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August 28, 2006



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Someone deleted a lot of conversations on this blog because I have seen many blogs that have rebutted information and a lot of blogs that corrected misleading and incorrect information that is posted here about Arbonne and they use to show up but now they are ALL gone. I am wondering where all the comments went? I guess this is a bias blog? Just keeping and showing a select few. I have a problems with blogs that take out comments because they are oppossing opinions,experiences or facts. If you are looking for information about Arbonne I would not stop here and take the opinions of a few as end all. Take into consideration what they experienced with Arbonne but also do your own research into the company, you will find that the products are excellent and system is doable but it's not for everyone and it is not a get rich quick and easy system. Look into their website and find out what exactly you will need to promote your business. There is more than one way and it does not need to cost thousands. Do not take just one persons word, again research, research and research some more before investing any money.


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barbara detzi

I am a consultant and find what you say to e vey upsetting. Please email with spicifics about the xcompany before aI become any more involved.

I would appreciate your promprt reply. The last thing I need is to become involved with anther disreputable business. I've had enough of that nonsence.


Barbara Detzi


These comments are from so long ago- I don't even know how I stumbled in here. Arbonne has de-registered the offenders that took advantage of the system and they are no longer with the company. Additionaly, Bob Henry is also no longer with Arbonne effective, August, 2008. Looks like the "Pretty Face" of Arbone Rita Davenport isn't just a pretty face. She truly cares about the compnay and the consultants, no matter what you may think.

Bob P.

Bob Henry is a greedy person who weaseled his way into control of Arbonne through his relationship with Harvest Partners. And now his deeds have caught up with him. He needs to keep his hands out of another employee's pants. Just like he was doing at Mannatech, Bob was having an illicit relationships with Bettina Simon. This time it got him fired. Too bad, Bob.


Just trying to get to the end of this post.


Dear Jennifer,
You are correct, a lot of the offenders are now gone but the fact is they were identified almost 2 years and both Bob AND Rita chose to turn the head and look toward the profits. There were so many chances for corporate to clean things up before sales took a nose dive, but blatant policy violations were ignored. So many people can't be making up their stories. I talked to a gal in Manhatten who told me there is still a team there who will only work with your if you place an opening order for $3000. There's no doubt Rita cares about Arbonne, but where was she when good people were being mislead. Bob Henry was just plain bad news. Hopefully for those still building a business (using the Six for Success Plan and developing a client base vs selling RE 9 sets) that Candice will come back and help turn the company around.

RE: packaging

My wife was in Arbonne for about two years. She made decent supplemental money for a while.

The packaging is what I could not get past. It is so ridiculously cheap and yet you're asking for a premium to buy the product! That's why I knew it really wasn't product-based; it's just a pyramid model. If you're okay with that, then you can probably be successful. I wouldn't be able to do it with a straight face.




No comments since 2006, what happened?

Barbara Reeves

My daughter is a RVP and loves her downline or the people who she works with. The company is awesome, remember people in the 80s who yelled and bit.... about networking companies..well they are still waiting for their ship to come in..and missed it..well our ship is all afloat and doing great, the owner of this site has her own line of skin care..ya think, she is prejuce or tryin to sell her own..stuff...read between the lines..its interesting and i bet the bad mouthers of Arbonne never made it past DM...ya think thats thier real issure..I Do


Amway...everyone called it a pyramid..well my friend got in Amway in the late 80s and today i think she is on a cruise to Greece on Amway money....research the company,,,Arbonne International is awesome, and not a pyramid..is Avon and Mary Kay pyramids..ya think..they are also awesome...network marketing companies


Heavy sigh......I am the creater of this blog. I created it a few years ago and don't give much thought to it anymore except that my daughter and I were discussing something and the MLM biz came up and she asked me if I still kept this blog up. SO I thought I would check it out. I no longer maintain it in case you were wondering. But no, I do not sell anything else nor would I as I know that MLM is not a business plan that promotes integrity. As I have said before....I have a very happy life. Just trying to make sure everyone has the opportunity to hear the other side of the business...you are either the screwer or the screwed once you hand over your $2K. And Barabra, MLM is nothing but a pyramid; don't try to kid yourself. It doesn't matter if you make a lot of money if you've screwed over your friends and family to make it. You people who think your life would be so much better if you could only make more money are fooling yourselves. Take stock of your lives and decide who YOU want to be and not what everyone else expects you to be.

The people marking your response will not always be as expert in your field as you are. Procurement departments are there to manage the process, and so one day are purchasing legal services, the next may be buying fleet vehicles. No one can be an expert in all areas.

Pamela Ibanez

I've been with Arbonne for a little over 3 years, and have clients and consultants in the US, Canada & UK. Despite the issues that Arbonne has, I still believe in what the company stands for, and that the company culture is not beyond repair. When I start a new consultant, I do not encourage front loading, I offer to do their launches with them, using my products, so they can take advantage of all the specials/offers for their business products. When they ask me what they should order, I always tell them to get things they know they need and will use personally. My business is growing slowly and consistently, and I'm OK with that, because I feel like I'm doing it right. Fingers crossed that the new Arbonne CEO, Kay Napier, can do some quick damage control and set Arbonne on the right path, bringing the company back to its roots.

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Wow ... I wish I could read the original thread because this is all very interesting. I'll be honest, I am an Arbonne consultant (about 2 months green)and consistently researching everything I can about the company and it's products (can any one tell me where they get their ingredients from?). Nothing in this blog surprised me though; I learned a long time ago what the corporate world was like and what you all have described is 99.9% of all the corporations in existence. Money=greed most of the time, and especially when you make as much as the "big" guys at the top do. Unfortunately this is reality. I do have a conscience which is why I intend to run my business honestly (ie. not lying to customers about policies, opportunities, ingredients, etc) and I know I probably won't be as successful that way, but it's no different from any of the jobs I have come from in the past.

Arbonne sells products; they will do AS LITTLE as possible to maintain their status on the market, and only improve on it if they can profit enough from it. And actually they did fix the RE9 dispenser issues and reformulate the RE9 line (I would assume to compensate for the reaction issues?), albeit how many year later? But there are still a great many people who enjoy their products immensely and continue to buy them, myself included, so they are not a scam, nor are they any more corrupt than any other corporation.

If you really want to attack corporations, I would recommend SOME (not all, there are legitimate ones) of the larger charities like cancer research; these are corporations in disguise who offer nothing but false hope and receive more money than Arbonne or Avon or Mary Kay or any other corporation ever will. I personally know three people who have cured themselves of their cancer through natural remedies without chemo or any pharmaceutical drug.

Unfortunately, "naive" applies to us all in one way or another.


Lol, I just noticed that I only read the first page (which is what responded to). It then took me about 20 minutes to finally get to the most recent page ... perhaps that's why there hasn't been a vibrant debate going on since 2006? I realize this blog isn't being maintained anymore, but Cat, if you happen to check on us again, is there anyway that you can forward people to the most current page when they click on your link? That way the conversation is current ;)

I realize now that my points have already been made and countered, although I haven't read the ENTIRE blog (it would take me a year!), I will add to my last comment.

Mine and other's views on corporations may be pessimistic, and while it is important that people stand up to corruption, I do believe it is ultimately a losing battle. Every battle won spawns three more worse than the first. Criminals learn and they learn fast. I believe that corrupt corporations took control of the world and it's workings a long time ago because beyond money, they want power. Governments around the world are puppets put in place to make us, the people, feel like we still had a modicum of control in our lives. And the only reason they haven't completely taken over, is that it's a gradual brainwashing process; you can't completely dis-empower people all at once as we still value our freedom and would revolt (bad for business!).

I am not hopeless though and I do believe we are responsible for what we do as individuals. But I believe that God is the only cure for corruption and I believe that we are put on this earth to learn the true extent of satan's power (as experience is learning) before we will be welcomed back into the house of God.

I know it sounds like i'm rolling over (and maybe I am), but I believe my efforts are best applied to those around me, I don't believe for a second that I can save the world. I believe actions speak louder than words, that those use what they have for good are the ones making a difference. I believe that sincere intimate conversations are more effective than public conferences (in quality, not quantity). I'm not saying that we shouldn't share our experiences, but I'm not so sure that these worldwide blogs are the way. I find the internet is full of opinions, but facts are very hard to find, and even harder to verify. Blogs, and individual websites just seem to make the fog thicker. People read and assume. It appears that this particular blog has been very effective in referencing facts, however now it's outdated and not fulfilling the purpose it was intended for.

For example: I actually had a customer do her own "research" (which I encourage) who read the first few entries of this blog (from back in 2006) and decided she no longer wanted anything to do with Arbonne because it was referred to as a scam. When I tried to discuss it with her, she wasn't interested in my facts, only others opinions. She even went so far as to assume that the "pup" program actually had something to do with live puppies. I had never heard of this as my upline calls them demo bags ... the point is, there's an over saturation of information. People get lazy and decide it's too much effort to educate themselves which is when they get ignorant.

Round and Brown

conscience which is why I intend to run my business honestly (ie. not lying to customers about policies, opportunities, ingredients, etc) and I know I probably won't be as successful that way, but it's no different from any of the jobs I have come from in the past.


i love arbonne products, what are you guys talking about. Everyone i know who used it swear by the effectiveness of the product. You think said that the beginner consultant will have to spend more than 10 hrs. a week and it sounded bad for you. Well, how much time does a regular working personnel does each week, 30-40!!! This is not a get rich quick, like anything else in the world, you have to work hard to earn what you deserve.

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