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June 23, 2006


Just read through all of these pages
you'll certainly find out why!

If you want to be negative, fine. If you want to have an entire blog devoted to being negative - fine. Not the way I'd choose to live my life, but to each his own.

But why, oh why, do you feel it necessary to send a fake email to a bunch of arbonne consultants, using Stian Morck's name (spelled incorrectly, I might add) to falsely lure them in and direct them to your hotbed of negativity and baseless accusations? You talk about deceit and misrepresentation...perhaps you should practice what you preach.

Arbonne is an ethical company with good products. Some consultants are bad apples. Unfortunately, that's the way it goes. It's life. Move on.


who sent a fake email???


Excuse me? What are you talking about? Please feel free to post whatever email you are talking about so that others can see. And I DO practice what I preach....mostly ;)

There ws no fake email at anytime posted on this blog. SOMEONE is IMAGINING THNBGS.
Arbonne's crooked and corrupt management is just as much to blame for things as more than a few RVPs and NVPs are

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I received a pdf copy of the Stian letter that was forwarded to me from someone off of a "positive" arbonne board.

It looked completely legit to me. Name spelled correctly except for the mark through the o. And wow! I must say he addressed almost every issue I had brought up previously with my upline (who acted like I was nuts for even questioning any of what was going on.)

Too bad Rita and Bob put the kabosh on enforcing his letter and came out with their own "continue doing business as you were" e-mail only a few days later. Hmm, wonder why? $$$

If the letters from Stian were false, why did several NVP's have training calls with their teams and reference the letter(s)? I listened to at least one of the recorded calls. See following thread.

The bigger question should be, why should we be having to find out this info via internet blogs? Why was the letter (as is a lot of their correspondence) just sent out to NVP's? Then the rest of us are only enlightened if our NVP sees fit.

Had to re-post the following comments from nomoremlm on the fantastic skin care site. This totally sums up much of my experience to a T! I know many of you witnessed the exact same things going on in your groups/upline. It's a great summary of why we are all out of the fog . . . and trying to help others do the same.

"Anyway the bottom line is Arbonne has a book of rules that they say you have to follow. No one follows them and no action is taken. Corporate knows these rules are broken and they don't care because the trule breaking is making them SERIOUS $$$$! People are recruited EVERY SINGLE DAY using 2 methods - lies of how to do the business (all of the policy rule breaks including frontloading, enrollment manipulation, pupping, and the list goes on) and selling a "sizzle" of greed based on emotion. People recruit their friends because they TRUST them and they won't question what is going on. When you do start to question it (why do I have to order so much, why are we front loading when its against policy, why are we taprooting when enrollment manipulation is against policy, why is the DM in qualificfation for AM offering order incentives to other consultants in her line when that is against policy of order manipulation for bonus buying, why did you tell me that you only work 10 hours a week when you just told me that you have to be working this business in all parts of your life all of the time always looking for people, why do you "fake it til you make it" - that's lying, why if you are a NVP and you are supposedly "making" 29K a month are you here at this "training" on your birthday, I like to be with my family on my brithday, why do you show large checks when that is against policy if you are not showing the expenses and the bottom line, why are you telling people Arbonne gives you a free car - they don't - you have to buy it and they give you some money IF you continue to make prodcution which doesn't seem so easy - most make next to nothing when you factor out their expenses) when you start to ask questions like this, you are told you are untrainable, difficult, uncoachable, a dream stealer, a loser, lazy, hard headed, this is a different kind of business (yeah, unethical) and worse. But if you are a good little brain-washee you will be told you are "on fire" and you are "sharp" and you are an "Ace". I actually confronted my RVP on several lies she told, in front of the NVP and the NVP acknowledges that the RVP lied but DEFENDED her. In any ethical business that peson would have been fired. Do you think this NVP turned her in, of course not - because she would have lost her big money maker!!!! That my friends is all it is and nothing more, its all about money and brainwashing people to believe in the opportunity and the dream. People get all worked up about the emotional, why did you do it if you knew it was wrong - BECAUSE THEY WERE LYING AND I DIDN'T KNOW IT YET BECAUSE I TRUSTED THEM!!! The very bottom line is this COMPANY in the CORPORATE OFFICES knows that the lines are breaking MANY rules and yet they do nothing because they are greedy.

Many consultants here are already starting to feel their pyramid crumble. I have heard of 5 this week that are moving on to the next big thing and trying to take their lines with them (another break in policy).

I also want to restate for those wanting out or want to get refunds - you can, its possible, I did it and so have many others on this site and others."

Well said NoMoreMLM!









Hey everyone - I wanted to encourage you all to start booking your Arbonne
Christmas Product Events for September RIGHT NOW.... You will be able to order your Christmas Line at the first of September so Get ready.

You want to call wholesale buyers, friends, family members, prospects for booking Christmas events at their home
and office.

Remember - 6-10 classes a month ---- Makeup Madness Events, Christmas Product
Events, Ladies Nights out, Spa Parties etc

Drop off of anti-aging, intelligence, men's kits ------------------ drop off 4
kits on a Monday and pick up on Wednesday ---drop off them on a
Wednesday and pick up on a Friday etc, etc,

Who are you having lunch and dinner with this week???? share arbonne with
someone ---

How many catalogs have you dropped off at businesses this week--- make sure you
put the product sheet in there or the symptoms sheet in there....

Are you sponsoring UP???? That means are you going after people who are busy,
have a positive attitude, givers, people who you are attracted to, not people
who are needy, negative, etc ----- You will be sponsoring, teaching and
training, so why not do it with people who have great work ethic and deserve
this business....not those necessarily who need it - most people who need
something, they do not always understand how to get it.

When I started Arbonne, I took my catalog and favorite products over to my
friends and family and shared our

products with them. That is how I began my journey in Arbonne...This process
got me to AREA MANAGER....

I added the group presentations, one on one luncheons and the drop off of the
anti-aging kits to get on to

Regional Vice President...... So Do it all....

Raise your bar of expectation.... You can do this by staying plugged in with the

I am so excited for all of you..... You will make this happen - remember that..

Love ya much

former Arbonne employee

Hey Stealthmode and Ninja

How do you like getting RE9 products where the pumps don't work.How do you like having to email or call Arbonne because your orders are missing products that you promised your customers would be in the original shipment? How do you like getting busted up packages from the new Indiana warehouse?

Steathhmode, dont you know you are supposed to be using samples now and NOT used kits???
You are trying to BUY your way to a white Benz (against policy ya know!!)


Definition of Stealth: secret or underhand procedure. Perfect name for an Arbonne con-artist, I mean consultant.

arbonne assasinator

Don't bash ninja or Stealthmode. They are passing along info gathered covertly. Much like the letter to the FTC and instructions to arbonne consultants on what to say was passed along a month or two ago.


You aren't saying they were actually serious are you?


If you are asking if the ninja and stealthmode
post are real, yes, they are. They are not made up. Not a joke.


Wow! That's interesting. I had no idea Arbonne consultants were interested in my anti-arbonne/MLM site.

former arbonne employee

Well if they are passing along "covert" info,assasinator, you just gave them away.

BTW it was Bob Henry and Rita Davenport that forced Stian Morck to revise his letter due to the complaints that they got from all the RVPs and NVPs re: discontinuing the puppy dog approach. NOW the consultants are wanting the samples to count for volume and are begging the company to let them do that. They are still being taught in the field by all the white Benz owbners to go after volume and recruiting, not sales of products. Well that approch does indeed make more money for those at the top, including ol' Bob and Rita and Harvest Partners.

But Arbonne is still receiving communications every day from lower level consultants who are being told by their upline to buy $1000 or $2500 worth of product which they cannot afford and when told by the company through customer service that they really don't have to according to the stated policy, they are furious and have been returning lots of kits over the past six months.That is one reason the return process takes so long.

By the way, don't be fooled by all this talk of one million consultants. Most of the recent newbies are merely "wholesale buyers" who have been told it is much cheaper and better to buy an RE9 set at a discount. But they really never buy much else, so the income is really not from one million "consultants" . It is from those few who are trying to buy their way to the top. The one million figure is just something to make Arbonne look good. Many of those newbies are returning their sets also because of "allergic reactions" which seem to be on the increase among those purchasing RE9 products

The company's upper management is ignoring the problems and blissfully counting the bucks that come in from the Benz owners.


And that is one of the reasons Arbonne consultants are interested in this site as well as all the other anti-Arbonne sites out there. Oh, and it's probably why I'm starting to get a lot of hate mail :)


Hey Cat - what's up? So you're gettin' hate mail now, huh?
hee hee
That's when things start to really get good....when you start getting nasty emails that just means you're making waves, chica!
Love ya!!

Hang in there Cat! Hate mail just means you are gettng to them.


I happen to run across this site just passing thru. I just have to ask..How do you have the time to post so much and so often...and sooooo passionately about hating MLM & Arbonne (specifically). I read that many of you say you are happy with your jobs and your this and that, etc....or maybe you are single parents that have to put your children in daycare. Why do you make time for this site?? Does it not take time away from your families and kind of bring you down? Its so negative. I get that you all believe what you say and are very passionate about it but wouldn't it be wonderful to be this passionate about something in a postive light? Don't say you are trying to help people from taking the evil path of MLM. I can assume most people who visit this site are cut from the same cloth and believe the same anyway. Honestly, what drives you??? I find that question much more interesting than weather or not Arbonne is an evil empire or not. Is there anything out there that you see as a good opportunity?

Eric Cooper

MLM in my opinion is a slowly dying industry, hampered by the increasing availability of competing products at lower prices in most areas of the country as well as ease of online shopping. Although Arbonne has consultants in all 50 states, the bulk of the sales and ordering seems to come from the rural areas of the country. Arbonne has far fewer consultants in bigger cities.


Actually, Arbonne is an internet based business which is probably part of the reason it has been as successful has it has been. The internet has really changed the way most businesses have operated and from what I can see Arbonne has really taken advantage of the technology with their training and sales ordering using the internet. I have looked at other MLM's and the ones that I have looked at do not use the internet as efficiently as Arbonne does. It certainly makes it easier to order your products if you live in a rural area and have them shipped to your door. I can understand why it may be more popular in rural areas. However, I am surrounded by rural areas and not many people have heard of Arbonne but many people use Mary Kay and Avon..Beauticontrol etc. You know, I wonder if there are more stay at home mothers in rural areas typically and as I know it can be a real hassle getting out of the house to go shopping for stuff like that with kids in tow. Who knows?


The "can't get out with kids" argument doesn't really hold water. You have to go out and buy groceries, clothing , etc and you need those things more often than skincare. Also, most people don't want to wait a week to get their stuff.


I understand your point but I know when it comes to going to the mall to buy makeup, I would rather not have my kids with me. That is just me thought, I assume there are others like me. If there was a way I could shop online for groceries and have them at my doorstep, I would be the first one doing it! LOL I suppose I could get my skincare at the grocery store or Wal-Mart but I enjoy using better quality skincare. I am just saying it is convenient. I guess I could think up an argument for something being a bad idea about anything if I tried but for many people, they enjoy the convenience of that.


Oh, and I know that it typically takes 3 days now to get your products thru Arbonne! That is pretty quick, I think. I think its because they have another distribution center. I ordered some this past month and it got to my door in 3 days. Thats not bad because I am usually not in need of "emergency skincare".

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