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October 06, 2006



Remember one thing about the patent that I have posted before. From the one I have found (RE9 line) there is only employees or associates on the patent but Arbonnes name is not shown on the patent I found. I would have to say that the patent is owned by the inventors. While the employees may have signed an agreement to Arbonne to not release the patent to another company the board members could make that decision change. I don’t think Arbonne would give up the RE9 line. The other curious thing is I can only find two patents that are associated with Arbonne. A greasy skin patent (patented to ARID and Pierre) that has expired and the RE9 line. So where are all the proprietary pending patents that should come up as filed for all the other products? My guess is they are using other formulas from other manufactures. Now remember I said “My guess” I don’t have those facts. About the ARID headquarters, well as I posted before they have an address, phone number and some one who answers the phone. But Arbonne stated that ARID has no employees to another poster. So you have a non existing lab with no employees but you can call them and send them mail in Switzerland. Again misrepresentation.


sorry I did the double take again.


AF= Arbonne Fog

Eric Cooper

50BMG: If they are just changing around the ingredients to make up new products, that would explain why most of the products are so similar in scent and feel. I think I posted somewhere before that the famous electronics inventor Lee DeForest did that a lot--change around a couple of wires in his gadgets, claim that they were "new" inventions and apply for a new patent. In my opinion, Arbonne is doing the same thing.


The thing that is mysterious to me is there are no patent applications. Even if it is pending there is a public record of patents that are filed. I am not saying that they do not exist but there is no proof that they exist under Arbonne that I can find. Even Europe shows public records of patents and Arbonne as far as I can find has not applied for a patent since 1995 or 96. In fact Pierre had more patents for other companies. Arbonne really doesn’t seem to be Pierres main focus. That is how I connected ARID, Pierre and Arval together. The European patent is in the name of ARID with the Arval address with Pierre as the inventor. When I sent all this information to Arval’s Account manager Arval management was very unhappy. I had provided copyright infringement by consultants as well as the use of signs getting pasted on their building. It is then when ARID moved to the FCC location and registered in Switzerland.

It just amazes me that this company is so blatant (or ignorant) of these mistakes. Is a cosmetic company (or lab) subject to some sort of annual inspection/survey? Do they have to renew a certain type license each year? Geez...it seems like this stuff should have been corrected or changed years ago, IF they were honest, unintentional errors. Hmmmmm.


The fact is there is no Arbonne Institute of Research and Development lab. It is a name for the concept and ideas for formulation and the ideas that go to contracted labs in Europe and in the US to be tested. After that the formulation it is then sent to manufactures for production. The only thing Swiss about the product is that Pierre lives there, there is an ARID address and phone number, some ideas that go into the think tank are by people in Switzerland and they have the Swiss cross on the product label. That is the best interpretation that I can come up with by Arbonnes official statements that have been posted here by others. In my eyes there is no need for ARID as a marketing strategy since it really means nothing. The reason this turned into such a big deal is because we all wanted to know more about this lab so we could better promote the product in presentations. My wife’s up-line rant and raved about the great Swiss formulated product from their own research centre in Sion Switzerland. I asked them to tell my wife and I more about this exciting lab and its history. All I got back in return was stutters and blank stares. So being the intriguing person that I am I researched it to come up with nothing more than an old patent with ARID on it. I then went back to the up-line and said that this lab does not exist. Well not to be crude but that went over like a fart in church. So when I made more inquires like “by what percentage does switching to Arbonne products reduce cancer”. You know the old stories Arbonnize your home to reduce cancer risk and a cracker in mineral oil trick. Well when I came up with these inquires I became the person on the outside looking in and the up-line was my wife’s family. Not good. The sad thing is that these people are from the medical field and for years now no answers to any of my questions. I have been black balled.

Please Do Your Own Research

50BMG, that is awful that your own family (well, in-laws) are doing this to you. I hope your wife sees the truth by now???

Not to change the subject (but I am for just a minute...) There is some very real information in all of the websites listed below regarding the upcoming merger of the US, Mexico and Canada (and we thought Arbonne was a big scam!)

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has been in effect for almost 12 years now. A new stage, NAFTA PLUS, is in the works, and is being referred to as “deep integration,” particularly in Canada. The elites of the three NAFTA countries (Canada, the United States, and Mexico) have been aggressively moving forward to build a new political and economic entity. A “trinational merger” is underway that leaps beyond the single market that NAFTA envisioned and, in many ways, would constitute a single state, called simply, “North America.”


In a March 23, 2005 joint statement, President Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin and Mexican President Vicente Fox announced the establishment of the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America". The creation of this new agreement was never submitted to congress for debate and decision.


Mexican President Vicente Fox stated, ""Eventually our long-range objective is to establish with the United States, but also with Canada, our other regional partner, an ensemble of connections and institutions similar to those created by the European Union, with the goal of attending to future themes [such as] the future prosperity of North America, and the movement of capital, goods, services, and persons."


Although there is very little mention of this Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America in the media, when it IS mentioned we are told that it will mainly improve our economy and enhance our security and opportunity, however, the real purpose of NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT and the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) is to create a regional global government under a North American Union Constitution, which will eventually replace our American Constitution and Bill of Rights. NAFTA PLUS is more the elites’ shared vision of what a merged future will look like. Their ideas are being implemented through the signing of “regulations” that are not subject to citizens’ review.

This is the same way that the European Union was created - with an initial focus on improved economy and prosperity that eventually became a full blown Union with it's own constitution and now has 25 member countries as Union "states".

European citizens are just now beginning to get a taste of the restrictions that have been placed on them by this powerful Union which has negatively affected their economy with the arrival of low-salary workers, created a lack of control due to clandestine immigration, implemented "excessive bureaucracy" and absurd regulations on it's citizens, caused price inflation, outlawed homeschooling, and is moving towards one "approved" religion due to a huge focus on unity and eliminating problem-causing diversity. See this article for more details about the real impact that the European Union is having on the European citizens:


Please read this article for more detail on what President Bush is really up to (including trying to secure natural resources)


Because of the negative impact that it will have on our economy and our current freedoms as Americans, everyone should be fully aware of the upcoming North American Union that is being put together right now and is planned to be fully in place by the year 2010. This merger will included the United States, Mexico and Canada, and will be very similar to the European Union with one form of currency, open borders and a superhighway that will go from Mexico, through the United States and all the way up to Canada. The NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) superhighway, including the Trans Texas Corridor is planned to begin construction in 2007 and be completed by 2011. It will be a 10-lane, limited access highway which will parallel Interstate 35 and link Mexico to Kansas City, then continue on up into Canada. This change will have a severe impact on our national ports because the superhighway will be the main source of import and export.



The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Task Force put together a report entitled "Building a North American Community", which contains a blueprint for creating the North American Union by 2010.


If you do a general search for 'North American Union' online, you will see that sources such as Wikipedia, the White House press conference, and others deny that a North American Union is being formed. They claim that all of the meetings that are being held and changes that are taking place are simply different ways of improving our economy and enhancing our security, competiveness and quality of life. But that is what the European citizens were told too. There is too much information available showing that this is much more than just a plan to better our economy and enhance our security.

I'm sure that many of you might think this sounds like some futuristic, conspiracy theory-like movie, but please read all of the information provided in the websites that are listed above before making any decisions one way or the other, and if you feel it is credible then tell others so that we can all be aware of what is really going on and be prepared for the big changes that will soon be taking place in our country.


If you do a little research you may find a little more dirt on the Bush family. I consider myself to be a conservative but I am not sure I really support Bush in many things. I will give you a few things to go on, like Bush is part of Skull and Bones. Bush and John Kerry are cousins. Do some research on New World Order and relate it to the Bush family. Find out what crimes Prescott Bush has been charged with. If you keep digging you will find that the Patriot Act is just the beginning of the dismantling of the constitution.


To add to your post, I think you will find in the future the plan to expand a union (if you will) will be larger than North America. I know this may seem a little strange but one of the best ways you can immediately start to prevent destruction to the constitution is to support the NRA (National Rifle Association) by becoming a member even if you don’t own or shoot guns. As long as honest Americans can obtain a gun legitimately, there will always be some form of checks and balance to the government because of our second amendment right. The NRA is all about gun safety and sport. They are an extremely powerful organization with top legal counsel on their side as well as congressmen and governors. If you get rid of guns then there is no reason to have the NRA and I don’t think the NRA will roll over on that very easy. The membership is only $35 a year or you can just make a donation. Some of my best friends are instructors for the NRA and safety is the main focus. I do allot of sport shooting and meet great people with the same interests. Sport shooting I have seen has become very family oriented. I myself am not a hunter so I only shoot at paper targets. The NRA is your best and most direct line of defense in protecting the constitution and the NRA works hard to prevent distorting it as well. Their web site is http://membership.nrahq.org/ or you can call them. I really wanted to inform all of you about the NRA since PDYOR opened the discussion on what’s happening to America. The NRA is not a bunch of gun wheeling rebels. They are a very professional organization and have already helped to protect your constitutional rights with out you even knowing it. They also get involved with defending people like you and I in court when it come to protecting the second amendment. They also provide scholarship programs to kids K-12. You really should check the NRA out because it’s not all about destroying something with a gun as some people may have that impression. The NRA created the Civil Rights Defense Fund for honest Americans like us. I don’t want to change this board into all this so I will get back to Arbonne posting. If you have any questions to PDYOR’s post or mine please e-mail me at al50bmg@yahoo.com and I will be glad to find any info for you or answer questions.

Please Do Your Own Research

50BMG - GREAT info on the NRA, I had no idea. I bet most people don't so I'm glad you shared. I will be looking into it today. I didn't know they had so much influence. Regarding Bush, I had an idea and have been learning more and more. But I think this thing is way above and beyond him, I don't think he has any control over it to tell you the truth, it would happen with or without him. Pretty scary stuff. Thanks for all the information!


Actually if you do more digging on the entire Bush family Jeb, George W, George Sr, and Prescott you will find they have allot of control over this just like world unionization. Don’t get me wrong I am not a Bush hater and the Bush family is not the only bodies involved with this same union idea. Just think though about the Bush and Kerry election. They are family and both active members of the Skull and Bones organization. Republican or democrat the family and the organization inevitably had to be elected in the office of the most powerful country in the world. Many powerful men from all over the world are members of the Skull and Bones. Supposedly no critical local or international strategies are discussed at the Skull and Bone retreat (as I like to call it) but snoopy investigators say otherwise. Even Bill Clinton is a member and seems to be teaming up with the Bush family strongly. There is allot of themes that have popped up this year where democrats and republics are teaming up. This is not good because it diminishes the balance of politics and congressional decision making. It really is a scary thought that the political parties in the future will focus in the same direction and the thought of America facing the tyranny of a dictatorship gives me chills. It really does not matter if you are on the left or the right because at the end of the day we all hope to maintain a free country and the constitution. One more scary fact I will point out to give you some food for thought. No capitalistic form of government historically has survived more than 200 years. Knowing that we are a little over due as America. I believe the intelligent men that created and signed the constitution know this and designed the constitution around that fact (among other great reasons) to maintain power to the people. Again I reiterate to all that the NRA is a quick and easy way to be heard as a citizen in real time to support your civil rights. By being a member you will receive knowledge and some other benefits so it is not wasted money by any means. I don’t discourage voting but I feel that being a member of the NRA can make a bigger impact and can be done every year through out the year by your support. It is sad that we have come to the crossroads in politics that we are discussing the possible loss of our freedoms and not discussing or focusing on the political issues like taxes for example. We really need to have the democratic, republican, and independent parties intact. The debates between them is healthy to America and we have a great country now so we need to continue this tradition.

Sorry so long and there I went again on politics. I really apologize.

Please Do Your Own Research

Don't apologize, this is great information that everyone needs to be aware of. A worldwide dictatorship is exactly what we are going to become, and very soon. I have heard of the Free Masons but not the Skull & Bones, where can I learn more about that?


Oh my God!!! You all are really out there with the new world order stuff. You are rapidly loosing credibility. I thought the Arbonne scam was the purpose of this blog. First everyone thinks Bush is stupid, now they think he is brilliant enough to be part of this deep conspiracy plot.


The only reason New World Order was brought up was because it is direct quotes of George Bush Sr. in a many live telecasts. You take what you will but I am not going to start a conspiracy discussion on here and don’t want to be a part of any of it. My main point is to focus on my comments were our personal rights not start some plague of political speculation. I figured someone would take me the wrong way so I will not post some great info that I have here. If you want the info you can e-mail me for it. I am truly sorry Cindyloo if you took this as gear changing towards some big cover up. I will remain focused here on Arbonne. In summary I am not focused on Bush but rather supporting the NRA to protect some of your civil rights…period….. Again Cindyloo I apologize for any offence.



Please Do Your Own Research

Good idea to take the political stuff off of this blog, sorry guys. 50BMG I will be emailing you to get more info on that sort of thing.


Scary stuff! What a friggin loon you are! NWO! Bush is the anti christ! He was behind 9/11! Grow up. Open your eyes once in a while, go outside and see the real world. (Getting out of your parents basement might help as well)

Bush and Kerry cousins?

Well, 16th cousins, three times removed, to be exact.

Truth be told, one might find such distant family ties between Bush and any of the four other major Democratic candidates.

The link between the president and the Rev. Al Sharpton might date back a bit further, Bruce Harrison said, but tracing ancestries helps illuminate a greater message on human interconnectedness.

"I believe everybody on the planet is related if you go back far enough," said Harrison, 51, whose Millisecond Publishing in Kamuela puts out a line of ancestral history CDs. He and his wife have spent the last eight years compiling information from hundreds of genealogical books and periodicals. "We're setting the stage for others to explore their curiosity," he said.


ACE (hole)

Your quote.

“Scary stuff! What a friggin loon you are! NWO! Bush is the anti christ! He was behind 9/11! Grow up. Open your eyes once in a while, go outside and see the real world. (Getting out of your parents basement might help as well)”

Who said anything thing about Bush being the anti-christ? Who said anything about Bush being behind 9/11? You did! So what are you trying to say? You have obviously done some kind of research that people have come to that conclusion. You seem to be the nut case in the basement if that’s what you have been expending your time on. Don’t bother with responding to me because I making my comments to you then your ignored after that. NWO is a term you idiot. The whole dictator comment is a reference just like unionization. You are just like a typical “drive by Arbot”, dump your load and go. I am done with you and this subject and I am sorry if I offend any one in my posts or in my words other than ACE (hole). I hope ACE (hole) is offended. To everyone else I am sorry I put my foot in dog S##T and opened this door. I consider the door closed on this subject so back to Arbonne. Thanks for taking a S##T on this blog ACE (hole). DONE!!!!!!!............................................

Ace, GET A GRIP! And, don't ever come back here again! Your kind is not wanted here.


so are we off the politics? I was wondering what forum I was on. Does anyone out there know what became of the FTC ruling on the MLM's.


I think the ruling has a ways to go yet. They had extended the comment period so that may push ruling back months. The government agencies move slow on these things and that’s not a bad thing necessarily when it comes to making a solid decision.


My guess is it will be a year or so before any rule comes out.... they had the comments, now I think they will have some meetings, then they will make a recomendation and that will be the new law.

I hope it happens faster but I see a year.

Eric Cooper

ok, we need to get back exclusively to Arbonne here. The purpose of the forum is supposed to be about sharing our experiences and informing others about Arbonne International, LLC, not to spout our personally held political religious and social opinions. There are a zillion blogs out there for those purposes

* these people stalk me*

I just found this site and I am loving it. I have been stalked for YEARS by Mary Kay women, approaching me in grocery and department stores with their clever line of "You are so well put together - do you mind if I ask you what do you do?" Uh, yea actually I do, because I know you are about to try to recruit me. So much so, that my return line (you know them cause they all use that or a version of that line), "No thanks, no plans to sell Mary Kay." Then they launch into "Noooo, thats not it! We are looking for sharp women for executive mangament positions!" Um, ok no thanks AGAIN. In the past, I have thrown out "Oh, I am a neurologist" or "I am an attorney" only for them to reply with "OH!!! We have LOTS of doctors and lawyers in exectutive managment at our company! They all make well into six figures part time!!" No thanks. I got approached so much (which is concerning, what makes me look like a target?? what should I change??) that I drafted an email basically saying "please go and get a respectable job, and call off your fellow recruiters, this is not an honorable way to make a living, stalking other women to try and get them under you to sell crap". I shot it off to every Mary Kay rep in my area from their website. A few emailed me back, one was sorry and said those people give them a bad name, while another actually tried to recruit me.

Then, before I know it, here comes Arbonne. Oh great, another one. Supposedly it is different, yea right. And what rock are these people emerging from exactly? I heard about this one after a girlfriend of mine received an email from her fellow law school grad who was quitting a corporate counsel position to do what? Peddle Arbonne. Then before I know it, I get the call from a friend I haven't talked to in years. She has this great new product she is dying for me to try, no thanks, and here we go again.

I could never target my friends for personal gain because I don't feel like holding down a regular respectable full time job. I'd rather eat out of a garbage can than peddle this crap to all my friends and neighbors, yet every other time I turn around they have snagged another person I know who is then pursuing me in zombie fashion.

These groups and people preach women power -to me it is shameful and actually the REVERSE, because somehow they are convincing professional women to leave positions and companies where they can thrive and create more and better opportunities for women coming after them. The two people I know peddling this junk are professional, highly educated women. WHAT GIVES? Talk about girl power thrown into a tail spin, if Arbonne or Mary Kay people had their way, all professional women would give up their careers to peddle crap make up and men would once again be completely running the world. Shameful.

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