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June 14, 2006



OH yeah....we're trying to shut down this post.....get a clue...Arbonne cannot shut down a post that is private.....get real....I bet you think the government is after you too!!!! You know "Big Brother"!!!


I've been away for a while, but just have to comment on the Nancy Wilcox article. I know for a FACT that she was formerly with DK books until they stopped direct selling. She brought her whole team with her to Arbonne from DK!

Thats where a lot of Arbonne "teams" come from- they just seem to move around from one MLM to the next until they have made enough money or get tired of it, then they will abandion Arbonne for something else...Hey Arbots, ever hear of Jerky Direct or Tahitian Noni Juice??

You all suck!!! hahaha...

who is the owner of this site? i want to read YOUR story. can you send me a link? is it posted on this site somewhere?


Oh yeah they fleeced my wife and I also!!! Here in South Florida.We were promised things like, we will get our Mercedes on stage together , and I'll help you succeed, I'll put people under you to help you out. Well it never happened!! Once they get your $2500.00 For the so called kits that will make you millions lol. the girl that got us involved was off to the next person to fleece. We received very little help from the promoter here in the south florida area. I will not mention names but only the areas they operate in. Homestead, Fl. and West Palm beach area. So beware of the piramid!! They, the arbots, hate that name. ITS A SCAM.


Hey if Arbonne doesn't work for you try the NEW SCAM ViSalus!!! Their approach "We just signed up consultants from other companies, join us you will get a FREE BMW in 28 days and it is easier than other companies"

Sounds like, low start up, low work, get rich quick and don't worry their car bonus only last UP TO 12 months so when you buy your $60K car your stuck with the payment on your own in 13 months.

I would love to hear from you all on ViSalus the SAVOR from Arbonne, MK, Partylite and others.


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Cindy McCain's battle against prescription drug addiction has been part of her public speaking points for years, but a deeper investigation reveals the far-reaching consequences of her actions washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/09/11/AR2008091103928.html


I was never asked to invest anything beyond the $29 a year to sign up. I did invest $1,500 in products for my personal use and to sell. I made most of my money up but nothing more than that. BUT I did not work the job. I didn't really try to sell it. I was never told that I was not going to have to "sell the product" or was I told I didn't "need to know about the product". Maybe I just had a good team. They did encourage me to find other investors to "make money faster" but that's about it. I have been out of the arbonne business for about a year but I am strongly considering getting back in. Not too make millions but a couple hundred dollars extra each month.


Hello Bellamomma,
I'm glad to hear you had a good experience. I was wondering if you are open to hearing about a new business in skin care. If you are, please drop me a note at tbkuhn@wideopenwest.com. If not, good luck to you!


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I do know this, MLM's are scams to people who fail. Internet sites are scams to people who don't know what they are doing. There is no such thing as getting rich quick. IF MLM's were scams then why would Warren Buffet say that Pampered Chef is his most successful company? You need to work hard to succeed. If you think you can do nothing and get the guy/gal under you to work, then you are doomed for failure no matter what industry or marketing strategy you use. MLM's simply do not advertise on TV, radio or net an duse the MLM to pay in pyramids. I am not a MLM'er myself, but rather an Internet company and I have watched 90% of the compeition bail out over the last 5 years in our industry. It is what you put into it. For soem, they fail after one try and like to make a post of LOL and they can not look hard at their own selves and say "what do I need to do to make myself successful?"

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I am beginning to really lose all faith and credibility in the FDA. It seems to me that instead of focusing their efforts on protecting the general public they are in-turn being influenced by corporate agenda and special interest. I take everything they say with a grain of salt.

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