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June 13, 2006



What I think is so funny is that you all act like Arbonne is the ONLY company doing this. I work for a large retailer who likes to play that they are elite, their products are just pieces of crap. The shirts wont last you more than a month, jeans fall apart. I could probably get better quality if I made clothes out of leaves off my tree. ALL COMPANIES ARE SCREWING PEOPLE!! OK, bottom line, that's how you make money, by screwing people. Hotels, amusement parks, drug stores, resturants, EVERYONE! You want to know what it costs a hotel per room, $15 that is it. So why are you paying $100, $200, $300 to stay there?!?! Getting screwed is part of dealing with corporate America, quit your bitchin' and deal with it.

Dear Getting Screwed,

Start your own website about hotels, motels, retailers, etailers or all of the above. This site is to prevent a particular type of screwing from Arbonne consultants. Deal with it.

"wereallgettingscrewed" sounds pretty screwed up.
Like someone who can't make it in the real world and sees things only in black and white. Must be an Arbot bottom feeder.

Also fails to mention all the good that is done by those who adhere to higher ethical standards and make the world go 'round in a better way.

Tsk tsk. Such a negative poster but all who read this site can easily see what the Arbot mindset is all about from posts like that--screw the other guy because it's all about getting screwed. The Arbot duplicatable method eh?

And they say ex-Arbonne consultants are negative. whew!


My DMIL just made DM (I am at the Independent Consultant level). I asked her to tell me the truth - how much has she made so far. She said that she will tell me when she gets her first paycheck (she still hasn't seen one).


In response to the Real Deal....makes perfect sense to me.....

The $$$ in checks is not necessarily from sales of product. You get $25 for signing someone up that makes a purchase of $150....another $25 when they RSVP....another $25 if they purchase again etc. Also....that does not include her take home $$$.

As far as knowing on the 6th of the month what your next check will be.....definitley possible.....you just figure it out yourself. For example...looking at my webstats, I could have told you on the 6th of this month that my check NEXT month will be at least $1200.....but now that I have done a party this weekend and signed 2 more consultants, it will be more.....you see?

Whatever...I know this stuff was posted long ago.....I have to say, I have enjoyed working with Arbonne. I've had fun and made money. I don't do anything dishonest....I don't even deal with an upline...she is half way across the country. I just do presentations and if someone asks to sign up, I sign them up. My husband makes great money, we have no real debt, and I have no need to work or "get greedy"...I have all I could ever want or need. Arbonne is fun to me and I do get shocked that the money is so good considering that I do not peddle it at all. Last month I did not even do ONE presentation, but I had a lot of orders in my inbox for Christmas. I love that!!! My presentation this Thursday will probably result in $1000 RV....so I get $350 to take home PLUS my paycheck...How does that make me a victim???...


I am an Arbonne Consultant. I also happen to be a District Manager. It took a lot of hustle to get here. In fact no one in my up-line prepared me for the work I put in to get to DM. Yes I did work more than 10 hours a week, yes I sacrificed alot. Fortunately I had the time to put into it. Also it does take alot of time and effort to maintain your position as a DM so I'm assuming it will take as much time to maintain my position as RVP. My point is Arbonne is a business. It is not a get rich quick scheme, it has problems and flaws like all businesses. Whether you are working in a corporated environment or own your own McDonalds Franchise you still have to do all the things a business requires to maintain a level of success. Yes I find myself having to go out alot more because of Arbonne, and so what. I'm not dead and I enjoy meeting new people. I am no longer the woman who sits in a chair at a party, I get up and talk to people about what I do, because that's the only way they'll know. I've also begun to realize that when successful people talk about the things they believed in before it came into fruition, no one probably listened and lastly I'm sure they also had to attend networking events and talk people into their dreams, until they found a group of people who grasped the vision and that's what separates the boys from the men and the girls from the women. The products work, I Love them, that's what sold me on the company. Everything else is just what comes along with wanting to be successful... at anything. So for those of us who are not looking for the easy way out and are geared up for the task, be prepared to fight the good fight!


One more thing, I don't sign anyone on in the business who doesn't have the strength to tough it out, I don't want complainers and whiners on my team. I will sign someone up for the discount, because the products are amazing and they'll get 35% off on a high end line. We are not saying that Arbonne is the be all to end all in skin care, but considering the results you get, the portions you get plus a 35% discount.. I'm sorry, I'm a high -end product kinda girl and you just can't beat it.

Not a Hater

He said it looks like, he didn't say she had the 4th month check, and since you know so much about Arbonne, you should know she could calculate her 4th month based on her success lines commission in her webstat's, which is on the Arbonne sit. By the way I made 225.00 at my first month as a District manager I idid it by selling and being a great leader to my team. I can't stand Hater's. I hate to even respond to this juvenile stupidity. All I can say is this get a life get off the web and stop complaining about people who are going out there and trying to change their lives and lives of people. It's not about greed, it's about success overcoming obstacles getting out of your way, the Mercedes is just extra. You folks didn't have what it takes to make a difference to change, so now you complain, you didn't even try. As a leader I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't tell you, your scared of success and it's easier to complain about what everyone else is doing and look for holes in the system, then to look at the mistakes in your own lives and change.. If you want to be successful in Arbonne, go on the site, do the learn and burns get out and talk to people even if they turn you down Keep talking., get motivated, but it's hard to be motivated when you spend most of your time complaining! Arbonne is a 29 year old company not a fly by night kind of thing. It's also a billion dollar company, do you have a billion dollars? It's the first company that's given me the opportunity to get off my butt and do something about my life, unlike the rest of you. I'm taking advantage of it. So go ahead be scared, quit before you begin the race and cover it up by moaning and complaining. To bad you can't make an income off of that, you'd all be millionaires!! Go ahead hit me with you best shot, I'll be off the computer out working my Arbonne business, changing lives, while you folks tear down and destroy them!!


Wow!! SOunds like some people were brought into the opportunity and expected a big bag of money to fall from the sky? Do you also have a blog for all the times you've had a bad experience at Starbucks or anywhere else for that matter? I bet if you put this much effort in to your business, you'd have a success story and less to complain about!

Not every job is for everyone, that's why there are so many options out there, too bad you had a bad experince and couldn't have taken away anything positive from it. Hope you have much success in your current field.

Tomek Kniat

My Wife just recently finished her first month as an Arbonne independent consultant. According to the statement received from the company yesterday she is expecting her first check to be $527.00. She also made about $70 in gross profit on retail sales.

Her upline got a check for $3300+ following her 7th month in this business.

It's a business like any other. It needs work and dedication. I'm very impressed with high percentage of prospects who are purchasing after trying the product. Plenty of training materials available from company's website for anybody who wants to take time to learn and follow through.


Just curious...any of you people heard of this arbonne and beauticontrol lawsuit? i have a crazy lady in town goin around telling everyone that arbonne is going bankrupt. They may have a few querks, but def doesn't look like they're going out of business anytime soon. Anyone heard of this???


My wife took out 7k behind my back to fund her business. Then she hired three people. completely lost her mind with this and I had to file divorce. She was ruining us financially. She got brainwashed by these people

Sorry For Your Troubles

Arbonne is not a scam. It's a legit business.
Unfortunately, people are not always ethical so, being that Arbonne consultants are independent and anyone can become a consultant, you may experience unethical people who will "scam" you. This is true anywhere in any business. Before entering into business with anyone, check them out.
I have been a consultant with Arbonne for nearly 7 years. I've been through the ups and downs, the rumors, some of the issues described on this blog. Through it all, I'll tell ya, it is people that give the company a bad rap. Arbonne's products are some of the best I've tried and the compensation has been ... well, like I've never seen. I've not entered into any unethical practices...just honest hard work...elbow grease. My customers love the products. If they have an issue I do my best to resolve it and meet their needs... Basic customer service. So sorry to hear about those of you who've had rotten experiences with no one to help resolve it with you. I can understand your frustration and wish I could help you have a positive outcome.

A little background (in case you are interested):
I became a discount consultant for $29, simply to get a the products wholesale. I only knew about one product, the balancing cream (Prolief). It had such a major effect on my health, that I began telling my sisters and girlfriends about it and selling my extra containers right out of my purse. I used the extra cash to buy more products for myself...haha...still I couldn't keep enough on hand for myself...word spread and everyone wanted it. I really didn't have time for or interest in doing this as a business. Funny thing, more and more people wanted this one product and then also decided to get wholesale accounts (under me). When I started to receive paychecks from Arbonne, I was shocked...confused....but I didn't complain. While I was out of the country (for a few months) two of my girlfriends decided to start selling "this stuff" absolutely on their own. To my shock, I returned with a massively growing downline and 2 large paychecks waiting for me. I seriously thought this was a mistake. I even called Arbonne to let them know that I had two BIG paychecks from them and was not sure why. Perhaps there was a mix up? This must belong to someone else??? They did a little research, got back to me, and assured me that this was in fact my money. Now my interest in Arbonne really piqued! My husband and I were in full-time (non-profit) ministry, raising support for our efforts and at that particular time we had lost heaps of support and were struggling to pay the bills. Those 2 BIG paychecks were right on time. It was at this time I decided to take a look at the Arbonne business. I'm so glad I did. We are still in ministry and Arbonne has been our primary income for all these years.
Again, with any company, with any business...do your homework...get to know the character of the people with whom you want to do business. Arbonne has been good to us...I only wish all people/consultants would represent them well.

p.s. Apologies for any grammatical errors...I'm holding a sleeping baby and not correcting everything I write:)


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Every single one of you complaining 98%ers need to quit whining about how an opportunity "can't work" and instead look at YOUR life and YOURSELVES! People DO make millions in Network Marketing whether you believe it or not. The sad thing is, what are YOU going to with your pathetic lives before the lights go out? Gripe and murmur against those who are really putting an effort in to change their lives. At the very least you need to give them kudos for trying. Even if they fail, they may learn something along the way that leads them to true success. However, what can YOU say when you never even tried! That's right NOTHING!!! So, shut up and go back to your pathetic cubicle or FIND something that can change your life and MAKE it work! Excuses will never help you my friend!

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has anyone else noticed the overly aggressive tones of anyone defending arbonne? just browsing through and its pretty shocking how over the top, immature and abusive their responses are compared to the people just stating facts about their experiences.

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