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August 19, 2006



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Margaret Iverson

I am a user of the Arbonne products, and love it. and my friend who is a Rep. never had any problems with the company.

 Marg I

I am a user of the Arbonne products and love it, my friend is a Rep, and never had a problem with the company.

People will find something wrong with any MLM company. just enjoy your products.

Lisa Keone-Teeter

Like some of you - I left Arbonne because it was too difficult to promote or make any money and the customer dissatisfaction was a nightmare. I wanted to work from home to make money - not give away the farm like I was with Arbonne. I feel so bad for all those reps from Arbonne that lost money and VP's that had to file bankruptcy and lost everything since the company lost their focus - on the consultants that make the company. Shame on Arbonne for letting their reps down. I was lucky - I got out before checks started bouncing, incentives were changed, and specials were recalled (I got an email saying it was a mistake on their special pricing promo in December right before they filed Bankruptcy to reorganize)

I was lucky when Votre Vu came my way just as I was getting ready to throw the towel in with Arbonne after 4 years.That was in June of 2008 right before the huge Arbonne mess came to a head.

So, If you are looking for high quality skincare from France - look at Votre Vu. If you are from Arbonne and looking for a truly rewarding business that pays each week, recognizes it's reps efforts and values it's reps - I would love to have you join my team. I have a lot of former Arbonne consultants on my team across the USA and they are so happy I approached them and not in a creepy way. I was never comfortable with the high pressure sales Arbonne trained us on. Votre Vu is different - we simply offer samples and offer the opportunity. That's it. No stalking - no pressure. We don't believe in that and we discourage that technique.

It's affordable (less expensive in some cases than Arbonne) and huge results immediately. Plus the business opportunity actually earns you money to live on. Huge plus in my book after the Arbonne fiasco. Celebrities are loving the Votre Vu products and no returns in 1.5 years since I started with Votre Vu. That speaks volumes to me cuz it means I am not fixing mistakes by corporate. Our CEO is amazing and is taking this company to places skincare companies in direct sales have never been.

If you want to test drive the products - go to www.votrevu.com/workfromhome and fill out the information request with your skin type. I will send out right away. I want you to love the products like I do and so many other's do. Votre Vu is a refreshing change in the skincare industry. This is truly spa quality skincare direct from our family owned lab on the outskirts of Paris and have won many awards for our products.

To Great Looking Skin -
Lisa Keone-Teeter
Definately watch all the videos on my website to get an idea of what Votre Vu's family is all about
(617)359-7788 Office




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