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August 23, 2006



You ROCK! I wish I was brave enough to post my name on here, but I have several friends still deep within the "orange fog" that I just don't want to risk hurting them. As someone else posted, I truly believe they are good people that are so entrenched currently unwilling to hear anything negative about Arbonne.

I think your site is awesome and will help a lot of people make a more informed decision rather than just being taken in by the hype of the Arbot presentation.

Tip for Posters: keep to the facts visitors will start to see a pattern with all of our experiences. Avoid catty fights with arbots, just helps support their "we're a bunch of disgruntled, unsuccessful people" line they feed their potential recruits who find this site.

Other suggestion:

-Start a new post with Eric Cooper's comments. I think they're too far down the other thread and may be missed. Wow, the plot thickens.

-Have you seen the Stian Morck letters? Is there anyway to post the pdf's here like you did for the Arbonne lab hoax doc?
It just blows me away how right on those letters are, but virtually no consultant have even heard of them because of Bob and Rita's damage control e-mail.


keep me in the orange


by the way where is AIRD my sister and i tried to find it lol

Eric Cooper

You can go here on the Arbonne website (but that will only get you a bunch of PR crap ):


As far as I know it's near a town called Sion.
It is a real place in the sense of they do rent out the building that they are standing in and adjacent to and they do "formulate” things there. I have met Pierre (shook hands and said hi, or "bonjour") back in 2002. Was not that impressed with him as other company big shots seem to be and no one in the company would ever let the field support staff in on all the details of AIRD either. The old and new owners were always so mysterious about it, I suspect because they did not want to let consultants know that they only rent space there, somehow then it would not seem like a real lab I guess.

Unfortunately, that is all I know about it, so I won't be able to answer questions about AIRD.

Eric Cooper

....and yes I have seen the other pictures with the other signs on the building and read the material that our friend "blasting powder" came up with. The company's position on that, as far as I know is
"NO COMMENT"---convenient,huh?

(if some of you have not seen that material look to to your right on the screen here for SWISS LAB HOAX INFO and AIRD)

Eric Cooper

I hope that regardless of pro-Arbonne or anti-Arbonne feelings or our political leanings, that sometime this weekend all who visit this site will take time to remember the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and their families


Hello all. I wish I had found this site before I signed up for Arbonne, $3000, dollars later here I am. All the things posted have happened to me. How do I try to get my money back????


Wow! I found this on the internet and I have a couple of friends who just recently got involved in Arbonne. I am not interested at all in it, but I was curious enough to keep on reading the posts. I just want to caution people that you cannot make a blanket statement that all network marketing companies are out to scam people. It is a legitimate way to run a business and this mode of operating a business is even taught in business school now. Why? Because in order to reach the masses with a new product or idea, word of mouth is the best way. Having someone who's experienced a product or service and letting someone else know how it worked for them is a very smart idea. The problem can either lie in the company's lack of ethics or lack of truth - bad! OR many sales associates get greedy and treat people with a lack of respect or give false hopes or just plain don't know how to work with people properly. Don't forget! ALL businesses must advertise in some way. All businesses must have a budget that pays for it and a high budget it is!! Do you honestly think that a drug company who pays millions for a television commercial about how a colorful, little toxic pill will change someone's life from an aching, stressful, depressed life to one where you are peacefully walking on a beach at the ocean with some rich-looking, gorgeous man is somehow more respectable than an MLM??? Absolutely not. My suggestion is to always do your own due diligence and check out the company, the products, the ingredients and any scientific or professional validation. There will always be an internet blog on something somewhere that is negative. There are even negative things posted about Jesus Christ. So don't believe everything that's written from regular folk even if they claim to be an "MLM watchdog". They are just disgruntled people who have not risen to the 2% who actually make great money with an MLM. I have found a company that IS everything they say they are, are very well validated and have been found on the cover of magazines as well as being listed in the top 10 small businesses of Business Week magazine and just recently in Forbes at #5. I am very grateful that they choose to allow anyone who is willing to work to be paid for it and not hog the profits to themselves. We are helping eachother. This option of Network Marketing truly has saved my family during a horrible time in our lives and we are very grateful for it.

Please Do Your Own Research

Thanks for the post sapphire. Are you in another network marketing company other than Arbonne? You sound like you know quite a bit about it, just curious.


Thats what saphire said... (don't judge them all on arbonne) atleast thats how I read it.

MLM (multi level marketing) is not, I repeat IS NOT taught in school... well OK at ONE school in chicago but thats it. There might be CASE STUDIES on MLM companies but MLM is not taught.

Network marketing and Multi level marketing are different beasts by the way.

Oh and if NWM is the be all and end all of marketing why hasn't coke/wallmart/target/mcdonalds caught on yet? (note it's because it is ONE way to do it but definately not the most efficient or fastest way)

Anyway, I don't like seeing the party line about MLM use these false claims.

Eric Cooper

In my humble opinion, MLM/NWM is a dying form of sales and marketing and will be gone in 20 years, perhaps sooner, except in the rural remote areas of the world, where goods and services are very difficult to obtain


I saw some questions about where ARID is and how to find them. Here is the number to the non existing lab with no employees as Arbonne has stated on their web site under the product knowlege. Who answers the phone? LUDICROUS!
A.I.R.D Arbonne, Institut de Recherche et Développement Torre Fortunato

ch. des Orlons 10
1860 Aigle
Gültig seit: 30.05.2006


* ++41 24 466 40 93


Yes, I do have a successful business that uses the network marketing model. It is a valid way to do business and I am thrilled that the company will pay me to "advertise" to others by word of mouth. I do not co-erse, trick, manipulate or do anything unethical. I answer people's questions to those who are inquiring, let others whom I believe may have a need for the product or service know about it, and if the person wants to go ahead with it, I connect them with the company, if not, I don't and we go on with normal life. Why would anyone have a problem with that?? It is unfortunately because of people who ARE pushy salespeople, or use unethical methods, or work with a company that has problems that it has gotten a bad rap. If you have had a bad experience and you don't like it, then stay away from it, but please don't heap them together and curse them all and everyone that is in them. I treat my business professionally, proficiently. I get paid in direct proportion to what I put in to it. Sounds like the fairest deal to me. :)


You get paid based on what OTHERS put into it (as long as you meet certian levels).

Tell me how that is wrong.

Please Do Your Own Research

sapphire, if you REALLY want to know what kind of a business you are in, read the other post entitled "Eric, So many posters have". Read it ALL the way through, read about the unethical practices that are being allowed by Arbonne's corporate leaders, read about all the people who ARE breaking the law by being a part of the company you are in, read about all the people who's lives have been changed for the worse, whose friendships or marriages have been lost, and try to understand that that is the reason that this weblog is as long as it is, because it is negatively impacting alot of people. This is a very serious matter. Other MLM companies have done the same kind of thing. That is why there is such an uproar and concern by the FTC, the Attorney General, the Consumer Protection Agency, the Better Business Bureau, and many independent "whistleblowers" who have made it their life's work to help inform people about the TRUE nature of MLM and what it does to 98% of the people who get into it at some point. Read this website: http://www.mlm-thetruth.com/mlm_research.htm and see how the majority of the people who are in your downline will have to fail in order for you to make your money. Is that really something that you can enjoy being a part of?

If after reading all of this information and facts you still feel the way you do then you are in denial and there is nothing that anyone can say to you to get you to see differently. In a sense then you are brainwashed because you are not open to seeing the facts even when they are clearly stated. That is scary because there are many others like you who are bringing people into Arbonne and into other MLMs and because they are SO convinced themselves that it is a good thing they are in turn convincing these new people, who will have to find out the hard way down the road what they have really gotten into. No one should want to be a part of that. Please look at the facts of how the majority of people are affected and don't just stay in your own little happy place thinking that because you choose to treat your business in a way that you feel is right, that all is good because the reality is, its not.


I am amazed on the amount of effort you have devoted to this website. The amount of energy and negative at that it has taken. Just imagine if you were to put the same effort into something that was positive. What you think about you bring about and it is unfortunate that you chose to attack Arbonne and stereotype the consultants.

Understand that when you have a company that is growing so rapidly you will have people who are less than honest, but make no mistake, the majority of consultants are people who you should aspire to be like. Arbonne prides itself on not only being a Health & Wellness company, but a personal development company. Some may start off as a dishonest person, but by the end of your journey (NVP) you have become a completely different person. Unfortunately for you, you didn't get the chance because of who you are on the inside. You probably are somebody that blames everybody else around you for your failures...it's never your fault...it's the other person or Arbonne International's fault. So many people who get involved with any MLM quit because they are looking for a get rich quick scheme and then when they fail, they blame. We all as human beings are capable and in control of our own destiny, if actually would have made a choice to be successful with Arbonne, you would have been successful. You chose not to and now you have devoted a lovely websit/blog or whatever you want to call this to bashing a company that you have decided is a scam. You have the right, free speech and all, but your facts are incorrect and you are misleading people. There are so many links that I can attach to this that would show how MLM is a valid business model. We were afraid of franchises in the 60's and now look at them. People fear what they don't know, they naturally resist it and then bash it because apparently it makes them feel good.

Arbonne meets all the criteria that you need to be successful with a MLM and there products are superior, hands down. I was a client before I got involved with Arbonne and that is the case for a majority of active consultants. They give you the free training and the resoures that are unmatched. Maybe you had a bad upline and I am sorry for that, but you my friend are incorrect about the majority of what is written here.

You are the only person to blame for your failure because we all have the power to have whatever we desire in our life, we have to believe it my friend.

I am sorry you experience was bad, mine has been life changing, I am the person that I always knew I could be and I have Arbonne and my upline and downlines to thank for that. There is no brain washing, that is ridiculous and ignorant.

We don't make people start with a big start up orders. In fact I started a new gal this week and she has no money. She paid her $29 and is starting her business with nothing else. I am loaning her items until she gets her business up and running.

Make no mistake the journey has not been without some bumps, but key to success with anything is that you never give up, never. I think you quit before you even started and now you have chosen this forum to make excuses for your failure.

Think about that, seriously. How do you want your life to be going forward, are you going to continue to be who you are now, if so, my opinion is that you will lonely at the end of the day.

You want to change your life and achieve your dreams and goals and actually be a contributor to others go to: http://whatisthesecret.tv/ and watch this movie, it will chnage your life.

I hope you have success in your life.

Krystina Klucking
Arbonne International
Ex. Area Manager/Independent Consultant

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore

Thanks Krystina, but we all know how to read and quote scripts as well. You are a typical cookie cutter Arbot. How does it make you feel to know that you are identical to all the people with whom you associate? I have an extremely fulfilling, Arbonne free life, and I have only myself to thank for that. Now, when I have a few minutes, I try to help and share the Gift that I have given myself with others, so that they may too save themselves from financial and emotional hardships.

The fact that you are incapable of sharing an independent thought shows everyone here that you are not, in fact, a happy and healthy person. You have to tell yourself one liner meaningless cliches over and over ad nauseum just to get through each day. You feel the need to blame people for seeing the truth about this company.

What you think about, you bring about....I took the time to think about what Arbonne really was and I brought about the end of my relationship with them. Yup, it works no matter how you use it.


The sad thing Cat, it is Cat right, is that you don't get it when it comes to the business model or Arbonne. It is not about the volume or the numbers or what level you are in the business, it is what level you are at within yourself. Grow yourself and your business will grow along with you. I haven't quoted or scripted anything, this is my own self discovery and even if it is scripted what is wrong with verbalizing positive affirmations? It has been proven that you can change not only your own brain activity but somebody elses just by the words you say or read. If you are constantly reading or telling yourself or others that you are in control of your destiny, you have the power to do anything you want in this life....there is no doubt, you will be successful in life.

This life is too short, we grow up having people contantly feeding us negative thoughts and constantly telling us that we can't do something or we not good enough, imagine if they would have told us the opposite our entire lives. My Arbonne Team is one of the most respected in the company because we are a team that puts others first, we serve others and I am not talking about Arbonne clients etc...

We write children's books about abuse, we pay for medical bills for people who are suffering life threatening illnesses, we do mission work and we are able to do this because of Arbonne.

The last thing I am going to say on this blog is that Donald Trump was recently asked on David Letterman if he could do all over again, would he be in Real Estate, his answer was, "NO, I would have gone into Network Marketing." The audience laughed at him and he got up and pointed at them and said, "That is why you are sitting there and I am sitting here." Robert Kyosoki and Donald Trump recently wrote a book together and it worth the read because these two are one of the two most respected business people in the World....

Take Care and I wish you the best.


Again I wish you well

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore

One more scripted lie, Krystina. The Donald Trump thing did not happen the way you are trying to pass it off. The interview was several years ago, not recently, at the height of Amway and/or the scandal associated with it. Donald Trump said quite facetiously that if he went broke, he'd just join Amway. It was a very clear joke to actually dismiss the idea of Network Marketing as a viable business option. Nice try though.

See how you look when you can't form an independent thought? Silly.

And what's with all this junk about negativity just for acknowledging the truth about this company.

I'm a very positive person, and I use many of the resources available to me to do good for others.

There is no sense in you categorically writing off 100's (probably thousands) of people who know the truth about this company and the people who subscribe to its absolute lack of ethics as negative, failures, and uninformed. You can't measure a person's success and potential based on the fact that she was smart enough to call this "opportunity" what it is.

You are not speaking from your own thoughts. You are regurgitating the information that has been dumped into your head through countless meetings, rallies, and conference calls. You use language that never would have entered your vocabulary if not for this company. You may desperately want to believe that you are thinking for yourself and making your own decisions, but you are simply a vessel designed to put money into the pockets of people much smarter than you.

I'm sorry for your misfortune in being in such allegiance to this company that you are a complete failure in your ability to control your own life. I hope for your sake that your brain retakes control of itself one day and that you extract yourself from this cult with minimal financial and emotional hardship on yourself, your friends, and those you've brought into this company beneath you.

Eric Cooper

Please go to this site for the truth about the Donald Trump quote:


Eric Cooper



Why does everyone feel sorry for Arbonne consultants? Why not be hapy for the ones who are doing the business ethicaly. When people on this site say they are a positive person, it's not showing. Please read your own post and see the difference from the Ex Manager with Arbonne and other post. I'm not in the fog. I love Arbonne, its not for everyone. But I'm glad I was introduced and making a living. A good living. Thanks


Do you really believe what you are saying?
Are you so clouded by the orange fog that you have lost the ability to have a rational thought of your own?
You might as well be reading from the mlm handbook. I think you may have actually plagerized(sp?)!
MLM is not a legit business model, was not taught at Harvard, is not the wave of the future, will not replace people's normal buying habits, was not endorsed by Trump, and is not creating scores of new millionaires. It is a flawed system made for the few to reap the rewards at the expense of many naive, wishful individuals.
Are some of the people here pissed? Hell yes! They have been lied to and mistreated and you want to tell them it is their fault. You probably don't even realize that you, also, have been lied to and have passed on the lies to others. You are so caught up in the hoopla Arbonne creates, you can't even think straight. I know, for I have seen the glazed over eyes and self-righteous pompasity(is that a word?) the orange fog creates.
The people here are not selling anything and their only agenda is to tell the truth about their experiences and what they have learned about this company. You will find here, no canned responses like the ones you have posted and more honest feelings then anything you will find at an orchestrated Arbonne pow-wow as they brainwash you into their way of thinking. You know it, that rah-rah, we are trying to help people and save them from harmful chemicals b.s. Take a look at the preservatives used by Arbonne and then look at this site: http://www.alkalizeforhealth.net/Ltoxiccosmetics.htm
Have a nice day!

Eric Cooper

The thing that you do not understand are your own words. "It's not for everyone". If that is true, then it is also true that some are going to disagree with you about whether the Arbonne opportunity is a good thing. And it is also the truth that many in fact did get ripped off by your fellow consultants and those that did get cheated and lied to are naturally going to be angry about that.

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