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August 28, 2006


Eric Cooper

From the brochure again (available in pdf format at www.harvpart.com). cuzican said she talked to this fellow

Christopher D. Whalen
Senior Associate
Chris joined Harvest in 1999. Prior to joining Harvest, he worked as a Financial Analyst at Lehman
Brothers in the Global Mergers & Acquisitions Group specializing in corporate finance and mergers
and acquisitions, in North America and Latin America. He has an AB degree in Economics and
Government from Dartmouth College.

Eric Cooper

Harvest Partners – Investors

Harvest has Substantial Capital from
Western European Firms and U.S. Institutions
We have approximately $1 billion under management. Our capital has historically come from major
Western European financial institutions and industrial firms. In recent years, we have added
significant capital from major U.S. institutions such as public and private pension funds, insurance
companies and leading banks. Several of our limited partners and investors also have an active
role in Harvest’s multinational and domestic investment program. Our investors have the ability
to provide substantial additional capital for transactions that Harvest sponsors.
Asea Brown Boveri (ABB)
A $24 billion worldwide leader in the manufacture and marketing of electrical power
generation equipment. Executive offices are in Switzerland and Sweden.
BNP Paribas
BNP Paribas is one of the world’s largest commercial and investment banks with assets of
approximately C700 billion. BNP Paribas is headquartered in Paris, France.
Deutsche Beteiligungs AG
DBAG, the private equity partner of Deutsche Bank, is a leading private equity group in Germany.
Harvest has a joint-venture relationship with DBAG for U.S. and multinational buyouts and
growth financing.
Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein
Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (DrKW) is the investment banking business of Dresdner
Bank AG within the Allianz Group. DrKW provides strategic advisory and merger and
acquisition services, as well as capital market and other financing products, to European
and international clients. Allianz has nearly C7 billion in private equity investments.
Nord Holding
Nord Holding, headquartered in Hannover, Germany, is a private equity firm with C250 million
under management. Its focus is on MBOs, growth financings, and pre-IPO financings for
German Mittelstand companies. Its investors include major banks and insurance
companies from northern Germany.
Venture Capital Investors B.V.
VCI is Harvest’s first joint-venture partner; in 1975 it provided capital to funds we still manage. A
specialty private equity investment firm, VCI was the key link in the extremely successful
acquisition of NKF from NV Philips. VCI is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Eric Cooper

Sorry just a little more. Here are the Ameruan investors that HP uses to buy companies

Selected North American limited partners.
Abbott Capital Management, LLC
BancBoston Capital
CIBC World Markets
General Electric Capital Corporation
Liberty Mutual Life Insurance Company
National City Capital Corporation
New York Life Capital Partners
PNC Equity Management
PPM America
Portfolio Advisors, LLC
Pacific Corporate Group, Inc.
Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America

Other limited partners include several public and private pension funds, foundations and other funds.

Here is what HP says about themselves:

Harvest Partners
Commitment, Creativity and Common Sense
Each company and each transaction is unique. Each has its own opportunities and challenges.
Harvest brings creativity and flexibility to the initial transaction and to the continuing
development of the business.
We have a reputation for common sense and good business practices. We balance the “big picture”
with proper attention to the details, always keeping an eye on the ultimate business
objectives. With this approach, combined with sensitivity and integrity, we can resolve even
the most difficult business issues.


Then remind them of that statement when you call!


I would also recommend sending them a copy of Stian's letter & the one that Bob & Rita sent out afterwards. This could be an example of all the double talk & manipulation that is going on in this co.

Please Do Your Own Research

I thought that Cat was going to post Stian's letter and Bob and Rita's letter but I know she's been busy taking care of her husband. Does anyone else have those letters? Thanks again!


I would so love to see a copy of Stian's letter, can you please post


Well you know I have talked with Stian on 3 different occasions but he has not done a damn thing for me yet. I have proven so many things for them but they have done nothing. He always sounds nice but to be quite honest, HELPLESS!!! Why can't we all ban together and go at them together.

Eric, why does Arbonne go to your VP when you file a complaint before they respond to you? That really is maddening. Has everyone filed complaints with the BBB, FTC and the AG? That is a great start but what can we do after that. We are not the only ones that agreed to a contract, Arbonne did too. They have not kept their end of the bargain and it has cost me a lot of money not to mention the stress of all this crap. If they are not going to make everyone play by the rules and the law then they should have to make it right by the ones who have spent years building their company but will not break the law. There has to be a law that protects people like us from this kind of stuff. Does anyone know what else we can do as a group? I would be willing to investigate our options if I knew what to do.


I would love to ban togehter and bring justice to this for the HONEST, hardworking, trustworthy individuals! My cousin, Burgundy, along with our downline, six of us in total plan on writing, calling and emailing Christopher Whalen of HP as well as Micheal DeFlorio and we are going to be as sincere as possible in asking for our transfer, full refund, and reprimand for the corrupted consultants who thought they could still away our dreams! Then we we DO get what we're asking for we are going to take out ads warning individuals to be aware of the get rich quick Arbonner's. If Chris and Micheal can't, don't or won't help us we will petition our AG, along with the FTC until SOMEONE rectifies this injustice!


--sorry, it's supposed to say 'when we do'

Shawna & Burgundy

As a group we need to FLOOD them with letters and emails and phone calls - if we can afford that. We need to state facts that came from Arbonne's P&P and proof, they can't turn another cheek to us...

Eric Cooper

The reason that Arbonne talks to your VP about your complaint is the same reason judges and juries have to hear from both sides in court. The problem happens when the VPs after being told that this matter is confidential, simply ignore that request from Arbonne and blab away!


WORD to everyone---when you call HP do not be cordial---be blunt & road blockish. Let them know that you hold all of the ace cards & have so many unbeliebvable rights as a consumer & by being duped by law breaking VP. I told them that I had already contacted the IRS because I have a special connection since my husband has been working overseas for the past 17 yrs. & that seem to grasp their attention more than anything I had previously said. I told them that my husband was prepared to spread the word internationally since he is a mega super star in Japan, Korea, Australia if they didn't give us a full refund for all monies & time invested into Arbonne----lo & behold it happened. Negative media attention---they do not want it so if you tell them your plan then they will give in & give you what you want. Then we can all decide id this had affected us emotionally, physically, monetary, etc. I have the best lawywe for that so let's get this part done & then......


I cannot find Stian's original letter right now but here is Bob & Rita's response. It basically says ignore what Stian said and keep frontloading!

Dear National Vice Presidents,

We have heard you! Stian’s letter titled “NVP Compliance Letter” sent out June 30, 2006, may have caused some unintended confusion and concern. We are in the process of developing a formal communication that will address your questions and concerns.

In the interim, we do not wish for you to feel you cannot operate your business as you have in the past in regard to the REsults approach. Please continue to move forward with integrity, ethics and common sense. We encourage you to continue growing your business in accordance with our existing policies and procedures.

Bob & Rita

Eric Cooper

I agree with cuzican in regard to media attention. It was only after another poster , "blastingpowder" went on here and elsewhere in regard to finding and publishing home and business numbers for AIRD and personally calling AIRD, that all of a sudden(LOL!) Rita, Bob, Candee Keefe and I forget who else, show up in Switzerland for a photoshoot and it ends up in a newly created section of the Arbonne website



I'm done with the money part so I don't have to worry about that right now but I have to tell you that the E&Y award really bothers me (as I have mentioned before) as I know someone that is amazing that has won an E&Y regional award before - so it sickens me for BH and this person to receive similar recognition. I am happy to be a part of the letter writing with y'all anyway but I am contacting E&Y as well. I think if they really start looking into it and feel some heat too that award could possible be revoked and better yet make sure he doesn't win the National award in Nov. in Palm Springs. It says Jay Leno is Master of Ceremonies and Deborah Norville is a panelist moderator for a panel discussion. There's some names for you. Can you imagine somehow showing Leno about this and hearing him make jokes about these scam artists... And who knows, if you tell H/P that you are contacting E&Y, that could help too - you never know. One of the interesting things abouth the E&Y is that some of the judes are in the media per their web site.

Has anoyone contacted local media outlets? I would think they would want to protect their community from a scam like this....

Here's another questions for Eric - ever since I joined in 05 I was told they were going international any day - they kept making it sound like it was seriously tomorrow. Telling people to start making their connections and this is really the time and its going to explode, blah blah blah. First it sounded like Mexico and then they started talking about Europe and someone even "slipped" and said England. First of all, why on earth would there be a market in Europe when their skin care is so great to begin with and second is there any truth to this at all. It all seems like a crock to me now. I kind of did believe it since there are so many materials in Spanish but seriously, will it ever happen? I hope not.


Cat, You've been quiet lately. I hope everything is ok with your husband's health & recovery.

Hogwash Seeker


First, let me commend you and let you know, you are amongst friends here. We appreciate all you've provided us with and we are with you, on your side and will fight for you if it is ever needed. Thanks for all you do.

I only came in Arbonne with 2-3 kits and used the $100/20 to gain my others. Once I had seven, our NVP held the vital conference call...we had to do away with pups due to Stain's letter. Everybody was like, "what the heck?", we just bought these kits that you told us to...and now we can't use them? She was quick to act like she NEVER told us to buy them...then recovered by telling us all to continue to use them until they run out, then buy new kits and hand them out with sample packets. From what I understand, there was a letter way before the June one telling us to stop pups, but the NVP's just start to glaze over the directive so that folks are still buying in with the kits. Needless to say, I quit selling months ago and now have a closet of A-crap to get rid of. I'd be happy with selling on eBay, but oh my...for having other understaffed depts., Arbonne seems to have a fully staffed eBay investigative dept! Everyone I know has been shut down, or threatened with loss of thier consultant ID. I bought in Feb/March 2006, do I have a shot at a return of all aids/products?

Love this board, love this disucssion. I found it just before I became a DM (which I will lose this month), and it help to deprogram me.


Has anyone else noticed that the pro-arbonners have been silenced once Eric came on and validated what everyone has been saying....


hogwash: go ahead and sell on Ebay. Mary Kay tries to threaten their consultants for the same thing, but it's incredibly easy to do.
Just give the products to one of your friends to sell for you. Voila. Cannot be traced to you, and you get whatever money you can recoup.
Happy Ebaying.

Eric Cooper

Thanks lurkerloo, I hope that the Arbots HAVE been slienced. But I think that you and other consultants/former consultants have equally contributed immeasurably to the discussions here.As far as international business, that is not at all an overnight venture and I think the problem lies in the immediate expectations of many consultants and overselling by the VPs. The company did announce in 2005 that they would be going international "soon". Well, I have found from experience speaking to the average consultants, that the word "soon" can mean next month. Then the overzealous VPs probably kept harping on it at every meetng
so the expectations were high,

But in reality it would probably take three to five years under normal circumstances for a company like Arbonne to establish itself in several international markets. This is due to the fact that MLM business model is not very well established overseas and the laws concerning that business model as well as for skin care, cosmetics and nutritional products are very different and some possible reformulation would be required. In addition, satellite corporate offices, call centers and distribution centers would have to be built in each in country (or in the case of Europe perhaps regional offices etc.

All that takes a LONG time, needless to say. But last I heard, the "going international" idea was placed on the back burner and Canada will be the only international expansion for now.

Eric, I understand that Arbonne needs to talk to the VP when a complaint has been filed but what I meant was, why do they call the VP before they respond to the one making the complaint. In most cases Arbonne never responds to the one making the complaint, the VP does and that just isn't right. In my case that is what my VP has been banking on. She is one of the VPs that has been around longer than most so she has some personal connections in VP support that do some under handed stuff for her. I filed one complaint that was totally wiped out because one of her friends intercepted it. Now how is anything suppose to get changed with that kind of stuff happening? I believe there is more of that going on than anyone (Stian) wants to believe.

Eric Cooper

in reply to the anonymous post about VPs (Sept 4th), I would write a postal letter addressed to:

Stian Morck
9400 Jeronimo Rd
Irvine, CA 92618

and in it I would detail as much as possible everything you have said here. Dates when you called or emailed Arbonne and exactly what your VP did and said. Also tell him that,as a consultant, you deeply resent your VP handling this situation instead of him and the compliance department handling it and the fact that VP support was intercepting it, if that is what you are charging (I wasn't quite clear about whether you meant VP support was intercepting and deleting your complaints)

Eric Cooper

From the "Oh Brother!" department--I just saw a post on a pro-Arbonne board (the WAHM's one) that was complaining about orders still NOT in the picking and packing status, apparently due to more computer glitches on Friday. Here we go again!

When I was there, every month they would promise that the glitches would be fixed--

Please Do Your Own Research

For those who know more about MLM laws - how serious is taprooting? Does it in essence create a pyramid? And why was my upline so bent on putting so many people "down deep" under me, telling me that they were helping me? How exactly was it helping THEM?


We're investigating Arbonne as a new side biz to build a little secondary income. I understand the issues w/ used pups - and agree. Who would want a used set anyway. But I've yet to see any negative posts on the quality of the products. It seems like a new sales technique would solve all of the problems. Arbonne, like a lot of successful growing corporations, seems to struggle to find the balance between traditional large corporation and loose knit band of independent sales force. Are any of the other health/beauty/wellness MLM's any better or worse?

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