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June 14, 2006



Great article, that it at least put some thoughts out there. I can't believe Ms Wilcox used the Bill Gates line in the press, what a good little duplicater she is. I wonder if she had her interview approved by corporate. I kind of doubt it with the spin it took. But if she didn't, she broke policy 3.5 from the 2006 P&P book. I think she broke 3.3.10 with her income claims too - she didn't mention all the volume she must be buying to keep her maintenance, or all the incentives she must be offereing to her recurits, awards, photocopies, mailing expenses, etc etc. The list goes on & on. It would be interesting to have that reporter make her show her bottom line as the policies stipulate. If the reporter reads this, please make her show you the bottom line.

I saw that there was a place online at the end of the article for comments, maybe someone could point people here for more facts.....

Virginian-Pilot article still pretty complimentary and pro-Arbonne


yeah - if you're an Arbot. If you're a normal person with common sense, the things brought up in that article are pretty funny.
Especially the part where the NVP "brushes off" the swiss lab as being unimportant - who cares?


How could anyone possible say that was pro-Arbonne. He was making fun of her! He was saying the same thing we are for the most part, the products are good, but they are expensive and the industry is a joke (pyramid). I think that if people think it is a pro article it is really sad and just shows how scammed you all are. Keep counting your gobs of money that you are supposedly making. And paying for your downlines incentive trips & other "prizes" and order more volume so you don't get demoted. Keep spending countless hours strategizing on how to stack/tap root your lines so it gets everyone ahead fast. Pay it forward people! Forget about little Sara's soccer game or little Jimmy's cub scouts awards. Better get to a meeting so you can make it and applaud Suzi for buying herself a DM title. Or better yet, get out your high school yearbook because your 20 year reunion is coming up - forget that you haven't talked to these women in 4 years but start making some calls and offer the gift. Wait at least 4 minutes of pretending to catch up before you pounce. Make sure you offer to send Shad's book, its a good one. I actually feel bad for the people that can actually do that, I know it must make them sick to their stomach prior to each call (get outside your comfort zone) - how humiliating that you are actually calling people and begging for money. Its like the new age of the telemarketer! I wonder actually if anyone on a no call list has ever reported someone for calling and offering this "business opportunity". That would be kind of funny actually.
I just found out my rvp has been paying her own car payment for some time - how sad, but she is still doing everything she can to share the gift.... It really is sad because the dream is something people really want, financially security, provide education for their children, travel, etc. Its so unbelievable that people are actually putting themselves more in debt instead of doing something attainable to reach those goals.
I actually just did some quick online research on wilcox from the article - seems like she has been in direct sales with other companies for years. This is just my own speculation, but I am guessing due to her fast and very large success she took her entire teams with her from previous ventures.


PC, thank you for posting that article! How embarrassing that must have been for Ms. Wilcox! But its good that she read how others see her. Although, she may not be able to catch the digs that the reporter threw in there.

Silent, I'm with you. It must be awful to be in the orange fog.


Too bad the author didn't mention the recent fluctuation of the Better Business rating. I see that it is still at a BB. I think this is the longest time frame it hasn't returned back to A. But I am guessing those duplicators are still saying its an A as I am pretty certain word hasn't trickled down the chain yet (or that it ever will).


I've been looking into joining on with Arbonne...and came across this site. I've been researching the good, the bad and the ugly...so I can make an informed decision. Can you tell me why you are saying Arbonne is dishonest? Are there specific examples that personally happened to any of you? I'm just glad that I found the site...because you can find so much about the good...and I really wanted to find some ugly...to get both sides of the story. Please be patient with me...I've never posted a comment before and don't really know the lingo. Thanks!!


Oh...sorry I posted my earlier comment under "Arbots Gone Wild". I didn't know how to post a comment in my own category. Please read my last comment as a completely unrelated issue to the "Arbots Gone Wild" bit. Thanks...no do you see why I call myself clueless.


Clueless: a lot of the people here experienced Arbonne as a pyramid scam. This means they were told they needed to buy a whole bunch of RE9 sets, and then use them to recruit more people. They were told there is no need to sell the product - just use it as a recruiting tool.
I think there are other scummy things Arbonne has done in dealing with its sales force, but the most obvious is all this pyramid scam stuff. Plus the fact that their Swiss lab is fake and never existed, and it appears that they just buy their product formulations from a supplier in Switzerland.
Anyway - if I were you I would stay the heck away from this. There is absolutely NO reason to join Arbonne, unless you are so in love with the products that you are willing to pay the jumped-up prices.
I think you can find other products that are comparable for less. (Of course, the Arbonne ladies will tell you that there ARE NO products on earth like Arbonne's, but that's just not true.)

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore


This is a blog, so you can't make your own category. However, any post is a good one to ask a question like yours. I will give you the most fair response I can come up with, and I think I've gotten pretty level headed on the whole Arbonne thing, so here goes:

Whatever anyone is telling you about the white Mercedes, 30K a month, financial freedom, etc. is a very very lofty aspiration. There are 370 NVP's out of 800,000 consultants. That is .04%. While many consultants are only personal use, as in not selling, those are still some pretty serious odds. Do you really and truly think you can make it to the .04%?

Now, a lot of people in Arbonne are suddenly skyrocketing to the top. They are doing this by shear pyramiding. They buy 10 Re9 sets and try to find 10 people to do the same. No one is ever really very concerned about product, they just want the initial investment. Of course, all 10 of your people will not have the first 10 people do this automatically, or some of those 10 will drop out quickly, so you are continually searching for people who you can get to spend 2K. This is not an ethical way to do business any which way you look at it. Many of the people on this site have been screwed through this method. If the people bringing you in are telling you that you need to buy a bunch of Re9 sets and nothing else, run far far away.

Okay, now, there are other factions of Arbonne that are still using the party plan. This isn't nearly as bad, but it can still come with the high pressure sales. These people will still try to get you to make a large investment, but it will be more diversified across Arbonne's product line so that you have the items in your home as well as for parties. The pressure may very well still be there for you to get to DM, build your team, etc. This method also has a lot of unethical practices.

If you want to give it a go, I would suggest getting your consultant ID for $29, get a few samples and a few products that you want to try for yourself, and pass out the samples. Find out if the people around you have an interest before you sink a ton of money into this. If you are looking for an opportunity to quit your day job, walk away from this one. At best, you can ethically raise a supplemental income, but probably not a full-time one.

All in all, I discovered it wasn't worth it to subordinate myself to a friend who knows little more about business than I do. This business can ruin a lot of relationships because the people going into it have no business understanding. If you are a skilled salesperson, you might do very well with this kind of sales plan, but the average jane is usually just setting herself up for disaster.

Hope that helps!


Clueless, I agree with everything that's been said so far - but to add, i have a major issue with the amount of rules that these teams that are frontloading break and then the company looks the other way because they are making money. On another post I listed every rule teams like mine break, see if you can find that post. I was enticed in because they really use the "no parties" line to appeal to people - a lot of people here are partied out and frankly I have never enjoyed those parties. They also make it seem like you can do this whenever you want, on your time, so you can have a life. That is a big lie - for the people that succeed this is their life. They live eat and breath it. They have conference calls, meetings, trainings, retreats and conventions all of the time - all of which will cost you money. And if you don't go, it will be assumed you are lazy. You will be told you are untrainable because you are not doing what you are told. These meetings are basically somewhat like rah-rah brainswashing sessions. They also use some manipulation once you do join and things semms not quite right (your instincts kick in). I had warning signs early on but it still took me a while for common sense to kick and realize I needed to be done with this whole saga. I do agree that there are some teams doing this ethically but it is becoming harder and harder to find them, most are converting now to keep up with the times. They still need to recruit in order to advance in the ranks and frankly they are losing potential recruits to the teams promising them no parties and that they will be rich in 4 - 6 months in they work hard enough. Oh, and working hard enough means calling up every person you have ever met in your entire life and begging them for money basically. This is clouded over with the whole - "selling the opportunity".
Oh, and my neighbor that is still in told me they reached their 1 millionith active consultant last week. Of course most of them are really customers buying at a saner price but she was SOOOOOOO excited about it that I am guessing they are using that now as a big line. She said her team still said at the meeting last week that we have an A rating at the BBB. Hope this helps.


I had the misfortune of being targeted online by a psycho arbonne consultant and her group of team members. I don't know why, but they were out to get me. I found myself hot water with the arbonne compliance department because there were "ads" on the internet with my consultant ID and contact information. Funny thing was, I wasn't the one who was placing those ads. Nice group of people, aren't they? I have to give them some credit, though. It was a pretty clever way to get rid of your competition.


Thanks everyone, for your input. At this point my gut is (and has been) telling me not to do it. Mainly because I know that I would have a hard time calling people up that I haven't talked to in a while to ask them if they will try Arbonne and give me their opinion. I just can't get over that hump...it's almost like using people. My best friend is doing Arbonne and she is one of the most honest people I know. I know that she wouldn't purposely get involved in something that is unethical. It makes sense to her...I just hope that it works out for her. I know that her team is very low pressure and she's mostly just selling product at this point. The way she approaches it is to let people try the product and then if they like it they can buy it. She briefly mentions the business aspect and that's it. I think that this is the most honest way to do it...but I hope that her uplines don't have more in store for her...that she doesn't know about. She is so excited about Arbonne and truley loves the products. I actually am using the RE9 and have noticed a difference in the way my skin looks...but I just can't get to the place that I would want to solicit these products to my friends...it just doesn't feel right to me. So...all this to say that I know that there are some really honest people in the business that are ethical and my best friend is one of them. I'm just not someone who will ever feel comfortable making that leap... and from what you all are saying...that is probably a good thing. Thank you soooo much for all of your feed back.

Arbot Of The Week

Good Afternoon Ladies. Kudos to you! You have uncovered, exploited and dedicated much wasted time to "exposing" the AIRD mystery. I would be honored to present YOU with an article that addresses the "Arbonne lie and cover-up" regarding AIRD. YOU DID IT! CONGRATS!


Now what? Perhaps the Arbonne empire will come tumbling down? I think not. OH! And the whole lead in lipstick thing...OLD NEWS! Lead is in EVERYTHING! That aired weeks ago...did sales plummit? Has Arbonne gone bankrupt? The truth is this...no matter how much time you waste filling this black hole called the "internet" with insults, hatred and resentment...Arbonne will continue on. You guys are real entertainment...I find you extremely amusing. AND what I look forward to the most is the amount of time and energy you are going to put into responding to this post. It's almost sinful, and I LOVE it! The world needs MORE unproductive anti-ARBOTS such as yourselves;-)


Yeah, we covered that already.....poor Ms. Wilcox......The lipstick thing?...well you missed the point, but that's OK considering the orange fog and all that. I can hear the ugliness in your post. Are you threatened by any chance? I can't imagine why you would let this site bother you. Just ignore it and you never have to hear about it again. Arbonne and companies like it will not go away any time soon. I just think the playing field should be level; therefore, this site exists.

Arbot Of The Week

Cat, I am going to give you 5 more minutes of my time, for the sake of entertainment;-)

I am not threatened, but rather enlightened. This country is wonderful for many reasons…but most important, for the freedom of enterprise and entrepreneurship. There are all sorts of companies whose practices are far from scrupulous, but we all partake in the fruits of their success either by buying into their stocks, selling them our lives for peanuts and/or purchasing their products. We may not ‘like’ how it operates, but business makes the world go round. I am intrigued by your crusade to scoop up all of those needing pity due to the fact that they feel betrayed by MLM in general. During my last reality check, I was certain that each of these pitiful, anti-MLMers had minds of their own. They could choose to evaluate MLM, investigate and study their company of choice, try the products, choose their upline, decide whether or not to invest in their business and how much…in other words, do the kind of research and decision-making that it takes to start up and run the “million-dollar business” they imagined in the beginning. When I read about those who claim to not know about AIRD, Arbonne’s formulations or even when to stop charging product orders to their credit cards…that tells me that this ‘support group’ is no different than any other support group out there. People have no one else to blame but themselves, and quite frankly, I get tired of everyone passing the buck. It is called responsibility. Responsibility for one’s self, one’s decisions…one’s journey in life. MLM is not for everyone and majority do not see it through long enough to reap the benefits. I understand your need for this site. When your cohorts swarm those who are pro-MLM or pro-Arbonne for that matter, it gives you a sense of fulfillment and self-worth that you are apparently lacking elsewhere…call it the “Band of Anti-Arbot Sisters”, if you will;-) All kidding aside, it really is sweet. I have enjoyed reading your ‘blog’ because I was involved in MK a few years back. Let me tell you, it was a real eye-opening experience! I was scorned…and I’ll let you guess why…YES! It is because I did not do the necessary research before getting involved. I did not evaluate the comp plan, the products, the company history, ingredients or growth. I “missed the boat” and realized it two years and $3,000 later. Shortly after that time, if I had found your website, I would have gladly chimed into your sisterhood thing you’ve got going…but then again, I was only 19. A few years and lots of experience later, I still believe Network Marketing can work and went in search for a company that I could become successful at. I researched and guess what? You know, you are really good at this…Arbonne was the perfect company for me.
Now, as much as I would love to chat some more, your 5 minutes are up. I want you to know that I do appreciate your time in responding to my previous post. OH, and I wish you the best of luck in rebuilding those broken by Arbonne.


"I am going to give you 5 more minutes of my time,"

hehehe......she thinks her time is worth something. Silly ARbot, when will she learn that she is merely a pawn being used by her upline and talked badly about by her downline. Her time is worthless except to her and her delusional opinions only make her appear shallow and.....well, let's just say she's "not the sharpest tool in the shed".


Hey JJ! Goodness it does get tiresome to explain to these Arbots how this whole thing is supposed to work!

You see, Arbot of the Week, as I have said before.....I'm just putting my experience out there. Others come here and share theirs; The good, the bad & the ugly (I like Clint Eastwood movies). I don't censor and you are free to say what you want. You can give 5 minutes or 30. I don't care.


Good conversations going on here. Yes I was once an arbonne consultant. I signed up, because I was lied to saying the products were all natual. Well, I think we all know that is not the case. I did however find a company that does have safe skin care and body care products. True ethical business as well. If anyone is interested, please check out my website. onegrp.com/?organicnaturalliving


'Arbot of the Week'...your posts ooze ugliness. I can understand wanting to defend your interest in Arbonne, but as someone else mentioned, why are you even visiting a site such as this?
I, on the other hand, am looking for as much info, Good or Bad, before I leap into any MLM and want to know all the 'right' questions to ask any recruiter.
I have a close friend that has reached Area Manager with Arbonne... Its taken lots of work and hours and consumes her every thought... I kinda feel like she's becomed brainwashed with the whole thing. In her own words, she 'thinks of nothing else' and our relationship changed when I decided not to pursue the Arbonne route (I'm lazy and have no desire to recruit).
I went the Jafra route because as a little girl I loved the Royal Almond products. But as a rep, I could never get pass the "old" factor and since Jafra hasn't done much to update their image it was a losing cause.
I'm rambling much...but my theory on Arbonne is still up in the air...or do I need to do an 'intervention' on my Arbonne friend???:>


Be careful with an intervention, they believe they are right and you could loose your friend. Although you may loose her anyway when you don't sign up, I have definitely seen that happen, its a tough call IMO. If she is already an AM she is probably making some money, but soon enough her maintenance will begin to get harder, she'll have to buy her volume and there goes her money. That's when it will be easier for her to see the truth. I think they need to kind of need to see it for themselves. You can just tell her you have decided not to do it because of things you researched, you aren't comfortable with it, its not for you and let her decide for herself. If she is on the fence, she'll want to know more.

OT - PC announced yesterday on her blog that she is retiring. Even though its mainly a MK blog she has always discussed all mlm issues and Arbonne stuff too - and that's how I originally found this site. I have only been a lurker there & have never posted but I have always enjoyed reading her posts and the blogs conversations. Check it out. PC, I hope you will continue to post here!

Arbonne has given me my son back

WOW is all I can say for every post that I have read here. I want to say I feel for each of you and I hope that we are adult enough to live, learn and move on. It doesn't matter what happens in our lives and it turns out that it wasn't for us or something got so screwed up that we didn't even give it a chance to become something great. Arbonne, Mary Kay, Party lite, Body Shop, Tastefully Simple, Passion Parties or what ever your choice of a home based business HAS helped MANY people get out of dept, build a house, help a neighbor, fund a charity, give to others, allow us to be around positive people and one of these companies worked well for me enough to allow me to FINALLY be at home with my son.

YOu can call me an Arbot all you want, I am Ok with that. I have had people on my team that it didn't work out for, the difference between me and some of the people unfortunalty exposed you or sponsored you is that I do build relationships with them. I am ADULT enough to seperate business from family and friendship and if someone chose not to to the business, it's OK and I am OK with it. Do I want them to yes, because it has changed my life and MANY on my team and I only want that for them. YES there has been shipping problems, but I always make sure I can help my team while they wait and I will tell you, the ones that pushed through as mas as they where, do GREAT.

You have to understand when you come into MLM is that IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE and that is OK. Every company has its problems, hello look at the job you or someone you know is working for now. That company has issues. I worked in HR and Accounting (imagine that job for 10 hours per day) I sat just outside of the General Managers office. Do you think he ever once said HI to me or hey how are you or your family in the 7 years I worked for him??? NO he didn't, infact all he and the board of directors cared about is the MONEY. Not relationships.

Many people come into MLM companies thinking they will turn a profit in their sleep right away. Well, you won't. It is WORK, you have to work at it and you have to develope a relationship with your team or what is the point. I feel after reading these post on all of the blogs here that none of you think or really feel in your mind, body and soul that you are worth more than you are right now. You can't stand your sponsor, now all but the lady sponsored by her husbands ex-wife, that isn't fair. They are learning too and they ARE going to screw up. Some way worse than others but it is going to happen. In life SHIT happens, it does and I sometimes feel as if that sign is on my forehead to make sure it happens to me. But knowing now that it happens, I am able to move past it, learn from it and be better today.

I am sorry that this didn't work for you, I am sure there is something that will work for you. But as you are bashing this company, I want you to know what it has done for me. I was married to my first love, we lived a 12 hour plane trip from home. When my son was born I came home to Alaska to see my family and learned my at the time husband had moved out and wanted nothing more to do with us. I was 21, in pain and a NEW mom. My son didn't come with instructions and I was away from friends and family. I had to sell or give away everything to include my 1 year old dog. I didn't get a chance to enjoy my son growing up because we had NOTHING and I needed to work 3 jobs to make ends meet, build a work history and pray someone would see something in me to hire me for something that would afford me to work one job,provide a house for my son and food on the table. We also moved back to AK so I needed a reliable car for the cold winter. That dream that I worked so hard for NEVER came true. My son, now 8 was raised in child care, as good as they were to him. He learned how to walk in day care, he ate his first solid food in day care, he slept in his high chair in day care, he had another family in day care. I would have to drop him off at 7:30 and pick him up at 6:30 and bed time was 8:30 Now if that is what you call raising your child, you are missing their life. Arbonne was given to me one year ago today and in 6months of working my business on my lunch hour I was able to QUIT my job. The BEST part, we QUIT day care. This summer has been amazing to work my business with my son. He sets goals with me, he has participated in leadership training and he loves to talk about Arbonne with anyone, he is an Arbot in the making. Better than that he is a leader in life in the making. His life is filled with positive thoughts and the ability to get through rejection. It has been so nice to see him want to be so close to me. I have missed him for 7 years, and I now have a chance to raise my son. Many of you may or may not have had to place your kids in child care, many of you may or may not have been close to losing a house or wondering how will I feed my family this month after I pay my bills. I am sorry that you had a rotten experience with this in your life, but you will move on. Things don't happen by accident, they happen to us for reasons that we will never know or understand. Our mission is to decide how we will react and how long. Cat, I feel for you girl. You have been burned, you have a right to be mad. You also have a right to make yourself a better person and grow from it.

Could you imagine someone posting something about you that you have poured your heart, time and care into because of a few bad apples. We are independent of eachother and if you want it bad enough, someone in your upline WILL help you. I would love to see where each of you are in five years. What do you want in life?? What are you doing different to achive it? It doesn't have to be Arbonne.

son back - i think you will regret your post in 5 years.

The famous "arbonne isn't for everyone" quote - its only for people willing to use people for money. people that aren't willing to step out of their comfort zone, because its uncomfortable, are listening to their instincts that something isn't right.

There is no other gift, its all part of the lie. The gift is, if you convince enough people to do this you can all have some money for a while, as long as you keep convincing more & more.
It looks like the lie is working for you, for now. good luck with that. How many people though have gone into debt or lost money for you to stay home do you think? i am curious who is home with your son when you are at your meetings at night and weekends and the endless trainings and car presentations and then the trips and then the one or one presentations. and all of which cost you money, unless at the presentations you aren't even buying your victim a coffee or something.

I am very sorry and I feel sympathy for your pre-Arbonne struggles, and I do mean that. The sad part is, Arbonne appeals to women with problems, it seems like the way out. For you, it seems to be working for now. For most, it only gets them in more trouble.
Oh and I think it is so sad that he is at leadership trainings with you and you claim he is an arbot in the making - that is true brainwashing. at least in my line, children weren't allowed and that was a firm rule. i know it was to keep them from distracting, but now that i see the truth and the scam i am glad as its really a good thing to keep them all protected from getting brainwashed at such a young age.

Garbage, garbage, and more garbage. MLM SUX.

Arbots are trying to shut this board down

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