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June 05, 2006


O. M. Wakefield

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i've been watching my wife lose money with arbonne for 1 year now....she just can't come out of the fog. she will when i ask her for a divorce because of arbonne.
no joke....


Did the tooth fairy some last night? How 'bout Santa with his reindeer?

Who is "Sam"? There are two options:
1. "sam" is a regular from another chat room. There is no activity in her other chat room, so she's here pretending to be a distraught husband. Hoping to stir up some action.
2. "sam" is a shitty husband anyway, because good husbands don't go to a chat room to post their plans for divorce.



i don't know who just commented on my comments, but you are very out of line!
no, i'm not a "sam" from another chat room.
you have too much time on your hands.
i'm letting husbands be warned that this company is a joke!!!!
please feel free to let yourself be known.


Luke, I am your Father.

Lau....? Dak....?

Oh, your Sam. Wrong chat room.


To Sam -- Don't mind the incredibly rude person who responded to you. It is very sad ... you're not the first spouse who has had huge marital problems thanks to Arbonne, and probably won't be the last. And it typically stems from 2 things -- time and money. The majority of both end up going to Arbonne instead of to the family. It's like living with a gambling addict who is convinced she's just about to hit the jackpot. Best wishes to you.


Hate it when a wife forgets her place. It starts with financial independance. The next thing you know, SHE is making decisions. Keep her under control! She already had a glimpse of success. Don't let her taste it!!!!!!

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Please help me...
my marriage is about to end because of this company...
i can't take it any more...no joke

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Well folks...
Just got the wife's taxes done...
Lost $8000 last year....and had a much better year this year, only lost $5000.
Things are looking up in my house.
This is going to end or we are, i'll let you know


The good news is you have a tax write off! My accountant told me that you have 3 years to show a profit or it's a red flag for the IRA. I broke even last year. Good luck.


his is how I look at Arbonne! Before you become a consultant you need to make a business plan, Just like any other business. If you are not driven, pushy, not sensitive, just focused on the money then you will succeed. Alot of people go for the stat rvp nvp , because they feel they need to succeed in life-its related with their ego!!! You think by being a nvp or rvp you get respected? Well listen to this, how many of you felt either jealous of someone higher than you or envy. Imagine the bad energy you are creating within the people around you. Do you know what it takes to really become that high? These reps do tricks, unethical things, left many people either angry or upset, PUSHY, pretty much you are living in your own little dream world where people around you are being taken advantage of. The higher people ofcourse will praise you , how amazing you are and successful.
Hello people why being successful in life is to have alot of money, whatever happened having a good marriage, being a good father/mother, beinga decent human being to others. I think that is more successful than anything else in life.
I myself have beautiful skin, I use lemon juice, avocado masks, evian mineral mist water, vitamin e capsules on my skin. You don't need all these heavy duty products.
I myself was thinking of getting in Arbonne, but my main concern was loosing friends, being judged as greedy, dishonest, unethical. At the end of the day I want to feel good about being good to others, true person not a scammer! Arbonne products are decent, the whole botanicals is just a branding, mind manipulation tactic. If you research on it they use brainwashing tactics like Hitler did.


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