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February 06, 2007


Arbonne Area manager

Obviously, Knowledge is power and the person that wrote this has none. I am an Arbonne consultant and absolutely believe that MLM is the fairest form of business. It is an equal playing field for all of those that want to be successful and live life with purpose! Our country needs to learn that every household should be invovled with a network marketing company. Shop for products you trust are safe and beneficial and receive discounts for being loyal and above all else be appreciated and earn income for your family for referring a friend. Build an asset for your family over time! Now that's fair business! Why give our money to manufactures that do nothing for our family's loyalty for shopping with them. We were programed from a very young age that we had to walk into a store to buy a product. Many choices sitting on a shelf in front of us. None regulated by the FDA! What add on TV or advertisement in a magazine was your influence to purchase and item in the retail store? All types of corporations using consumers of all ages to create big dollars. Really who's the company to trust, really??? The network marketing business model could heal the reccession in our country. I now get paid to use products that were an expense for my family. It is the future. Technology is creating amazing opportunities to work from home!


WOW..getting to DM is super super easy! All it takes is a few good parties, 3 months in a row. If your not a social person, its probably not the best business choice for you, but if your involved in your community, outgoing and passionate about what you sell, you will do it!! Im a full time nursing student with many commitments and have definitly spent less than 10 hours a week on Arbonne and qualified for district in what is now my 2nd month. Ive sseen the success of the people close to me, and its not that difficult.

Just putting it out there!

Lea lea

I love Arbonne! xxxx I have just started.. the work shops are a blast my skin is so great now! and all my clients are happy with the products! and the education workshops. And the makeovers... how cool is it to see peoples faces when they see their makeover?! great start to a business ... Fun fun fun! I've haven't been this excited in years! I want to work hard at this .. Arbonne is better then working nine to five is a job you hate. I hope all you Arbonne haters let go of your anger and chill. life is bliss! xxxxxxx much love


Vot reshil vam nemnogo pomoch' i poslal etot post v social'nye zakladki. Ochen' nadeyus' vash reiting vozrastet.


Hehe just skimmed articles & comments. Sadly, for a short time I was involved in Argonne, in my opinion & what I witnessed, a group of self promoting, overzealous housewives who think they can run a business, be their own boss, instruct others, reprimand others and pretend they re doing you a favor by guiding you all the while stepping all over you trying to diminish you as a person and acting as a do folder cheerleader. I watched an regional mgr actually stop me from answering a question I was asked by a newcomer at a meeting ha! It was more than obvious to all! I called arbonne their response sell around the person who drank and hiccuped throughout a show and spoke nasty venom at a laptop computer screen!


Sorry for the typos! Hehe I'll keep the Argonne. Sort of cute however wasn't intentional. I meant to write a do gooder. And the spellcheck changed it wo me realizing. Nah. I didn't proof read, watching a great movie. Sry


I'm a new consultant, been doing it part time and received a check of around $600 for my second month. I'm close to becoming DM and it was pretty easy and simple.

They give gifts, offer so much support, extend brilliant business plans and allow people the opportunity of climbing a business ladder as fast as they want.

I love Arbonne <3


i think things must have changed a lot in arbonne since this post was written in 2007. (and just for anyone who wonders, i didn't do a search for "arbonne scam" to find this... a fellow consultant asked what oprah had mentioned about arbonne on her show, so i googled "oprah arbonne.")

i honestly don't understand the complaints of no money being made... i'm not going to specify how much i have made in the last few months since joining, but i'll say... i didn't get a check at all in the first month. the second month i was surprised at how much it was (not thousands... but hundreds).

i fully admit that when i started this past summer, i got out my credit card and spent some money. however, i was not encouraged to do that by anyone in my upline.

yes, my own purchases helped get me to DM level in the first 2 months... but that was my choice. no one pushed me or encouraged me to do that. and every one of my sidelines who started around the same time i did promoted to DM in either their first or second month without spending anymore money than it took to get their own RE9 set (they got the RSVP) and some business tools. probably around $500.

i totally get how people would be angry and bitter at feeling taken in and used. but i really do think either things have changed over the last few years or i'm on an exceptionally good team.

i was disturbed to read about the conditions at the warehouses. i do plan to look into that. and i'll look into it myself. i have close friends in indiana whom i often visit. i'll request a tour of the warehouse and find out for myself what goes on there.

but... i'm a consultant first because i love the products. couldn't care less about a mercedes. i just love the products and so do my friends. i've met some wonderful people and continue to meet great people. i have a total blast doing the parties... maybe that's what makes the difference... i think you definitely need to have a certain personality type to be successful.

i have never been told that this is an easy business to get rich in... i HAVE been told that to be successful i need to have 8 parties a month. is it easy to get there? no. have i alienated my friends trying? no. i ask and if they say no, i move on.

i have never tried to convince someone to either try the products or join the business... i give samples and have parties and yes, at the parties i present the business opportunity. some people show interest and some don't. i follow up with the ones who do.

the no pressure route definitely takes longer... i've been a consultant since july and just launched my first new consultant who is doing the business. i will be launching two more in the next month.

it takes time. it takes work. it takes patience. anyone who says differently is not being honest. but it's a good business with good products and i work with a great team. and it is truly not difficult at all to promote to DM. (i've never worked more than 15 hours in any one week, by the way.)


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