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February 06, 2007



WW - I'm a little disappointed that that none of the Arbonne Consultants would respond to your question. This seems like it would not be a difficult response for experienced consultants. Hopefully they will return and offer some sound advice.

Here's mine: If you learn that there are/were policy and procedure violations in your recruiting or sponsorship, (or the recruiting of others) this should be reported to the compliance dept. at Arbonne. You may get some resistance, but if you were suckered for $2500, they are very familiar with these cases. For the products that smell bad or are expired, start w/ Customer Service and continue to work your way up until you get a satisfactory solution. The compliance dept. also has the authority to deal w/ product returns if you are not able to resolve it through Cust. Svc.

If you are reporting violations to the compliance dept., try to be very specific regarding policy violations and the dates and times they occurred. If you have any documentation, e-mails, etc. that support what you are saying, then all the better. Some (perhaps many) consultants use presentation materials that are not approved by corporate, and this is often how the wrongs are committed. To my knowlege, there is no corporate presentation that details a $2500 start up kit. However I have seen presentations made up by NVPs that detail the $2500 start up. Hope all goes well.


I have been an Arbonne Consultant for 6 months. I am now an Executive Area Manager. At District Manager level I averaged $1200.00/month. My sponsor has been with Arbonne less than 8 months is an RVP and has her Mercedes. There is no $2500.00 start up cost. I have girls on my team who have built a business with only $29.00 out of pocket. There are a lot of people out there who start an Arbonne business without taking advantage of the help and training that is easily available and then mis-inform so many people. Arbonne has been a blessing to me personally and SO MANY people that I have the priveledge of getting to know.

Eric Cooper

Then it is up to people like yourself to educate any other Arbonne consultant that you know of about the company training. And it is up to the company as to whether they want to risk losing the "easy money" by REALLY cracking down (meaning kicking out) ALL consultants of ALL ranks who do not STRICTLY follow the company training to the letter. Up to this point I do not see that happening...neither do others..and THAT is the problem!


Arbonne Consultant:

Has your upline fed you the speech about don't give up before your "Arbonne Paycheck"

Everytime I had a problem or a question, I was fed that line. We share the same upline, but did they also tell you about the back stabbing things they did? Like visit people's downlines and train them, but not visit the consultant that signed them all up with lived less than 20 minute away? And the NVP flew over 1500 miles away to train them. How about the line to "Edifiy your upline"?

I had NVP's RVP's and even Christy herself tell people not to talk to me because I was a problem consultant. I found out after the fact that NVP and RVP would fly out from KS and come to CA to train my downline. They said they came out to corporate for a meeting, but after the fact others would tell me that they had time for trainings, meals, and even one on ones. I flew out to regional trains in KS to show my "dedication" and "commitment" and my NVP would even say she didn't think I would show up because of my monthly numbers!

I was told not to show up for local CA trainings by other regions, because I asked too many questions or I was flat up ignored if I did show up anyways.

I went to NTC 2005 in Vegas and 2006 in St Louis, only to be ignored by my upline and abandoned.

I would get emails from my downline asking questions about local meetings or trainings. I was instructed by my upline to not respond, but to forward it to them, so they could take care of it. If I were to answer I would be verbally attacked by others in my downline and by my upline.

I went into severe depression every three months or so, i would not get dressed, not eat, not do anything... and always like 2 days before the end of the month it was do your $100 purchase so you can be active... and when I would express my mental state it was don't give up before your "Arbonne payday" blah blah blah.

Ha in 3 years I got one check for $150... the rest were so low that it didn't even make it to $25 and thus Arbonne would not send out a check. I got a check for $10.25 2 months ago, from my commissions from 2006 Ha Ha Ha what a joke!


Something new to do: go to your local criaglist.org ans search for Arbonne Consultant ads and flag them for prohibited! LOL


Dear Pro-Arbonne,
Congrats on your checks. Are you aware that it is strictly prohibited by P&P to state your earnings without also stating your expenses? Now that you've given us the earnings, what were your expenses? How much did you personally spend while qualifying for DM? If you are violating this policy, what else are in violation of that you don't know about? Of the girls on your team that began with only $29, which of them are averaging $1200 per month at DM, or have even gotten to DM? These are important considerations. I know several people that spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to get to DM and/or AM, only to regret it and lose it later. Here's what they/we all have in common: in every case, an "upline" made income (and time frame) claims just exactly like you have made here, and not once were the true expenses revealed by the consultants making the claims.

With all due respect, I hope your success continues, but your experience level is very brief. For your RVP, she needs an extra dose of good luck, as rising that fast carries equally high risk -- especially w/ a Mercedes payment.

Now, would you or one of the other active consultants please provide a helpful answer to wenchwhino's question of how to deal with the $2500 mess and the smelly or about to expire products? With all of the blessings of Arbonne, self-development, and only good consultants that you've come into contact with, surely SOMEONE touting Arbonne has a helpful answer for her.

If I sound sarcastic, forgive me, but I find it very telling that Arbonne advocates would read through here, then respond about the blessings, the money, and the self development, yet ignore one consultant's request for a helpful and an honest answer to her current challenge.


To become a District Manager with Arbonne your goal is to get $1000.00 retail volume under your consultant number over the qualification period. That is really $650.00 when you consider you get 35% off. You must have a total RETAIL volume of $6000.00 in 2 months or $7500.00 in 3 months to promote to DM (your $1000 personal retail volume counts towards this requirement. This $6000.00 or $7500.00 is brought in by other shoppers or people who too decided to build a business. If choose not to do the $1000.00 of personal retail volume (PRV) in your start month, you can take the entire 2 or 3 months to complete that. However, then you must have a minimum of $2500.00 retail volume in your start month. This is not your money out of pocket. THese are people you share the products with who love them and shop for them themselves. It is not difficult to do.

The $1000.00 PRV does not have to be out of your own pocket. The girls on my team who have built businesses for only $29.00 have their moms/aunts/grandmas purchase their products under her consultant number to count towards the $1000.00. And by the way...two of my direct "legs" did it this way and they both reached DM within their qualification period.

My expenses for the person concerned that it took to get me to DM were:

$650.00 plus tax and shipping for my first order. I chose to do this order personally rather than having friends/family order under my number, because I love the products and wanted to order a lot of them!

Roughly $75.00 for samples and literature.

Some gas money to get to presentations and coffee bills from Starbucks from meeting with my prospects.

I spend $100.00 RETAIL a month, $65.00 with my discount to remain active. This is not hard to do because there is always something I want or need.

Not a whole lot considering what I am getting out of it!

I NEVER encourage anyone on my team to spend anymore than the $650.00 to get started. People that do that immediately set themselves up for failure. If you have to put up that money on your own that means you don't have a solid business to sustain it and then you will fail...and fast.

I don't feel as though it is my job to educate every single Arbonne consultant out there, nor is it the job of the ENVP's. How can one person be responsible for so many people? Arbonne teaches us to be responsible for each of our direct "legs." We train our directs, teach them to train theirs and on down the line it goes. Yes, sadly some one will drop the ball and things can get miscommunicated. However, when you decide to do this as a business this is YOUR business. You should be responsible for seeking out the answers and training needed (Arbonne University rocks!). And if it is that bad...then you may want to wait until your number is no longer active and then find a team that can help you. I'm sorry to the one person who seems to have such a difficult time with their upline - I can't say that I can relate - I have been truly blessed by every memeber of my upline all the way up to my ENVP.

I don't know about expired or smelley products. But I do know that if you simply call Arbonne they will send you out replacement products completely on their dime.

The reason I even stumbled across this page is because there is a gal who wants to be on my team whose husband stumbled across a page like this with people voicing concerns. I wanted to see what he was reading so I could help set him straight. I don't intend on checking back in with this - I have a team to help where my time is better spent.

I am genuinely sorry that there are Arbonne Consultants out there that have put bad tastes in people mouths about the business. But...because of some consultants who try to build a business without really knowing what they are talking about doesn't make the entire company/business bad. I have many many AMs and DMs on my team who feel as though their financial lives have been saved because of Arbonne.

I'm not at all worried about my sponsor for rising that fast. She has a SOLID team and meets way above her requirement to make that Mercedes payment!!

Always about that Mercedes payment...
I'm glad we are blessed with the input of so many "ethical" consultants.
Pro-Arbone, can you speak to the earlier posts stating hundreds of wrong-doers have been pushed out of Arbonne?
Names please?
I would guess if hundreds were given their walking papers, we'd see some of them here with a story to tell.
Still waiting.

You wanted to see what the husband was reading, so you could set him straight?
Is it possible he was set pretty straight already by reading these pages?
I've always wondered, and maybe you can help me with this....
If we are such a bunch of untrainable loser failures...would you ever consider sending everyone on your team a link to this site?
Just for the sake of "setting them straight"
Nothing to lose right?
Just wondering?
Thank you for your time.

I just crack up anytime I see that word "blessing" used with Arbonne. Anytime someone tries to tell you what a blessing their "business opportunity" is, just grab your wallet and run the other way before you lose your money! In MLMs, there are several times the number of lives financially wrecked as there are saved.

Eric Cooper

Poor Pro-Arbonne, like so many, she just doesn't get it!! PA, why does the company have to even send out replacements "on their dime"?? Because their quality control is SO BAD that they are forced to!

PA, sounds like you have a very selfish attitude. You are essentially saying,"Well, I don't care about anyone else's problems, it's not happening to me!"

I feel really sorry for you, Pro.


Just saw Wench Wino's question about returning her products to Arbonne and whom to contact..... as I understand it, she can contact the Returns Dept. at Arbonne by calling 1-800-272-6663 and explaining that she is no longer interested in doing the business and wants to return her products. She can ask for a Return Merchandise Authorization, which is required to return products for a refund.

According to my neighbor, the VP, when a Consultant no longer wants to do the business, then Arbonne will provide a refund for their un-used inventory. There is an explanation of this procedure in the Policy Manual, on page 31. (Also online, at the Internet Consultants section, left hand side). It might be worth the phone call to obtain more information about receiving a refund.
Also, Eric spent several years working for Customer Service and may have further helpful information regarding refunds. Maybe Eric knows the name of a supervisor who could be of assistance in this process. Hopefully, Wench Wino can receive a refund for her products -- Lynne.

Rocking it

I am so glad you guys are 'putting it out there' Direct sales is a good industry there just has not been a true ethical and promising company built...... until now. You have to check out Intuit Beauty. They seem to really have there you know what together. I swore I would never do it again.... but I think I am going to jump back in this time with my eyes wide open. My Arbonne experience taught me a lesson... and now I plan on becoming filthy rich with this one!!!!


"I swore I would never do it again.... but I think I am going to jump back in this time with my eyes wide open. My Arbonne experience taught me a lesson... and now I plan on becoming filthy rich with this one!!!!"

I don't know where to start, but -
You are doing it again
Your eyes are not wide open
You didn't learn your lesson from Arbonne
You won't become filthy rich with this one either.

You ought to think back again to your arbonne experience.


I thought the ''RESULTS'' flip chart was out. I just got an email from my upline saying this Sundays call is on the '' Results'' chart. New ways to use it. Anyone know anything about this?

Eric Cooper


Eric Cooper

I just checked out the ridiculous website of Intuit Beauty. It seems to be a clone of Arbonne using much of the same verbiage...in fact similar enough to make me think that the website, if not the company was put together by former/current Arbonne consultants. And the corporate HQ??? LAS VEGAS! LOOK OUT (in a negative sense) for this one!

Eric Cooper

Look at all the Arbonnish verbiage:

THE INTUIT BEAUTY VISION BEGAN with a personal quest to create the highest quality skincare possible at affordable prices... and second, build a company with a conscience; one that would be guided by the core principle that ‘giving back’ to is key. And so was born Intuit Beauty.

We first got to work with some of the best chemists in the business, creating what we feel no one else has: an utterly superior skincare line at prices women can absolutely afford. In fact, we challenge anyone - even the biggest names in the business (with the biggest price tags!) to just try and outperform the 18 Intuit Beauty products we’ve brought to market. Bring it on baby! We really are that confident.

We also feel the thing that further sets us apart from the rest is that we at Intuit Beauty are fully committed to making the world a better place to live. How? By donating a portion of our profits towards the causes we wholly believe in and support (see Giving Back for details) and by becoming personally involved in those causes in any and every way possible.

We really do believe that - as anthropologist Margaret Mead once said - “one should never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world”. We intend to be a shining example of just how true that can be.

Finally, we’d like to invite you to join our Intuit Beauty team by becoming a Founding Intuit Beauty Diva! Take a minute to peruse the Become A Diva section of our website to find out just how you can get in on the ground floor of this exciting and fabulous new business opportunity. We have BIG plans for Intuit Beauty... and we’d love for you to be a part of it!

Thank you so much and have fun with what we truly believe is the last skincare you will ever need.

Warmest Regards,
Founder, Intuit Beauty

Eric Cooper

So far as I am aware,the RESULTS flip chart was never discontinued , just modified. Major refund requests should be proceeded by a phone call to ensure that you are following current procedures. Please be aware, that while I would sincerely like to help with contact assistance etc. , I have been disassociated from the company for six months now and the supervisors etc. may have changed in that time. The field support reps at 1-800-272-6663 will be able to provide more current contact info than I am able to.

Eric Cooper

Not to belabor the point BUT I just found this little ditty in Intuit Beauty's policies and procedures:

2. Diva may not promote or sell Intuit Beauty products via the Internet, print or visual media, retail locations, trade shows, public displays, shops, or any wholesale or retail outlet without written approval from the President of Intuit Beauty.

Arbonne Consultant

I am sorry I haven't responded, I haven't been on, my Daughter had her tonsils out and I have been busy playing catch up...I thought I would read through some of these and see which questions were directed at me and then respond...again sorry for the delay.

Arbonne Consultant

Arbonne Consultant

"So if we do believe we have or have had an unethical upline, how do you propose we send this to Arbonne. I know my sister and I were both sucked into spending 2500++++. Where does it end, and if we were suckered who do we talk to?"

First I would like to know more about the circumstances. Did they say this was your only option? Did you each spend the $2,500? I think it is sad and unfortunate for sure. What type of training did they offer you, how hands on have they been with you? Are you plugged in to their local meetings conference calls? Did they just take your order and leave you to be???

Let me know the specifics if you would.


Arbonne Consultant

"I have been an Arbonne Consultant for 6 months. I am now an Executive Area Manager. At District Manager level I averaged $1200.00/month. My sponsor has been with Arbonne less than 8 months is an RVP and has her Mercedes. There is no $2500.00 start up cost. I have girls on my team who have built a business with only $29.00 out of pocket. There are a lot of people out there who start an Arbonne business without taking advantage of the help and training that is easily available and then mis-inform so many people. Arbonne has been a blessing to me personally and SO MANY people that I have the priveledge of getting to know."

Okay, this is what angers me about trying to keep our integrity with Arbonne. You just have annouced that you averaged $1,200 as a DM, I am here to say that one, that is not true and two stop telling people that because if you did average it, it is not normal and hardly anybody does it as a DM. The most you can make as a DM without being in qualification for AM is not even $1,000...so your averages do not add up my friend. My DM Paychecks were from $500 to $700 and my last one was $1,200, but I was finishing up my qualification for AM and my team did over $20K that month which is unusual too.

I don't like that you put this up there and this is not a race..you sound like you are bragging about the time it took to get to RVP or AM...your foundation probably isn't stable and I didn't hear anything about your personal development etc...

I have been doing this for over a year, I got my area 5 months into it and I will be a RVP a year from when I hit AM which is in April...my team is completely different from when I started and so am I.

I would recommend you spend a little more time reading and a lot less time telling people what you are making and how long it took you to get there.

Arbonne Consultant

Arbonne Consultant

Arbonne Consultant:

Has your upline fed you the speech about don't give up before your "Arbonne Paycheck"

No, I have never heard them say that, I honestly haven't. I have heard things said that are kind of like "Arbonne Cliches", but I don't repeat them because they sound corny and it's not me.

I know Christy personally I am am surprised from your comments. I am sure there is more to this story than I what you have said, but the only advice I can give you is to reach inside yourself and see if this is the only place you have had issues. Do you have other relationships that ended this way because I have found through my own experience that I was creating a lot of my own chaos... This is about my life in general..I came from an abusive home life and it did create a lot of problems for me, but at the end of the day I realized that I was handling my situations in a very dysfunctional way. I was not owning up to my own behavior and had to take inventory of who I was. I essentially turned myself inside out and shook myself out like a rug I guess and then just looked what came off and had to work on those issues one at a time.

The only reason I say this, is because I know how Christy is, she is also from an abusive home life and will not tolerate negativity in her life now. Maybe you were giving off too much of that. I apologize for sounding as if this was your fault, but I told you I would be honest and this is what my gut is telling me. I know you were very disappointed, but these are the times that are crucial in our lives, it's not what happens to us, it is how we handle what happens to us that makes a difference on how our lives will turn out.

Believe me, I was a victim from the age of 3, but decided that although I was a victim, I did not allow it to control my life. You are in the drivers seat of your life, you choose who you want in the car with you, if you don't want somebody there because they are not adding to your life, you pull over and open up the door and ask them to leave. Take control and get back into the drivers seat, don't let what happened to you depress you and take over your emotions..don't give that power to somebody else.

Arbonne or not, find something that challenges you to be the best you can be and go for it.

Arbonne Consultant

Eric Cooper - Thank you for your encouragement, I am grateful that you heard what I was saying. Thank you again.

Arbonne Consultant

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