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October 06, 2006


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I was just approached by an ex-employee who just retired from our Fortune 100 business. She signed up as an Arbonne Consultant and she's soliciting everywhere she can. Before she could rattle out her shpiel on this program, I told her I'm very familiar with how Network Marketing works. 15 years ago in college, I did a study on Network Marketing and it just so happens my entire family has been in Amway/Quickstar at one time or another in their lives. It never ceases to amaze me that the average joe who joins these programs think they're actually going to make a steady living on doing this.

There is no way to "get rich quick" however, it is important that anyone who signs up for a network marketing business TRULY loves the products. Otherwise, you end up feeling like you are pressured to buy things you don't want. Even worse you are pressuring other people to get things THEY don't want.

Now, I am actually signing up today for Arbonne because I actually like one of the skin care lines. I'm used to spending $500-$1000 on SkinCeuticals, Creme De La Mer and Cle de Peau at Neiman Marcus. Yes, $1000 face cream, it exsits out there! So price is relative. Getting the Intelligence line at 90 bucks wholesale is a deal in my book. Like I said, it's not for those looking to get rich - if you really love the products, the success will come.

Your success also depends on your circle of influence. Our annual household income is over $190k so our circle of friends don't mind dropping money on these things. In fact, like I said- to them this is really cheap.


Hello! I used to represent a line of skin care but have recently joined a new skin care company. We offer champaign quality skin care at wine friendly prices. The proof is in the products and these products are amazing.

Traci Kuhn
Independent Consultant, Votre Vu


There seem to be many emotions flying here. I know From Real Estate business that emotions can't enter the picture if there is going to be success. The real question here should be "Does Arbonne work"? if used correctly. The only way to know this is to use it. If it works, sell it. It is work. Many think that something that may be fun is supposed to be effortless therefore, failure prevails. If the product works, It will sell itself. Plain and simple.


I totally agree with AR. Arbonne isn't going to hand things to you when you don't work for it. That's the beauty of it- you can work as much or as little as you want and it provides opportunities for the people who want to make a business out of it. I have met many people like me looking for a fresh start and a way to make some extra income. I can tell you that I have been screwed over a thousand more times by regular companies I have worked for than Network Maketing companies. Don't bash a company and calll it a scam if you've never even tried to sell the products or don't know anything about being with the company. I made nothing selling Avon for 4 years but that doesn't mean I go around bashing them because I was the one who didn't make the effort. The great thing about Arbonne is the support you get when you start out as a consultant AND as you continue to grow with the company. I met and was encouraged by the National Vice President of Arbonne in Canada only my 2nd week of starting out. WHO else can say that?!

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