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August 28, 2006



Hey guys, I have those letters. They've been emailed to me twice! Sorry! I'll get them up tomorrow. My husband had surgery and I'm not on my computer (which is where they're saved). Cat


what about the letter that was sent out last september ...the original one warning of the used sets/results approach...
anyone know anything about this??

Please Do Your Own Research

Thanks Cat, I hope your husband is doing ok!


Ruben1, Keep your fingers crossed....I know I received that email straight from my upline....but, I will have to find it. Unfortunately, I don't remember saving it into a Word Doc like I have most other Arbonne email stuff. I was so excited when I got it though because I was still somewhat on the fence (that was way before this blog). And that letter was a good thing!...or so I thought. Turns out that it was just more smoke and mirrors.

My husband is doing great, but he's not one to keep still. And when you have over 100 stitches in your chest and back, it's kind of a good idea to sit your ass down and relax. He's already ripped one set and the doc threatened to keep him in the hospital if he couldn't stay in bed. So I'm at home practically sitting on him (which, thankfully, he doesn't seem to think is a bad thing) and those letters from Stian are saved on my work computer....only because I downloaded them on my lunch break, of course. I'll email them to myself tomorrow...on my lunch break.


I hadn't seen this posted yet, just wondering if you all had heard about the future movie coming out about MLM.


The trailers look hilarious!


Oh my gosh Cat! Youve got your hands full! Men sure hate the hospital and will do anything not to be there. Threaten him with their bland food!

Eric Cooper

Sorry, I was at school all day and part of the evening yesterday, so I am just now catching up. Many thanks to Cat if she can post those letters. AND I wish your husband all the best in the world and hope that he gets well real quick. To answer the anonymous question from Wednesday about whether the NVP/RVP would be told who snitched. It would, I think depend (as others have alluded to)on whether that NVP/RVP was will known by upper management (that includes Stian). If so, then your name will probably be reported to them. My favorite Arbonne products are the daily shampoo and the BEfore Sun 30 SPF sunscreen. Under the old management, we, as employees would be able to choose 5 free products every month. Under Bob Henry, we got a 50-60% discount but I never wanted to give the new management any money so I have been using other brands, which I am finding are quite acceptable. Arbonne's products are good in some cases but they are not overwhelmingly the best of all time and the are, like all MLM stuff, way overpriced.

Believe The Movie LOOKS GREAT!! Can't wait to see it!


does this movie make fun and show the truth of mlm or is it going to be a tool for those in an orange fog to use to recruit..

Eric Cooper

Well I looked it up on the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com) and it has a release date of 2005 with no further information on past, present or future showings. It definitely is anti-MLM. Hopefully it is headed for DVD release.It appears to be an independent production.


I'm reading the blog and a question came up. Recently I've heard about the FCC wanting to change the rules on how MLM's do business, mainly a 7 day waiting period for new consultants and providing lawsuits on specific companies. Does this mean that Arbonne may have to comply with this if the ruling does go into effect? I ask because I have a friend who's a current rep considering not renewing because of something that's going on with her upline. She's wondering if Arbonne has someone from the FCC in their pocket to stop this?

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore

Chris, if it passes, it will affect every MLM across the board. I don't know if it has a chance of passing, or if it will be enforced. Sometimes these laws are only to use against someone who's already under investigation or prosecution, but people aren't outright arrested on it.

The people at the top of MLM's also have plenty of money to be throwing at lobbyists to get bills like these dropped, so it hasn't necessarily gotten out of committee or anything yet. I did see a letter that I believe was sent to Arbonne VP's? Or it could have even been a Mary Kay thing, but the company was asking these people to both comment on the suggested bill (there's a process for comments at the end of the suggested bill) and write their representatives to expound upon the hardships this bill would create.

Sorry if this doesn't help you much, but it's what I know.


I saw a scripted letter that was supposed sent to Arbonne NVP's to send to petition. It was actually kind of funny. I hope it passes (the waiting period that will be required will be enough time for people to do adequate research and not let MLM eople take advantage of the inital excitement). It also will make consultants show the real earnings (substituting costs, inventory buying, etc) which will put a stop to people saying they make $30k a month, because we all now know there ain't no truth to that!

Eric Cooper

Arbonne and all the other member companies of the Direct Selling Association or as I call them, the "Direct Scam Association" have been asking their distributors to do some extensive lobbying to try and stop the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) from passing these rules which, if enacted, would fix a lot of the problems. The rules, among other things would impose a 7 day waiting period between the time the distributor application was signed and when it was officially submitted to the company.

Separate sample "here's how to write to the FTC" letters were given out by email from Arbonne--one for VPs and one for everyone else.


The movie is definately not one that mlm'ers will be using at recruitment events. It has not yet made it to theaters and from what I read it will be touring many of the big screens this fall. There is a map on the website that shows where they are coming and you can aid in them coming to your town by helping them advertise.

From what I read it was inspired by Agel. A mlm that sells nutritionals. Their tagline "Sell Soap, Make Millions...Yeah Right"

I cant wait!


oh, Agel - yuck. There is a whole group of women pushing Agel around here lately - toting it as the next big thing. I actually think they are getting a rep worse than Arbonne around here very quickly. Talk about pushy! This gal took a little sample out of her purse and wanted me to eat it right then and there. I told her I never take anything without consulting my Dr. and she got all pissy with me saying they have a Dr. on staff and its all safe, etc etc. She was SOOOO mad I wouldn't eat it and then wanted me to make my daughter eat it, no thank you!!!
Does anyone know what "Staying Home and Loving It" is? I have seen a ton of ads for that lately too in local parenting magazines and I can't figure out what the heck it is....

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore


I just searched it. I got hooked into Melaleuca that way. A team from an MLM will form its own "company" that does the websites and whatever. Once you enter your information, they call you and tell you what MLM they actually represent. What you get for signing on through that specific "company" like Staying HOme and Loving it, is the replicated website. I don't know if that makes sense, because I never fully wrapped my mind around it, either, and I wasn't really interested in Melaleuca anyway.


Thanks Lady Swisse. It seems kind of sneaky to me. Oh, that's right, we are talking about MLM's....they are all sneaky in some form or another.


Hey Eric, One more question - how did the execs tell you to respond when people (consultants mostly I would presume) would ask why the BBB rating dropped this summer. That was such a big selling point at the Opp. Meetings, many really harped that it was an A rating and tried to use that to legitimize the business. So I am wondering how they wanted you to respond as it was fluctuating in the B's and C's (as of right now, its still a BB in case anyone was wondering). Did you have a script for that one?


Eric - another question. I am going through my old saved emails today and purging all the crap and remembering some of the shady things I was told. Here is something I was wondering if you could clarify. Many consultants (including my own upline) made the claim loud and clear that Arbonne products were proprietary & exclusive - meaning there was nothing else like it and no other formulas like it. My line in particular would use this type of statement to bash department store lines, saying they are on in the same with different labels. What about the stuff made by Nature's Gate. Are some of the products on ein the same? Do you even know anything about this. I admit I am far from an ingredient comparer, but I have to admit some of the product lines sure seem similar, such as the Acne line and some of the wrinkle treatments. Any thoughts??? Is the proprietary a big lie too?

Eric Cooper

Hi lurkerloo,
Nope , we were not given a script for that one because I never (believe it or not) had anyone ask about it. I think the reason for that lies in the fact that a lot of people at opportunity meetings don't question what they've been told there. So they would not have any reason to look up the rating and see if it has changed. I am not really an ingredient comparison person either. Proprietary simply refers to the way you have combined the ingredients in your formula. In other words your gingko baloba (spelled right?) and aloe combination (if that is what you are doing) must be combined differently and work differently that anyone else's. It has been said of the famous electronics and communications inventor Lee DeForest he had almost more patents and proprietary "inventions" than anyone else in his field. But the WAY he would do that is to merely change one or two wires or tubes around in his gadgets and apply for a new patent, claiming that by changing around two wires , he had invented something new.

I strongly suspect that Pierre with the unpronouncable last name and his cohorts at AIRD are probably guilty of some of that with Arbonne. And maybe other companies are as well.


Huh. The more I look at that Nature's Gate site, the more I think some of the stuff is the same. Such as the anti-aging sun, some of the shampoo's, baby line, etc. I am heading down to my local natural foods store tomorrow to check them out! It sure is a whole lot cheaper (most of it anyway).

Cleaning my emails today I had many blasts from the past - The other thing that happened to me is I had a bit of a run in with some of the upline because they wanted to enroll people under me that I had never met. I kept telling them I wouldn't give them my pin number and they were so pissed at me. I tried to explain that I didn't think that taprooting was ethical - I couldn't believe deep within me that Arbonne the company would be ok with paying me & everyone above me on a consultant I didn't recruit on my own. I felt that this was clearly outlined in the P&P manual under Enrollment Manipulation. This is one of the things I complained to corporate about (someone like you Eric). I was encourgaged to file a complaint with compliance. Which I did. I was assured it would be kept confidential but within 48hrs my NVP called me (she had NEVER personally called me before this) to have a love fest talk on the phone - all about being one team, helping each other, doing what I am told and staying trainable so I can be as great & successful as her, etc. Ugh, its all so pukey now!

I also found some emails encouraging everyone to sign up their husband and put everyone under him so you can be paid double bascially. A lot of people on our team did this. And of course they said that it was absolutely ethical and look at all the other NVPs and ENVP that do it. And there sure are a lot of them. And I found another email encouraging to recruit people in the airline industry as they felt they were desperate for a "Plan B". How sad that I ever bought this B.S. I actually cleared so much crap out of the study today, all catalogs, flyers, books, training cds, etc and my recycle bin is jammed pack for pick up! My husband was so excited to see a big empty space in the study when he got home tonight.
I also found an email from the RVP refusing to explain the Performance Account as she said it was irrelevant & not pertinent to how we do our business. Of course now I know that it actual hurts her volume if people think they need more to maintain that they really do. There was also many emails about the medical claims and the anti-mineral oil, although I do have to say that some time around April or so they did seem to clean up their act with that. I guess they were getting busted.

What a fun day of cleaning for me and a stroll down memory lane.... But it feels SO good to get all of that crap out of my house!


well just an update..have called pp department all last week ..still no response..have been trying to ask one question since may 13..and I dont want to send an email till I can chat with someone who knows whats going on...so Eric these are the questions maybe you can shed some light...
1. have they ever let anyone be moved to another sponsor and take the downline with them and if so what were the circumstances..i just want to see if I fall under hardship..
and 2. can you take just some of your downline..I say this because my upline did get to one person and they are totally brainwashed and probably won't move...


Hey Ruben, Stian's direct # 949-460-1102. Give him a call on Tues but don't count on gettin' moved 'cause they would rather you leave than try to do anything to help you. He will probably tell you he wants to hear all about it but that's all he/Arbonne will do so you probably need to get a plan B.

Please Do Your Own Research

Hey Lurkerloo I'm right there with ya. I was told to wait until Tuesday to do "the big return" of all the kits (as I refer to the pups), sample packs, and TONS of brochures and training literature. My husband will be glad when the office is cleared up as well. What a pain and BIG waste of time and energy! But I suppose the lesson was worth it, at least because I can share this with others before they make the same mistake. Your upline doesn't happen to be the Nichols does it? Alot of what you're saying sounds very familiar....

Please Do Your Own Research

Also, I asked awhile back about the AIRD scam that I read about online and was told by my RVP that she brought the question to Arbonne and they would get back to me, but I never heard a thing. I then asked about the safety of the nanosphere technology and was told that this concern was taken directly to Candee and they would be getting back to me any day. That was over 3 weeks ago and, this is just a wild guess, but I bet I won't be hearing from her...what do ya think?

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