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June 13, 2006



It's not MLM. It's a totally new "system".

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore

I told people that my sponsor had already quit her full-time job to do Arbonne full-time because she had nearly replaced her income. I was pretty sure in my heart that it was a lie, but why would my sponsor lie to me? Oh yeah, because she's lying about everything....I guess that's Fake it till You Make it for ya.


"You have to plug in to the system" or any other variation of "plugging in" to anything

Brings to mind our own mechanical Arbots.....


Hey guys! I haven't been around the past few days - so sorry, but I think I've been missing something really big!

Who is writing that new blog about Arbonne?
It's great (although the writer need to use spell check, etc, because the typos are distracting)
But it doesn't say who the author is, and I was wondering if it might be BP?? hee hee
Anyway, my favorite MLM lie/line is "We're taught at Harvard!"


How 'bout......The structure isn't a pyramid' it's more like a spiderweb....whatever.

Annie Frannie

Okay, who saw Napolean Dynamite? I was dying when I saw them at the store and the geeky employee was telling them about this new opportunity, etc. I remember thinking to myself, I hope I never come across like that! It is eye opening when you see someone else doing some of the things you've been encouraged or trained to do and you see it from the outside in! Yikes!


LOL! I love that movie!

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore

I run a home-based business where I help other people start their own home-based businesses. That is my sponsor's line. No mention of skin care whatsoever.

Former Arbot

Oh yes! That part in Napoleon is hilarious! I love how it's a subtle little jab to MLM's! LOL

Here's one that my sponsor used on me to get me to buy the RE9 sets:

"You can start out with a couple, but the girls who are making it to the top are the ones buying 6-8 sets."

Hmmm...6-8 sets...no wonder these people are making RVP in like, 5 months!


Have you ever seen the ads for southwest airlines, the ones that say, did you need to get out of town real fast? Some of them are really funny and there is one where the people have been invited to dinner, but before they can eat, the hosts want to tell them about their new business opportunity. Then the commercial cuts out to - "need to get away real fast?" or something like that. Obviously this ad writer had been hit up recently when writing the ad. I thought it was hilarious and could picture my former RVP doing that, inviting people over but holding out on the food until listening to her presentation. Ha!


o.k, gotta add one! "Don't quit before payday!" Who's payday might I ask????? lol!

Annie Frannie...seems like you might be headed toward quitting Arbonne.... You've certainly changed your tune.

Annie Frannie

I haven't changed my tune, I have said from day one "I don't want to be 'that person'" and you all know what I mean. I still love the products, and sell them when the time is right. I do not cold call people, pressure people, stalk people or annoy people talking about a business opportunity. I am bothered that there are some, maybe even many, out there giving Arbonne a bad name by their tactics. But I have not changed in my stance at all, thanks for your concern. I never went into this to replace a full time job or anything, I am just a lowly stay at home mome (sarcasm, there) and any extra money I make is fine. I never overbought or invested in big purchases, so I have nothing to lose. This blog and others like it serve to keep me on track more than anything. If I ever get tempted or encouraged by my upline to get aggressive, I know in my heart I just won't do it.


If they were all like you Annie, there would be no need for this blog


If you think you can, you can, so think you can!


You may like to read my articles at

Eric Cooper

This is off topic in a way, because no Arbonne consultant (to my knowledge) has ever been involved in such a thing, but it is still relevant to MLMs as a whole:

CINCINNATI - Procter & Gamble Co. has won a jury award of $19.25 million in a civil lawsuit filed against four former Amway distributors accused of spreading false rumors linking the company to Satanism to advance their own business.

The U.S. District Court jury in Salt Lake City on Friday found in favor of the Cincinnati-based consumer products company in a lawsuit filed by P&G in 1995. It was one of several the company brought over rumors alleging a link with the company’s logo and Satanism.

Rumors had begun circulating as early as 1981 that the company’s logo — a bearded, crescent man-in-moon looking over a field of 13 stars — was a symbol of Satanism.

I remember getting a chain e-mail about this matter of P&G's logo several years ago. The e-mail was to persuade people not to use P&G products for this reason. It was a FW:FW:FW:FW ... that had been forwarded dozens of times, so I'm sure it reached thousands. I ignored it and continued to buy the same products I always do. I had no idea it was started by Amway distributors. I agree, I've never heard of an Arbot doing something on that scale, although there are plenty of false claims made about competing products. J


I remember my intro to Arbonne was the Toxin Awareness scare tactic, (I have found this online and can fwd it to anyone, just email me) and my sponsor also told me the products were not tested on animals or humans.

Well when I told that to another person, she just laughed and said, "Well how do you know the products work, if they are not tested on animals or humans?" and she walked away from me, after that at all friend/family gathering she avoided me like the plague.

She was also one of those people, that if you were younger than her, you didn't know anything. I was 23 at the time and she was 27 at the time. Wow what an age difference! We were both newlyweds, so if anything I understand a tight income. Both of our husbands don't work, so with us wives being the bread winners, I was looking at all possiblities of bringing in extra $$$.

I made $150.00 and spent $6,000.00 on Arbonne, go figure.

No...here's the real deal.

Hi everyone,

I have to say that I was extremely skeptical of Arbonne. From their products to their business model. I contacted the RCMP, the competition bureau and everything checks out just fine.

Fortunately, I know a pharmacist, GP, and a dietition all of which I had check out the products. Some of Arbonne's products didn't evoke much "wow" factor, but quite a few others do demonstrate that Arbonne is on the cutting edge of technology.

To make a medium story shorter, my wife is now an executive district manager on her way to becoming an area manager. Her pay cheques have looked something like this: $200, $500, $950. Now we're entering month number 4 and it looks like she'll bring in about $1500. It's too bad that so many of you have had a bad experience with this particular product. The fact of the matter is that you do need to be a highly motivated person and network marketing is not something that everyone has the ability to do. I've been to my wife's upline NVP (one here where we live) and she's 23 years old and makes $50k/month. I spoke to her husband about it. He started out by hoping she could make a couple hundred bucks a month and now 3 years later he's in shock.

It's really easy to be negative about any product. This could be called Avonanonymous or PamperedChefanonymous or marykayanonymous. The fact of the matter is that "they" aren't screwing you.

You know what, all the motivational speakers, network marketing experts get you pumped to go and do your "activity". So, what's wrong with that! People are getting products that work and it's fun. I don't care what business you're in, a pep-talk will do you good.

My take on it. If things change I'll let you know but I can only see opportunities from here.


Hi Real Deal, I think it's fair to say that at 4 months in, I could tell your story (or your wife's story) exactly as you have. Another Real Deal is that if July is her 4th month, she wouldn't already have 3 paychecks from Arbonne. Just counting backward, 4th month means she joined in April. April's checks come around May 15, etc., so she's still waiting on a June check, and would have no way whatsoever on the 6th of July to know what her 4th one will be.

Also, unless she sold about $8000 worth of product to her direct recruits (first generation on the downline) in her first month, her first month's Arbonne check could not have been $200, because everyone is paid as a consultant in the first month. So, nice try, but I detect a falsehood there. Do you think we're stupid?

You didn't say what money your wife spent to get started, if she's recouped her cash. My upline also said her "next check" would be around $1500; I think in reality it was about $600. That was when she was "on her way to Area Manager."

Question: Have you really seen what your wife has spent and made, or have you been left in the dark with a well-lit story, like most husbands whose wives are chasing the ever elusive "orange dream?" I ask because the paychecks don't match the timeline, even in best case scenarios.

Everyone is "on their way to" Area Manager after they get to District. The NVPs in my upline said the same things as the NVP you talked to. Here's a clue ... some of them actually lie. And the liars out there actually are screwing people.

Glad it's "so far so good," but I will never understand why someone at the DM level with 4 months under their belt will try to disprove a slew of people on here who have far more experience and knowlege of what really goes on. Pep talks are wonderful, often needed, and can do a world of good. Lies are just lies, and only serve the one lying.


Keep working 'Real Deal' you & your wife on the right track...don't listen to 'J' she quits then complains at everything she does in life!


you're stupid ex-arbot, glad you quit!?

Puhleeze, m&m
Read everything before you try to respond. We all here (ex-arbots) have heard it, seen it and tried to do it. Get real, and then come on board.


Real class m&m. Try explaining "Real Deal's" payday math. Or go to "A Modest Proposal" thread and respond (intelligently) to the points raised there, then try to tell me what I'm about. Quitter? No. Smart enough to wake up and see the "real deal" in Arbonne? Yes, thankfully.

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