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November 02, 2006



Cat and PC
The fact that Founder has posted here may give the wrong image towards that sites attempt to be successful. Founder may have damaged that sites image just for responding on this MLM blog. It is clear that Founder has not done the research into the FTC or the policies of the MLM businesses involved or Founder would not be asking questions in a blog for legal advice on the FTC or MLM policy, but rather go directly to the FTC and possibly a lawyer to gain clear knowledge of how to conduct ethical practices. I doubt that a blog would even be a last resort for a Corporation or even small a business to get policy on these types of serious business structure rules.

I am not taking a go at you Founder but would advise you to go direct to the source. You are making a target for yourself here and could be as I said before directing possible legal actions against you. Your site might be a one stop shop for MLM but you are promoting recruiting rather than direct sales which sets you up to a business module of a pyramid. That’s what the FTC will target you for. Trust me when I say the FTC has taken down even the smaller people like distributors in the MLM business not just the Company. I advise you once again to take down your site and go direct to the source first before you try to promote this any more. You will find that if you post here more that you may expose possible legal info with out knowing it that may implicate you as well as taking direct hits from people that are against pyramiding and unethical MLM practices. I am just giving some really good advice before you step further and this is not a social post of the day but rather (like I said before) advise from friends.


I forgot to comment on the return issue. If you've already received your kits then you have to call and get some type of return form (someone else can probably give better info on that) and then you can return the kits and wait 2-3 months for your refund. I refused my shipment, but still got the run around. If your order was over $1,000 you will have to sign a form stating that you no longer wish to be a Consultant, but they won't offer it to you. You have to ask them to fax the form to you. I had to call and email several times before I finally got someone to fax me a form. They won't give you your refund until you sign the form. Be prepared to make a nuisance out of yourself because that's what it takes! That was almost a year ago so maybe they've improved the procedure by now. Oh, and the consultant packet is non-refundable.


I've just stumbled across your blog while doing some Arbonne research. Until yesterday I had no idea this stuff even existed. I went to an Arbonne "presentation" where I was being coaxed to sign up to be a consultant as well as buy the products. So tell me the "REal" deal with this stuff. I have no interest in becoming an actual consultant, but maybe a consumer. I left with an RE9 set to try and so far, I am not that impressed. I was told that day 3 is the "Aha day" whatever that's supposed to mean!! And what's the puppy dog thing? You lost me on that one. Thanks for any info you can provide.


the "puppy" is a cute word for the kit they sent home with you. Like a cute puppy, they are depending on you not wanting to give the kit back (i.e. buy it) once you've had it for a couple of days.

Arbonne is a pyramid scam and its products are incredibly overpriced. If you want all-natural skincare for a fraction of the cost, try burt's bees: www.burtsbees.com

and RUN the other way. :)


I love the products and don't think they are over priced. It all depends on what you are used to using. If you have purchase your products from the grocery store or walmart, Arbonne will be expensive. If you purchase from a high end store, then they will be reasonable. It all depends on you and your skin. Give it a good try and follow your instincts. Does your skin really look and feel better. You are the best judge for that. Good Luck with your decission.

i just saw nature's gate in my local grocery store - arbonnes sister brand. it used to be only found at the natural haelth stores (the natures gate) but there is was, right next to the Jegens.....


Thanks for letting me know what "puppy" stood for. It makes sense now!!
I'm so not impressed with the Arbonne products at all. First of all, there way too many steps, bottles, and things to use. My face didn't feel any different than it does everyday when I follow my own skincare regime using Estee Lauder. It actually felt worse- dry and tight. I will say that the products do smell good though. I'm a big scent person.
And I think you might find this funny- The consultant that gave me the RE9 set to try said nothing about trying it and giving it back. So after I tried it for four days and didn't really like it, I threw it all in the trash!!! Then the consultant called me and asked me all about it and I told her that I wasn't impressed and wouldn't be buying anything from the Arbonne collections. She asked me to return the RE9 set to her home. I had to dig the stuff out of the trash can! And what's with me bringing it to her? She can come to my house and pick up her crap!



you should have left them in the trashcan.

These people don't tell you that you have to return it if you don't buy it - that's part of their scam. You should have told her you thought it was a free sample since she didn't state otherwise, and you shouldn't have given it back to her because she cleaned it up and passed it out to someone else to use!!

these Arbots are so stupid. *sigh*


Speak for yourself and not others. Not all "Arbots" as you put it, are stupid. I nor my team did the puppy dog approach. I never expected someone to purchase my products just because they took a paper sample from me. If they didn't purchase, I figured it was there loss not mine.


What did you expect when people took samples from you?


to try them and give me their opinion on the product. Most purchased the whole kit, some just an item or two.


Really? You honestly care about their opinion of the products? I find that hard to believe. Salepeople don't care how consumers feel about products, they just want them to be a consumer. You're only fooling yourself if you say that you want someone's opinion of something you sell. You want them to be a consumer and to keep your money rolling in. I'm not stupid!


I'm not a sales person. I help people find the product that works for them. If they find none, we'll then thats it. When you go to dillards, do they push you to buy their product? There are ethical people out there in this world, I guess you just havent found any. I understand if your stumped. I see it a lot. Good Day.


What I think is that you should all get a life and quit judging people on how they choose to live theirs. YOu joined a company on your own. No one FORCED you to do it. What ever happened. GET OVER IT. Maybe if you had put this much time and effort into what you were trying to achieve you would have succeeded. GROW UP.

Eric Cooper

So, D, your message is -- NEVER criticize ANY dishonesty, just make like an ostrich and bury your head in the sand hoping that all the bad stuff will go away?

I don't understand why after all this time and all these posts people don't get this - and this is the bottom line - yes, no one forced anyone to get into an MLM. But people did it because they BELIEVED they were making INFORMED decisions, but the FACTS that were presented turned out to be all LIES. So decisions were made base on lies. Get it? If you don't, than you are still in the fog. When the fog clears you will get that.


Yeah, and they probably feel sorry for "W" too.


Whatever you do - do not buy into all this! You will spend every dime you have trying to get to a certain level, maintain that level, and just to get that measley little pay check!!! Every benefit has a catch - even the points you earn for ASAP. The old saying, nothing in life is free, goes without saying w/Arbonne!!!


You don't have to spend every dime you have to make this work. If you have ethics, as I said before, you can and will work this and make money. Don't fall into a pattern where you feel you have to pay for products to keep your status. When the time is right and you're going slow and steady, you will make it at this. Find a team that is ethical and are not moving fast. This is the key!


I sell Shaklee products and I deeply care about what customers think. I would not sell something that I didn't firmly believe in and I wouldn't sell something that I wouldn't proudly sell to my friends and family. I actually signed up for Arbonne because of the progesterone cream, but I'm now using a different brand. I never wanted to sell Arbonne because I couldn't proudly talk about it. When I talk about Shaklee I become very passionate about their work for the environment and I feel proud to be a part of the business.

btw...I don't make much money because I don't care to pitch the products. When I'm in conversation I will let people know what products I use and if they are interested they can purchase from me. I am not losing friends over this and I will not put business over relationship. Not that I needed to be told that, but they do tell you that in Shaklee.

I was browsing on your website and think it's pretty funny. Tell me, do any of you have any experience in sales??? In selling cars? When you are a sales man there is someone above you called your team manager, then there is a store manager and that store manager has a district manager and the district manager has a regional manager and that manager has a manager for that state and so on and so on. And all along the team manager get a % of they make, and his manager get's a % of what the store make and so on and so on. So I take it none of you have been in sales right? It's the same thing as working for a major real estate company.


Buuut.... don't car salesmen get guaranteed paycheques every couple weeks or month, like everyone else with a real job, or am I missing something?

Not much of a comparison... at least the upper managers do SOMEthing for that money, rather than 'let a product sell itself' and expect money to come to them just because someone else that happened to be unlucky to be signed on by them buys a product or becomes a struggling salesperson themselves...

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore

Don't forget, salespeople aren't their own number one customers. They sell to other people. In MLM, you are the only one supporting your "business." You're also working for a company, not paying a company to sell its snake oil with all liability on yourself. Those people make it up the management chain based on their merits and abilities, not how much of their own competition they can recruit. Ohhh, this is too boring to go on. Apparently, no name, you've never worked in a legitimate sales position either, or you wouldn't have asked such an ignorant question.


Thank you Lady Swisse, you mentioned the other point I forgot to make (about not selling to other salespeople, but a huge guaranteed market that will always desire and need houses/cars).

One other point, in case he/she needs more: that salesman makes instant commission. In very large dollar sums (particularly in real estate). MLM states 'it's not get rich quick.'

There ain't no free lunch, people. Sorry.

Now, I'm going to back to good honest work (freelance graphic design): hey, my own business, from my own home, on my own hours, at my own rates, using real honest talents and producing a quality product I can take pride in for people who actually wanted/needed it in the first place. Who needs MLM when you have skills and a desire to do what you are good at??


Regarding Nature's Gate and the comment by freeatlast - is this really affiliated with Arbonne? Is it a good alternative to the products that have to be bought through the reps with all the excess cost built in?

Like the product, don't like the cost and am just learning about the system. Thanks.

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