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August 28, 2006



I had only 3 sessions in Arbonne, was thinking becoming a consultant. What amazes me is that all he sponsors or rvps keep telling how great opportunity I have because I am attractive, beautiful skin and people will definately buy from me. Number one every 3 times I mentioned I would like to get together for a coffee without a house party and discuss the business, the financial part, marketing, all the important aspects of it, every time they said ofcourse any time. Still have not gone for a coffee o discuss anything. My party I throw for my friend the rvp really rushed to sign me up as a consultant.. I was soo puzzled and thought wait a second what heck is going on, still no coffee or outside meeting. I have put this on hold after she added all the products and came to 798$ AS IF??


This is he way I see arbonne. If you don't have a business mind you will not succeed. An ordinary joblo will not just have parties and succeed. You gotta do your own business plan just like for any other business, research in your area the target market etc. You cannot just depend on friends and family, iT WILL noT WORK that way at all! It is incredibly hard to have this talent , being convincing , almost like a hypnotist. I was so manipulated and excited the first party I went to it was funny. Before I will ever join this company I am going to do a a plan first and research how consultants and managers are doing it. One thing I dont like is that I keep asking the rvp and the girl under her to get together for coffee and discuss this business and she does not go out of her way to do it. I think that they know that I am not stupid and naive and just going to join just like that. If they want to talk business they need treat me like a business woman. Mentioning the corruption and unethical part every job is same way unfortunately that is the reality of this world. I think those people up top are definately going to hell for all the bad harm they have done to people down under, but that is just how the world works ,, the rich have the power over the poorer.. but are they really happy with themselves as human beings... alot is ego.. their egos need to be filled at all times.


Dear Joanna,

I am no longer with Arbonne but with a different company. I would be happy to meet with you in person if we are near one another or virtually if we are not to answer any questions you may have about starting a business in direct sales. I couldn't agree with you more - if you want a business you must treat it like a business.


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