made over $900! I am as bad as any of them. I did tell everyone in my "downline" that this was a scam and to QUIT, but there are still a few who continue to talk their close relatives and their extended relatives into this PYRAMID scheme. I am SMART. I was brainwashed! You are too! Don't disregard that! You are! Walk a freakin' away!

I am reposting "laughing's" comment because I'm also interested to know -- are Rick and Michelle Teague still in Arbonne? Thanks.


I heard this from a side line, and can't seem to find them on the Arbonne site. Looks like they see what is about to happen, huh?

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore

Has anyone heard about a launch to the UK? My sponsor mentioned it to my DH.


Eric and whoever you are,

I'm not exactly sure how I'm missing the point if I read the entire homepage+??? And the truth does hurt. I didn't want to say this earlier, but the people who are lost are the ones desparate enough to drop $2500 bucks! Anyone who drops that kind of money, when the company only requires $29 probably deserves a little life lesson...secondly if the products work why not buy them? You don't have to make money off your friends and family.
I'm not saying Arbonne is the end all, be all, but there is no harm in introducing products to friends and family at a discount and if the business takes off great, if not, oh well I only invested $29. Again, there are some evil people out there taking advantage of the system.

Eric Cooper

Yes, UK is Next, Lady Swisse and beyond the initial curiosity buying, it will fail, same as Australia will.

Melanie, Arbonne is definitely the wrong company to be with. I found that out as an employee. Others have found out as consultants. Please heed our words and get out while you can. By the way Melanie, don't you know that Shad Helmstetter and the other "motivational speakers" on the Learn N Burns are being PAID to say those things. It's called "compensated endotsement". Just like his sweet book deal with Arbonne last year.
A Total Scam!!!


Bottom line, I didn't come on here to throw grenades or get them thrown at me. I just thought it was worth mentioning that I've had a good experience with Arbonne. I'm going to bow out of this discussion before it gets ugly. I do respect your opinions as I hope you respect mine.


I will be very careful. I am not naive about the potential risk of any business like this.

Arnold Schwarzenbonne

Jawohl, Melanie!
You cannot make your business succeed without putting a lot of expense into it.
This is why we offer the measly bait of $29 sign up fee to show people how great we are!
We want to take advantage of you so we allow you to take advantage of us by offering you RSVPs and other discounts to feed our very hungry monster money making machine.
Feed your habit and buy what you want. You are the oil of the monster scam we perpetrate and we thank you for your loyalty.
Don't think too hard, don't question anything your mama Arbonne will take care of all your needs if you will just obey...obey...your eyelids are getting droopy....you are getting very sleepy....you will buy buy buy I TELL YOU TO BUY! ARBONNE....you do not have to think you do not have to face up to the scam...du bist arbonnes kartoffeln und fleische...zieg heil...it is a great day when you pump money into a losing venture
SNAP! Now wake up

Pierre Bootygrablieri

My houseboy Arnold is wonderful at doing my bidding. He forgot to tell you that my 2 swiss chalets are in need of remodeling. I need an extra 5 million euros this month to do the job. You must go out there and sell, sell, sell to bring me my money.
I cannot sit here and play on the computer all day. I have other work to do with the other companies in Europe that pay me big fees to endorse products all with the same ingredients. Now get to work and part with more money than you can afford!!


I would like to respond to the comment about Arbonne launching in the UK. It is important to remember that unlike the USA, MLM or network marketing companies are considered as legit as your regular nine to five job. Avon, Virgin Vie, Usborne books, Ann Summers, Pippa Dee, Pampered Chefs --to name but a few are very successful. Australia and now the UK were chosen as countries into which Arbonne will expand because of the solid MLM industry already over there. I imagine Arbonne will be even more successful than here.

I am going to be completely honest. I did think Arbonne was a scam, at first. I did lots of research and I came across this site, which has been very useful. It is a wonderful arena to dialogue about different experiences and impressions of Arbonne, both good and bad.

I am a teacher as well as an Arbonne consultant. I love the emphasis the company places on personal development, self improvement and continuing education. They have a really strong training system. I know there people who make fun of everyone who sells Arbonne saying the same thing –arbots-, such as "Pure, safe, and beneficial." Actually, I think that speaks highly of the company’s training system. They have in place a system to train people, who may have no sales background whatsoever, to start their own business. Nike has the slogan "Just do it" --it isn't "only do it" or "why don't you go for it"-- because the company has a certain philosophy it stands behind and the company's marketers and sales people everywhere follow the company’s policies, ethics, rules, philosophies, etc. The company makes sure all its employees have the same verbiage. Arbonne is no different. I say no different, Arbonne is different as anyone can be a part of it. So, if someone acts unethically, or is bad at it, pushy, makes false claims, etc., it is bad not only for their business –they will fail- it gives all consultants a bad name. This is an area, which is difficult to regulate. If you give everyone the opportunity to become an Arbonne consultant, you may attract the bad as well as the good. However, I think most people in this world seek something better from their lives: the time to raise their children well, support their family, become involved with a charity, learn a new skill, start a new hobby, read, and make a difference in the world. I don’t think this is greed. I love meeting new people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Plus, this business is fun and challenging. It has opened many doors for me, not all of which are related to Arbonne, which I wouldn’t have experienced if I hadn’t gone on a limb and tried to start my own business. I am glad that I did.

It is at the end of the day it is a sales job. And even with all the training Arbonne offers, some people are not going to be good at it.

So, if you are thinking of starting your own business with Arbonne consider these things: you will hear “no” a lot, some people will make fun of you, you may fail, you have to be motivated enough to do something every single day, you must adhere to the code of ethics and treat people as you wish to be treated. When you do this job, it is not a matter of persuading people to become a consultant, tricking them into it, or making false promises, it is a matter of finding people who are a fit for this job. If you do not do that your team will fail, as people on your team become disillusioned and disappointed that they aren’t making $20,000 a month after a year or two. Be honest, let them know what is involved and if they say “yes” they are likely to be a strong team member.

As Buddha is quoted as saying, “Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” Seriously, use your common sense. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. If you someone is being pushy with you, then there is a magic like word you can say, “no.” Simple as that!

I thank you for letting me share my two cents.


Hey Cat, what up??


Hey JJ! Hows the new life? I hope all is well. Stay cool.


Lori from L.I., what's going on up your way? All is well down here in Dixie. Just HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!

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