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June 05, 2006



Hi I have a question. I am being approached (scammed) to join the results approach. I was asked to invest 2000$ in Re9's. When I told the recruiter i wasnt interested - why dont you recruit so-and-so because she is already a consultant at the $29 level. (I knew someone who liked the product for her family only and wasnt selling it) Well the recruiter said no this person could not become a business builder because the rules state you have to wait one year after becoming a consultant to sign on as a builder. It sounded so weird to me. Is this true?


That's BS, and I'm a consultant building a business.

You do not have to invest that much to begin a business, and whoever approaches you should be willing to work with your budget to get you started. And the only difference between a consultant purchasing for her own use and a business builder is a decision to build a business. Any consultant can decide to build anytime.


Since she is already signed up under someone else, she would need to go inactive for 1 year before she could switch and sign with someone else. That is probably what she meant. A "business builder" is someone who pays $29 period. If you want to start selling products and build a business, you are a business builder. You do not have to spend anymore than the $29 plus tax and shipping to be a consultant/and or business builder.


Well hey, at least you guys who decided to get out of Arbonne got responses from your uplines! After about a month or so after signing on, I got a weird feeling about the whole thing and after doing some research, decided it wasn't for me. I contacted my sponsor via mail and sent her a very heartfelt letter explaining my decision to get out. She's not someone I go far back with, but she was nice to me and I didn't want to burn any bridges with her. I got NOTHING in return from her or anyone else from my upline. No short email saying she was sorry to see me go or anything. NOTHING. I stopped getting the emails from my upline and haven't heard a peep from any of them since. I'm not exactly complaining, because I did want out, I just think it was incredibly rude of them to just ignore the whole thing (especially after I obviously put a lot of thought into my letter) and just pretend like I don't even exist anymore. I'm not saying that all uplines would do this, but I think it pretty much sets the stage for how consultants looking to get out are treated.


Just wondering what the Arbonne Compliance Dept's # or email address is??? Thanks!!

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore

FormerArbot, that happens a lot. Getting into your reasons for quitting will only damage their well-trained front of positive thinking. They have to cut you off to keep their own state of mind where it is. Does that make sense to you? When I verbally told my sponsor I was no longer doing the business, she took 3 or 4 jabs at my personal situation. This business is all psychology.

That's also how you can tell what kind of team you are a part of. If the consultant is just a regular person who does the biz for the extra income, social aspects, whatever, she won't care all that much that you quit, except to feel bad that it didn't work out for you. She won't cut you out of her life. People who are only in it to get to the top cannot be bothered with any sort of reality. The women you emailed live and breathe their business and cannot give you another thought. Pretty sad, huh?


Hey learningtofly, the email for the policy dept. is "policycompliance@arbonne.com" or you just call the 800# & ask to speak to someone in that dept. I would also email Stian Morck because he is the one handling all the pyramid, stacking, frontloading scam complaints. Plus this way they can't say they didn't receive it.


This may be a little on and off the subject here but pertains to Arbonne. I wrote my sister in-laws to kind of mend things with myself, my wife and them. Only one of them responded and everything I wrote was totally taken out of context. I basically wrote let my wife make the decision to be in Arbonne or not and try to be closer to her as a family. She responded in a cruel way. She said she will never respond to my e-mails again and blamed me for trying to separate my wife from them. The tension that Arbonne has created in our family is not worth it and now I can’t wait for Arbonne to fail because that will be the only time I will be able to come back into my family. I have my views and they have theirs on Arbonne. The problem is the extreme pressure from them for me to accept this MLM and my wife is caught in the middle. She even accused me for not caring about my wife. She compared me to her husband that totally let her do the biz no questions asked. She acts like I never let my wife give it a try for two years. She forgets that she took money from my wife that my wife earned from Arbonne. I spoke to my wife on this and FW the e-mails to my wife. I told my wife I am sorry but because of the tension in the family I will not be attending family functions where here sisters will be there. I am not saying I will never be at family functions. I am just saying that my first approach failed to rectify and I have to figure something else out. Arbonne is now the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I love my wife so much that Arbonne to me is not worth the aggravation of family issues. I hope this company fails soon. If I didn’t say I was bitter before about this company I will say it now. MLM caused issues in my first marriage and now it’s causing issues with the person I love more than life itself. Your e-mail Cat shows the same trend that MLM (Arbonne) causes issues with friends and family. Just thought I would put my two cents in and Arbonne needs to go down.

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore

BP, please please please, if you and your wife have not already, seek marriage counseling. I'm not accusing your marriage of being in trouble, but your need to vent here means that you have some definite issues going on, and you two could really use an outside source to help you through this difficult time. A couselor will help you communicate safely with each other, but he or she will also help you deal with the family issues.

Allowing what they do for a living to come between themselves and a family member says a whole lot more about these women than what you have written. What is happening to your wife right now is an absolute tragedy, and she would probably benefit from some alone time with a counselor as well.

There are some major things going on in my in-law family that only a counselor has been able to help the wronged party with. Everyone in the family now knows what is going on, and one member of the family has pretty much violated another on every level possible. I have found that I personally cannot deal with this person right now because of what a liar and hypocrite he has turned out to be. I get knots in my stomach thinking about being around him, so I have avoided anyplace he will be for a few months now. I will eventually have to deal with him, but I will be very uncomfortable (as is most of the family, even though they have been around him) for quite some time.

Family is family, and unconditional love is powerful, but an unhealthy person/ relationship needs to be taken seriously. We can't just brush hurt feelings under the carpet because we don't want to cause a family rift. You guys really need to get all of this into perspective for the sake of your own mental and emotional health.

Okay, done ranting now. Sorry! Just very concerned for you.


Not choosing sides whatsoever here, but BP - don't you think you overstepped when you contacted your wife's sisters? Regardless of the reason, it seems to me that the contact should have remained between your wife and her own sisters. When my spouse and I were engaged, we had to meet several times with our Minister for pre-marital sessions. One thing he made clear to us when it came to the matter of family, is that we are each to address problems with our own sets of families - he taught us that it needed to be done jointly (united and in agreement with one another) but the actual 'speaker' had to be the one with the actual blood ties. In other words, I speak to my own mother (brother, sister, father) about issues, and so on.
Not that I believe my Minister's points of view would be the end-all, be-all for everyone out there, but I felt they were wise words and I have never forgotten them. The point being it is a lot easier for your wife's sisters to now think you're the 'bad guy' in the issue - especially since none of this came directly from their sister. They now resent you for basically 'intervening' in something they clearly feel is between them and their sister - and probably now feel they aren't 'allowed' to discuss it with her now that you've stepped in to 'handle it'. And it's a lot easier for them to harbor anger against you for a longer time, when with their own sister it might be harder to do so.
It's a big, big can of worms when you come between sisters - lol. You wife may very well have been behind you 100% but it might be wiser to have her do the 'mending' here. Her sisters may simply be angry over the fact that you're both done with Arbonne, but I would be willing to bet there's more to it than just Arbonne. Honestly put, if my sister's husband approached me about an issue that I felt was between me and her, I'd think he was an a$$h@le before I even stopped to consider what was being said.
Hang in there - I hope it gets better for you both.


There may be another reason for your upline not responding to you...although not saying anything is extreme. Your upline may feel as strongly about building her business as you do about NOT building yours and never the twain shall meet - so what's the point in have a big debate about it?

ALl business is psychological, not just MLM. When one quits or is fired from a corporate job, any access you have to email, files, networks, resources, etc. is immediately shut off, you're usually given no more than a half hour to pack your desk and you'll likely be supervised from the time you quit/are fired until the time you are escorted to the door. And no one will contact you to have a big discussion about the ins and outs of various business philosophies.

That said, it sometimes has a sunnier ending. I have a biz builder who recently decided the business was not going to work for her. I supported her in getting out. Checked in to be sure she was able to sell her two sets - BTW, she only bought two sets to begin with, and did not spend $2500 - and I'll be purchasing her business forms from her to use myself and share with others in my network. We were never excellent friends, but we've got a perfectly lovely repoire and she even gives me referrals.


Um, yeah, Arbonne isn't corporate. In fact, they make it clear that the corporate world is full of big bad people who want to work you to death with inadequate compensation and Arbonne wants to be nothing like them....so don't compare the 2 to satisfy your agenda.


My point was not that Arbonne is corporate, rather that I'm not so sure FA would have gotten better treatment in a corporate situation. That doesn't excuse it, but she shouldn't expect an opportunity to commisserate about getting out of the business with her upline.

It really is a shame that without knowing a thing about me you assume I'm a brainwashed robot with an agenda. Doesn't brushing the entire MLM industry, and Arbonne specifically, with such a broad brush satisify YOUR agenda?


The argument you are proposing is not a valid one. Arbonne claims to be far removed from the corporate world so don't use it as a like comparison. And yes, my agenda is to discredit Arbonne and MLM's in general. They are dangerous and irresponsible businesses and even if you are one of the few who run your part of it honestly, you are still contributing to a scam.


Cat, go find a nice wall somewhere and talk to it. That will be more productive than debating bizbuilder. She is infected with chronic ARbotitis.


Good advice JJ!

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore

bizbuilder, you are talking about a corporate relationship. Please read all of your Arbonne training/ motivational/ prospecting materials again. In Arbonne, consultants are encouraged to seek out their warm markets, meaning friends and family. The corporate world typically discourages this practice for the express reason that relationship problems arise and affect the working environment.

When enticed to sign up with Arbonne, a new consultant is lavished with promises of friends and a whole new beautiful social network of people she will really love in just a short time. The acceptance with which people are greeted at monthly meetings is warm and inviting. People seem genuinely interested in you. In the corporate world, you are expected to do a job and interact in a satisfactory manner with your coworkers and supervisors. Friendship is not a requirement, doing your job to the company standards is.

So, you can see how one would expect a little bit of a different reaction when leaving a company like Arbonne, especially if staying on as a personal use consultant, from her new-found friends. One may even hope to stay in touch with some of them. Finding out that these people no longer care about you when you are outside their fold hurts and is demoralizing. It is not related to the corporate world in any way. The reality is just that many people are dropped this way, by their "friends."

Lady Dacia - Mistress of the Dual End Applicators

Heh heh - "biz builder" - as if MLM can really considered to be a "business"....


Yeah, I guess I can think of a few other more productive things to do too.

[Yeah, I guess I can think of a few other more productive things to do too.]


What's cool?


excellent point, Lady Swiss. In the MLM culture, you are led to believe that you will make loads of awesome friends and experience "girlfriend time" (that's what they say in MK).
This is to set themselves apart from the nasty bad corporate world. They want you to believe that you are loved and appreciated in ways you never could be in a normal job. That is the emotional "hook", or draw.
WHen in reality it is a cutthroat business, in the sense that nobody really cares about you, and if you stop ordering they would forget your name in a hearteat.

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore

PC, my sponsor's shtick was to ask people, "When was the last time your boss laid a nice piece of jewelry on your desk just to say thank you for doing your job?" Then she would talk about all the bling Arbonnites get "just for doing their job."

Well, I never got more than a rose from Arbonne, but my boss has taken my entire company out to dinner 3 times in the year I've been here, took us on an all expenses paid trip, which included two more dinners, gives us a lovely Christmas bonus, gives us our birthday off as a PAID HOLIDAY, and let's us leave a few hours early on the day before a holiday.

I can buy my own nice piece of jewelry.

Former Arbot

I don't know that anyone is trying to make a "big debate" about this, but Lady Swisse made a lot of excellent points in her post. You CANNOT compare the corporate world to MLM. Trust me, I've lost a couple jobs due to downsizing, and I've never had a "send-off" as cold as the one I received from my upline. I mean, it's seriously like I've just fallen off the face of the planet, even after I told my sponsor that I wished her luck and hoped that we could still keep in touch from time to time. Here's another one for ya--every day on my way home from work, I pass another woman from my upline and we used to wave when we'd see each other. But now that I've gotten out, she either completely ignores me or gives me a little half-hearted wave. It just makes my head spin at how fast you go from being "accepted" and showered with attention to becoming the scum of the earth who doesn't even deserve the time of day.

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore

Former Arbot, just wait until they have to deal with you for one reason or another. They are very condescending in my experience, like my life must be sooooo sad because I don't have any credit card debt.

It is truly eerie and disturbing to me to watch human beings act like this. Very unnatural.

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