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October 06, 2006


nebraska victim

CAT, I'm fairly new around here, but from reading back I discovered you were our host for all this fun and fellowship.
Thank you so much.
I've learned a lot here.
Free education...which is great because the Arbots in my wife's life don't actually answer legitimate questions put before them.
I only wish I had found all of you people before I got to know our UPS man on a first name basis.
Thank you again, and God bless you for your efforts.

Britni K

I am just wondering if you can give me any info on arbonne. My soon to be Fiance signed up and spent $1600 on this crap and that was just half of what it actually would have costed us. Can you please tell me if this is a scam (sounds like it is) and how to get our money back if it is? Also I need a good way of explaining to him about this Arbonne stuff. His cousin and his aunt is actually the people that signed him up and I am curious to know do the all say the same stuff. I went to a different website and realized that everything his cousin said to us was the same thing on the website! So please email me back and let me know what We have gotten ourselves into. Thanks

Please Do Your Own Research

Hi Britni, if you look to the right on this page, you will see a post titled "Eric, So many poster have". Click on that, start at the very top of the page, and read all the way down. This will take you a few hours, so you may not be able to do it right away, but take notes while you are reading and check out some of the links that are included in many people's posts. This should give you a very clear understanding of what Arbonne is all about. It will also give you contact numbers and explain how to try and get your money back. ASK YOUR FIANCE TO READ IT WITH YOU. Trying to reiterate all that you have learned to someone who is in the orange fog isn't easy, having them read it for themselves is the best way. Good luck and please let us know what happens!

Not Happy Hour- Happy Life

Before you get too heavily invested in Arbonne, go to ebay and search "arbonne". You'll find over 2,000 units available. I just bid and won on the Intelligence skin care set, and where it's supposed to retail at $140, and wholesale at $93, I bought it (with shipping) for $80.

You'll note that all of the sellers state that they are not affiliated with Arbonne Int'l... which is normally not true. On the first set that I bid on, the price only reached $45, but the reserve wasn't met. So, the seller sent me a message, stating that she's an Arbonne Consultant and she was willing to sell the kit at the wholesale price of $93, plus she'd pay the tax and shipping.

If you are not affiliated with Arbonne, technically, you can sell all of your fiance's inventory on ebay. If I was going to sell arbonne, that would be the only place I'd sell it, because then I wouldn't ruin my relationships with my neighbors, family, friends, co-workers, church goers...
Good luck!

Please Do Your Own Research

Britni, I was able to get back all the money I spent on Arbonne (over $3,000), and an additional $800, by going directly to Stian Morck himself at Arbonne. I got my money back within 2 weeks, and it was much easier than selling what I had on eBay. I wrote him a letter telling him all of the laws that Arbonne was breaking, how unhappy I was with my experience, my health concerns with the nanospheres, and I listed out all of the money I'd spent in direct relation to this business. You can find his contact information, what to say, etc., on the post entitles "Eric, So many posters have" on this blog.


hi there.... does anyone have any rough statistics on how long it typically takes an arbonne consultant to fail? i cant take it much more this cult has nearly ruined my relationship....i cant take it much more i know all about MLMs.... having been around the block a time or two witnessing destroyed lives etc my sig. other is so brainwashed by these people and is wasting time and resources that she does not have (i guess if i gave out over a thou that i didnt really have i would defend it to the bitter end as well) this is so frickin close to a pyramid "but we're not selling anything" that i cant believe the government has allowed it to continue i just am wondering if i should let this relationship go as i cant take much more of this these are the same people who elected current unpopular leaders.... their uplinks shame them for not recruiting more so they spend more time at these rah rah rallies and neglect their loved ones and get raving mad when one tries to explain what a travesty this company is im sure the shareholders of harvest partners just love to make jokes about these desperate housewives...let them eat cake!! while they run around like rats in a maze upsetting everyone they come into contact with....these people too are the type that buy timeshares... P.T. Barnum was right however it is worse right now because many people in this country are outright ignorant and they are broke our culture of denial keeps getting worse and worse....what should i do?? advice please....

Please Do Your Own Research

Harold, have you tried sharing the posts on this website with your significant other? What is her response?


cat! I've been trying to get in contact with you - I had no idea your hubby was sick!
Email me if you get a chance, willya???


How interesting that those who fail in network marketing seem to be obsessed with trying to discredit it. As for Eric, whom many of you tout as having credentials to criticize Arbonne, he sounds like an entry-level disgruntled employee to me. I worked inside a network marketing company for 13 years - and the people who put in the effort reap the rewards. I would never seek out a format to discredit the company that taught me so much, even if I didn't understand or agree with every decision made by my employer.

It will always be true that there are people who join network marketing companies and expect miracles without real effort over time - - and it seems like those with the least tenacity have the most discontent.
However, I am seeing real results, both in my business and with my skin, and wish that those of you on here with different stories would have had the opportunity to know the incredible leaders in my group who operate with ethics, integrity, and truly have become some of my best friends.

The bottom line is this, folks: IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT. YOU are responsible for your OWN success, and your own failure. All companies like this fully disclose their earnings, income potential, and how to operate a successful business. If you are unhappy, look closely for the real reason: did you receive the right training? Did you expect too much too soon without consistent effort? When I look at my own business, when I work, my business thrives.
When I don't, I could be tempted to come here and spew out my discontent. . . but the issue is not the opportunity of Arbonne, but my own lack of discipline or failure to recognize what I need to change in order to be sucessful.


The issue IS arbonne. I did run my business ethically and poured my whole heart into it. I focused on the products and how they were good for you, not just the business opportunity. You know what happened to me? I had a "business builder" completely stolen from me, and arbonne has done nothing about it. I had a "bb" terminate her membership, just to have her husband sign on with another advisor who apparently promised something I couldn't. It has been over 3 months now, and nothing has been done. Now, a whole "leg" is doing business that I should be reaping the benefits from. But no, another deceptive advisor is, and arbonne doesn't care. So, no, it doesn't work if you work it. Along the way, you have to step on someone to step up. If you are working it ethically, you will be stepped on.

did you hear Skilling was sentenced today. 24 + yrs. It was called the largest sentence in corporate fraud history. It would be easy to show how this company cover things up and commit fraud, too bad no one seems to care. If you are involved and working this business, that is what you are approving of.

Help me out here please...who is Skilling?

Help me out here please...who is Skilling?

I am sooo sorry...I was trying to think of an Arbonne associate named Skilling. Geez. I think I need a vacation!


You know the Arbots that come here are drive by Arbots. They dump their thoughts run to never come back and discuss their business details to see whether or not they measure up the pyramid/unethical structure. They clearly don’t read the post before making a comment. It’s almost like their comments are cut and pasted with a different name each time just like the Arbots that wrote to the FTC using the same comment letter. I read the Arbot FTC letter and it is not very well written yet the Arbots still put their name to it even if it makes them look bad. It seems there is no thinking at all with these people.

Check out this fraud investigator. She seems to be snooping into Arbonne to see what she can find. She also has been hitting Mary Kay pretty hard too.



Check out this fraud investigator. She seems to be snooping into Arbonne to see what she can find. She also has been hitting Mary Kay pretty hard too.



sorry about the double take.

50BMG, hopefully some of the Arbots you described will see the truth before it heavily indebts them. We all see them come aboard this board and others to spout their wisdom about the opportunity. Who would have ever thought that "Bernice", whoever she is, would have reversed her opinion on what's going on?
I, for one, am glad she did so she can pursue an employment opportunity where she can really earn money.

Eric Cooper

AR, go back to your Arbot world and spout your nonsense, cause I don't think you will get too many listeners here!


The wonderful thing about Arbonne is that it's not just about great products, it's also about great people. The Arbonne family is made up of thousands of individuals working to make their dreams come true.

AF....make me hurl.
The Arbonne family is made up of 1000's of great people who would screw their neighbor in the parking lot of a church to turn a quick buck.


Everybody I come in contact with loves the Ginger Citrus Sugar Scrub. It is such an incredible product! The Sugar Scrub gives us all a fresh feeling so we can beat this end-of-summer heat. I begin all of my Presentations with this fabulous product on one arm. Wow, it really gets their attention!

Eric Cooper

Ah it's halloween so it must be Arbot troll time!!!

denise woods

I'd like to know more about the AIRD headquarters and the comment that Arbonne's products are not exclusive.

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