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August 23, 2006



mlmer, what total crap. The "pyramid" may be how all business is structured but atleast if I work for "evil" coke... I know where I fit... In arbonne you can THINK your high up but remember "it is an inverted pyramid" so no one truely knows where they are. Funny how, even with the inverted pyramid, it's still only the top poeple who make money... so I guess a better example of MLM structure is a diamond (and doesn't someone other than arbone have a diamond level)...

money maker
consultant consultant

actually shows the flaws quite well... since there are 2 consultants for that one customer but the money maker still makes the money off of the "middle men(women)"

All MLM is is door to door salesmen without much oversight or thought put in by the company.

Is it the idea of the future? Umm it's actually rather aniquated no matter how you gussie it up.

Mike wrote: "In arbonne you can THINK your high up but remember "it is an inverted pyramid" so no one truely knows where they are."

This is true. I think part of the allure is that everyone in Arbonne is enamored with are the titles they are given and how "quick" you can reach the level of "Vice-President".

Compared to a traditional corporate structure where it can take years of real work to get to the top with a title of VP.

Thus why you have a lot of uneducated people who look at the MLM not only as a quick-get-rich "opportunity" but that it will make them feel important to achieve a title of "District Manager" "Regional Vice President" "National Vice President" as a status symbol.

Even my low-class sponsor whose only job in life was as a Jr. Retail Buyer made herself seem important in the eyes others as she became an "Executive District Manager".
For someone who has never made it in the traditonal corporate structure, or who doesn't have any clue what entrepreneurship is all about, this gives their shaky ego a tiny boost.

And you're right about all those 35% wholesale buyer consultants making up the main bulk of Arbonne's customer base.

Those consultants feed the paycheck of the NVPs.

upset client

I was introduced to arbonne by a proclaim GOD believer in Pembroke Pines Fl.She was married to a great guy and had three children.turns outshe was a liar who could not seem to tell the truth about the products and she had affairs with her male clients distroying her marraige.she needs to be kicked out of the buisness for lying and adultry she is dispicable and disgusting.shes a area manager so sad.

upset client

I was introduced to arbonne by a proclaim GOD believer in Pembroke Pines Fl.She was married to a great guy and had three children.turns outshe was a liar who could not seem to tell the truth about the products and she had affairs with her male clients distroying her marraige.she needs to be kicked out of the buisness for lying and adultry she is dispicable and disgusting.shes a area manager so sad.

welcome to the REAL arbonne, upset client!

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I LOVE ARBONNE! I have loved the products for 16 years and love them even more today. The business is the icing on the cake for me!


Donald Trump does recommend Network Marketing as does Kiyosaki: you can check out their new book and read it for yourself - on Amazon you can search the table of contents (see link below) and if you look in Part 5 you will see a whole chapter dedicated to why they recommend Network Marketing. Too bad you are so narrow minded. Arbonne is a reputable and honest company - there will be people in any business that run amok, and that can not be controlled with a business so expanse as Arbonne - however by large "The Arbots" as you call them, are loving and caring people, just trying to make a living and make a difference.



as I read the posts , I cannot help but see that only the negative aspects of one company are being posted. I have been with an MLM company for two years now, follow the advice of those that have gone before me and WORKED at my business as if owning it. Not only am I successful and have saved my family from what could have been a percentage foreclosure, but I have a team of people , again, WORKING and being successful. To those of you who fail in an MLM business, the reason you did is because you did not WORK your businness to the best of what you could have. And to those of you who believe MLM doesn't work...Read Paul Zane Pilzer , Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. ALL men have said if they had to do it over again they would start a MLM business because the model is brilliant.
On another note, Bob Henry has been retired from the company and they have fixed many of the "issues" that plagued us a year ago.

Wish I Knew Better

I was looped into Arbonne right after the birth of my first child, right after I started a new job and I was emotionally and psychologically fragile. A so-called friend took advantage of this state, and was on my rear every night, not understanding my time constraints. Funny, she dropped the business right after having HER first child. And, having known someone who made the higher levels of this business (and has now dropped it), it really does take 40+ hours a week to be financially successful. She had to get babysitters all the time for her children....so much for "having more time for your family."

I'm in a much more stable job, am very happy, drive a vehicle that doesn't use as much gas as a Mercedes, and I don't have to bug my friends and family to buy products they don't want to use. And, I know what my paycheck will be month to month. Wish I had read these posts before I invested close to $2000 into products, but I WILL send potential Arbonites to this site to read this valuable information.


I dont get it ive read the articles where is the scam!


I am thinking of getting involved with Arbonne - could someone tell me why there is so many detrimental comments on the web about Arbonne for their direct selling approach, and yet no bad things about Rodan + Fields who operate the exact same way?? Help please. Genuine question.


Hi Beverly,

Has anyone answered your question? I would be happy to share with you my opinion. I can be reached at tbkuhn@wideopenwest.com.



Mickey Mouse

I am not sure who this Eric person is, but by reading some of his mispelled gripes about Arbonne I have figured out that he's one who didn't put his heart & soul into the Arbonne business and certainly did not get into it by helping others. There's a complainer in every bunch...but this ones a Looney Toon! Anyone who goes to such great lengths to write a book on a blog page is past help!!!!! People who do blogs have nothing better to do....... Arbonne Rocks!!!!

Full of Regrets

Do NOT do Arbonne. Take it from someone who made it to RVP in only 8 months. Got the expensive Mercedes lease after much pressure from my upline. Hosted and spent over $2000 on a "car presentation" that I am embarrassed beyone belief I was a part of. Watched two of my best friends make it RVP and lose it within 6 months. Had countless numbers of friends and family memebers start avoiding me like the plague. Spent many nights crying myself to sleep because of financial stress, guilt, sadness over how I was treating my kids, fights with my husband, etc. I only partially blame Arbonne and my upline for all of this heartache. At the end of the day, I was the one who made my decisions. I was the one who wasn't strong enough to say no, even though my heart was telling me something wasn't right. I was the one who desperately wanted to quit, but because of how they hook you with the car payment thing, I knew that they had me. It is a sick sick pyramid scam. A few do make it to the top, but I have a very hard time believing that even the ones at the top are happy and blessed. Take it from someone who was there. It's a miserable dark place to be...knowing that you are depending on other people's work and orders to keep you at your level. Knowing that you must continue to smile and "flaunt" your car and act like everything is going great with your business. I hope if you're reading my post, it doesn't come across as bitter, like some of these other posts do. As I said, I blame myself in large part. But, I want to protect and save others from buying into the lies. They really are lies. Do yourself a huge favor and run as fast as you can away from anyone who approaches you about starting an Arbonne business. If you like the products, great. buy them. But DO NOT get involved with this company as a business. I wish I could rewind 5 years and tell my pushy sponsor that yes, I would love to buy that skin conditioning oil at full price. I wish I would never have even signed up as a wholesale buyer. I hope I helped even one person make a better choice than I did.


Dear Full of Regrets,

Wow, that's an aweful story. Where you taught the "buy 4-6 kits and teach others to do the same" or were you taught the Six for Success plan? I was in the buy the kits program and knew lots of people who didn't succeed that way.

In direct sales, it is so important to have a strong customer base, just like if you owned a retail store. And like being a real estate broker, you do need to have other "agents" to help you promote and grow your business.

I am a huge fan of the MLM model, but I am not a fan of misrepresentation of the work involved and the time commitment necessary.

It is such a shame that Rita and Bob and Candice all endorsed the "puppy dog" method and teams that would "require" multiple orders of RE9 sets to get started. There were so many rotten things going and and while the money was pouring in, it was ignored, at least in my opinion.

And a car lease it a bad deal too! I rather just get cash as a bonus.

Good luck to you!


network marketing opportunities

I would also agree to sapphire. I've read that not all network marketing companies scam people. It's not also smart to join an organization without knowing it's objective and background.



When elderly alarm systems first hit the market a few decades ago, they were bulkier, more difficult to install and usually required the help of a trained company technician in order to set them up.

Stephanie Moine

I stumbled upon your site quite by accident. You have put so much time and energy into ``exposing`` Arbonne, why? Why not advance ideas about something more meaningful. They are selling skincare and cosmetics like so many other companies...and using the same marketing tools, so what. The MLM model is what it is. Why this agenda of yours, I am guessing you have some personal story here, sorry if I missed it, I needed to move past all the argumentative posts. I guess you are excercising your freedom of speech. I, on the other hand have bills to pay, work to do and laundry to fold.

Madame Cap

Ladies, that's what capitalism is all about. Don't hate the players, hate the game. My advice: Move to another country.
Cheers ;-)


It's hilarious that there is an entire site dedicated to bashing Arbonne.

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