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June 14, 2006



oh yeah - I saw this already - too funny.
You gotta love those dumb MLMers. LOL

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore

This was just on the news up here, too, but I got distracted before I could watch the whole thing.


I happened upon this site. You all need to use your time more effectively. If you're in MLM, get out there and use this time to build your business. If you're not in MLM, you SHOULD be. The real scam is ADVERTISING. Please. Do you think any supermodel actually USES the supermarket shampoo or drugstore lipstick she endorses for big $$$$?! Yes, I can see all the personal assistants running errands to the local drugstore to buy eyeshadow for their bosses. As to Arbonne, it is nothing more than a vast wholesale buying network. If you believe scammers, you believe that your 401(k), if you even have one, will be there for you when you retire.

Madame Notte-a-Suckeur

Actually I have had some super models as customers and YES they do buy drugstore brands. Elle Macphearson, Cindy Crawford, Christy Brinkley and Kim Bassinger all used to come to the pharmacy I worked in. They all used less expensive brands.

ripped off reis

Hey wishesgranted, 401K are legal- mega pyramid scams are not. Get a clue...Now not only do you know where supermodels buy there products you are a fortune teller as well. 401k -comment. You definetly need to go "sign some people up". Bye

Look at all these poor anti-MLM bloggers and whiners, starting yet another phony "thread" like this one to wallow in their own self-pity

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore

Very interesting tidbit for the people who "just happen upon this site while doing a Google search." This site is not in the first top ten when typing "arbonne scam" into google's search bar. I did see a link to it from another site where someone asked if it was a scam and was referred here. Don't know why I find that interesting, but I thought I'd share.

FYI Lady Swisse, this site has been #1 in search results on 'arbonne scam' for many weeks now and only in the last 2 days has it dropped completely out of the top 10. I've been wondering why that is - at first I thought the site was gone but it's clearly not, so, I don't have the answer for the search results change. But it has been #1 up until now, and very easy to find without hunting around at all.

Madame Notte-a-Suckeur

Thats because for a few days it was VERY busy here. Now that the weather is warm things have calmed down. Good for you Cat...Youre #1!


Internet exposure is the first step. Next is to get the FTC to actually investigate. (Or find a class-action lawyer who's interested)
Then, there's always other forms of media - print, tv, etc, etc.....
bloggers are sometimes the best source of info - remember when the bloggers broke the story that the National Guard documents against Prez Bush were forgeries?
Blogs, yo.

Lady Dacia - Mistress of the Dual End Applicators


Former Arbot

I use MSN as my search engine, and this site is still the first one on there when you type in "arbonne scam!"

You go Cat!


why are the arbots searching for "Arbonne Scam" anyway?? Shouldn't they be searching for the word "Arbonne???" hmmmmmm....when doing an MSN search for "arbonne" you won't be able to find this site in the top 10 BUT if you do a search for Arbonne SCAM then it is #1?? Are the Arbots actually doing research????


I am not sure about Arbonne or not. Make up isn't my cup-o-tea. Being as I used to be in the field of journalism, I have to question ali meyer's article somewhat. Whether or not the email was real, I do not question. I reality, the email was partly true. As Ali reporteed, some lipsticks do, infact, contain trace amounts of lead. Is it enough to be harmful to humans? doubtful. But, this statement: "All cosmetics go through an extensive FDA approval process." is simply untrue. From the FDA's dot gov site: "FDA's legal authority over cosmetics is different from other products regulated by the agency, such as drugs, biologics, and medical devices. Cosmetic products and ingredients are not subject to FDA premarket approval authority."

Just from a logical standpoint, I am also curious as to why an Arbonne competitor is quoted in the article. Whom, coincidentally, I was looking up info on and found this site. My wife was approached by a MK rep. Because of the MK quote about business practices, in comparison to Arbonne, I have to question the intent of the reporter. If microsoft has an operating system problem, you don't call Steve Jobs at Apple computer and ask him what is going on with Microsoft. That used to be considered a no-no in journalism. But, unfortunately, it is becoming a more accepted form of sensationalistic journalism.

Anyway, back to looking up info on another company. Just thought I'd post what I thought was questionable. Just remember, not everything a reporter says in necessarily true. They can make mistakes, as this one obviously did. You still have to think logically. Good luck to everyone.


I also noticed the journalist's mistake in her article. "All cosmetics go through an extensive FDA approval process." This is completely false. And using a MK rep to rebuke Arbonne? Bad journalism. This does bring up an important point, though: Americans need to wake up and remove themselves from the Madison Avenue-induced coma that has enveloped them for the last 50 years. Most American cosmetic companies put harmful ingredients in their products. But they gloss over their products by hiring shiny celebs to market them. Many countries are starting to ban American cosmetics because of their harmful ingredients!! Americans are going to have to start taking responsibility for what they put in their bodies and what they put on their skin. Whether you choose to use Kiss My Face, Arbonne, or some other brand that is safe for your skin and body, each person is going to have to protect themselves from harmful ingredients, because I can guarantee that the American gov will not do it. Watch this newscast from Channel 4 in Houston, and consider yourself warned.

Madame Notte-a-Suckeur

I was watching Dirty Jobs on the Discovery channel , They were in Vegas at a pig farm where food not used from The Strip is recycled to feed the pigs.At one point they skim the fat that rises off the rotten, yet heated to sterilization, food. The fat is sold to cosmetic companies to use in products.YUCK!


Yeah, don't believe everything a reporter tells you, but an Arbonne rep....now there's someone you can really trust.


Cat, don't know if the last comment is about my post. I reread my post and I should clarify it. This sentence: "Whether or not the email was real, I do not question." should be replaced with, "I do not question the authenticity of the email." Ali showed a link to the email on her site. I do not doubt that it exists. According to the broadcast, while the makeup does contain some lead, it will not, as the email claims, kill you. I hope I wasn't misinterpreted as saying that the arbonne person was right.

Nat-is-best, I thought it was amusing that shelly smith, of the cancer coalition, was using arbonne products even though, according to the first article, they have the most lead! Obviously, the lead is not as harmful as the email in the first broadcast claimed.

Madame Notte-a-Suckeur, do not know if that is true, but if so, I hope they put the cobbler I left on my plate to good use. :) I guess I need to look into it, but does the fat lead to Cancer? Or is it just gross to think about? I do not see the problem in using fat for makeup, if it is safe. But then again, I don't wear make up, my wife does. Next time I kiss her I will think of my cobbler on her. kinda kinky!:)

I like this site. Although you have to take most of the info with a grain of salt, it is a lot of fun! It is almost like Jerry Springer used to be.

BTW - my wife decided she didn't like the MK makeup as well as her current stuff. So, she won't be joining the MK revolution.

Madame Notte-a-Suckeur

No Funny, my post was just there for the yuck factor. Dirty Jobs is a great show but you really had to see the vat of nastiness being fed to the pigs. But then again...you may never kiss you wife again when she has makeup on! LOL


No worries ThisisFunny! I think I took your comment as a neutral comment. My tone may not have come over the way I meant. Glad you enjoy the site!

Dear Arbonne Vice Presidents,

We're thrilled to share great news with you about Arbonne and our Chairman & CEO, Bob Henry. Bob is a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2006 awards in Orange County, California. The finalists are chosen by an independent judging panel and selected for being, "True visionaries who have contributed to economic growth, innovation and cutting-edge products and services." This year marks the 20th anniversary of this prestigious awards program and Arbonne is proud to have its top executive and our company recognized and awarded!

Also, Bob has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), as well as its board for the Direct Selling Association's Education Foundation (DSEF). Arbonne is a long-standing member of this national trade association of direct sales companies, whose mission is, "To protect, serve and promote the effectiveness of member companies and the independent business people they represent. To ensure that the marketing by member companies of products and/or the direct sales opportunity is conducted with the highest level of business ethics and service to consumers."

When asked about these honors, Bob responded, "It is with great pride that I accept these nominations on behalf of Arbonne. Both the award nomination and the DSA Board elections are further affirmation that our company is on the rise and that we are positioned for even greater growth and achievement. It is a great day at Arbonne when Ernst & Young and our industry association recognize all of our tremendous, collective efforts."

Congratulations Bob, and kudos to all of you who are working to make our company so successful!


That post above must be a joke. If he receives an award like that I will vomit. Except that the whole industry is a joke. Kudos Bob, on making me sick.

Cat, maybe we can start a topic like - what lies were you told to join? Or what lies did your upline tell you that they believed were true? Or what lies did they tell you that they knew were lies? Or how long was is until you were encouraged to "fake it until you make it" (lie)? Or what lies & non-compliance issues did you report that were swept under the mat? Or what policies from the P&P manual were you encouraged to break/ignore? Or what policies does your upline ignore/break? Or does your upline even know there are policies that are in a policies and procedures manual? Or does your upline say buying 12 kits is not front loading? Or how many times in the last 6 months have you gotten a call from someone about Arbonne that you haven't talked to in 5+ years (this is becomming very common around here as recruits are being encourage to "stretch their boundaries...") I would have things to post on all of these topics.


Oh, I forgot a good one. How about - how long until you were told - you don't need to know anything about the poducts because you aren't going to sell them - just find people that have enough money to get in and want more money. Or how long until you were told to - "sponsor up" (meaning find people with more money than you) - that was my personal favorite.


Oh My Cat!
Check out this article that was written about Arbonne - looks like all of the Swiss lab hoax stuff got the attention of someone in the media. here's the post that was left on my site:

"This from the Norfolk/Virginia Beach USA Virginian-Pilot newspaper today(http://home.hamptonroads.com/stories/story.cfm?story=106391&ran=126319&tref=po). I have my head researcher following the end of Mr Swift's little discussion of Arbonne.


Cavalor Epthith
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
"Death! Destruction! Diatribe! Discourse! Daily Pitchfork!"

What do you make of that??????

saved by grace

silent-no joke, that's what i've been waiting for. i want all the gory details on all the lies!!!! how can there be so many out there saying that no one they know runs their business that way when both people who approached me tried to get me to buy the pups. girl #2 even made a huge deal about how this IS the successful and ethical approach to being an arbonne consultant. i would love to know why in the heck she thinks that??? it makes no sense, whether you know anything about arbonne or not. when i heard all that bull about "give me 1k and get 3 others to do the same for you and you'll be rich AND you never have to sell the product it sells itself" i knew it MADE NO SENSE. IT WAS BULL!! and i knew that before i even found this sight. so why are all of you treated like you are crazy? all of you who love arbonne, hear this, "you 'good' ones are out numbered by the bad ones so quit being so condescending and mean to those who feel they know the truth. and they do--know the truth. there are obviously tons of people out there who have a problem with this company and i think they have very legit complaints. do the math. both people who came at me came with the same approach-buy the pups! that makes 100% of the people i know are saying you have to invest the big bucks. it's only 2 but it is still 100%." so silent, i would love the answers to all those questions!! my friend has gone from disliking gated communities and country club members to treating me like an idiot because i don't want 12k/month and a white mercedes. it is all she can talk about!! all because of arbonne. what a great company!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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