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June 23, 2006



Hey Cat - did you get my recent emails??


blastinpowder-how do you feel about what enron did to it's people? or what united airlines did to their people by getting rid of their reitrement? corruption is everywhere and it is especially evident in cooperate america. this is amercia where everyone has the choice to be consumers. i choose to use a very good product and spend the money doing so. you only have one face and i will take care of it the best i know how and washing my face with soap or other products made with plastic is not appealing to me. you choose to line the pockets of every executive(sp?) of every product you buy, whether it is a brand name or not. somebody is getting rich or making money. so yes, i rather have people buy a product from me and i like making money off of it. it's just like with your insurance. does the insurance industry piss you off as much as a mlm? b/c in more ways than one they are a lot a like. you pay your preimum and your agent gets paid along with the ceo, and your money trickels down. it amazes me how pissed off people get with direct sales people as compared to the guy working at best buy. lastly, did you know that your insurance agent makes a possible minimum of $10k/month? but not everyone goes into insurance sales b/c they don't want to do the work and reap the rewards. it's all about residual income, which is what most corperations, mlms, grocery stores, etc are based on. hope you have a good one.


You are right in the fact that Enron did wrong. You are right that insurance companies upset all of us. There is a large difference between these corp. companies and MLM. Enron supplied a commodity that I needed and have no choice but to purchase. Insurance companies supply a service that you must have by law or you need it when your house burns down etcetera…… I don’t need Arbonne and can get as good or better products for less. I may pay allot for insurance but it protects you and I. You are right Enron has done wrong and the people involved are paying for the bad business ethic. Every day Arbonne is supporting bad business ethic but I see they have no repercussion as of yet. Now this may change because of the trade laws that will soon be in effect. Arbonne has made me take a deeper look into MLM and the products they supply. The research that I have found shows a major misrepresentation of ethics and business practice. After researching into the product ingredients and asking peoples true unbiased opinions of the product I find that they offer nothing new to the market place. In the beginning I gave Arbonne a fair shake. I think as an Arbonne rep people get wrapped up so much with Arbonne they don’t even look at companies and products that are competing against them. There are so many businesses that have been around longer than Arbonne that supply the same products and are not MLM. Take the fact that their contracted distributors have been in business most likely longer than Arbonne. Look at the signed consultants that move product for Arbonne and figure the percentage of turn over in people. 99% of people that sign on with an MLM will loose money and not make it to the top. Why do these facts hold true year after year and decade after decade? MLM is based on a pyramid. The structure of a pyramid by design is made to make large quantities of money for the top end before it fails. Yes they are designed to fail. I see all these posts about how you can make money with Arbonne. The fact is if you take what Arbonne posts on their website you will see that maybe 4% of qualifying consultants at every level receive a check. Out of 365000 registered consultants 14600 received a check. Arbonne received $10.6 mill as a total in just the $29 sign on fee and $17.6 mill for the 146000 people to pay $100 a month in product to get a check in 2005. My numbers may actually be low. Think about it and use your brain to make a decision about doing business with Arbonne.


Yep. Look: all natural skincare for less!




I recently read that Arbonne has passed the 1 million active consultants mark. Probably about 1.1 Million by now.

Here's what troubles me...and I realize that not every one of the million are business builders..but lets look at numbers. There are 300 million people in the US. Obviously not every one of those are of age 18 and able to be a consultant, and many are senior citizens. But even if they were all eligable to be consultants, that would mean there are about 300 Non-Arbonne consultants for every one consultant. Even if one could build a network of 300 consultants its doubtful that it would be enough to maintain a higher level of status with Arbonne. 300x100 monthly order =30,000. Not enough to maintain RVP.

And thats for the person at the top...not the 300 people are are selling on a dream of making it big as well. Its obvious that mlm's cannot last forever becuase it will eventually bottom out..and sure..you made some good money but I'd hate to be the one on the top reaping profits while 99% of those on the bottom only lost out..and probably put themselves in more debt.

I also laugh at the mlm'ers who use the corporate america analogy, and how bad it is, when essentially that is what someone starting a business with arbonne or an mlm is doing. Building a corporation of people who are also working and making you money.


Except in corporate America, the CEO's salary doesn't depend on all the guys in the mailroom taking up a collection out of their own pockets.


Good for you to stop and smell the roses and raise your son. It's not too late either....you missed the first 7 years but now you can build a lifetime with him....I believe if you have children then you should raise them......YOU should raise them...not day care, or stranger, or even family but YOU....Whey do you have them if your not going to take responsibility? You were forced into a situation and you found your way out with Arbonne. Arbonne is a great company when ran ethically by the consultants....Koodos to you!!!!!


Well then you need not send your child to school either. There teachers will discipline and teach your child and thats your job too!



The only reason why it burns your @ss of what Mysonback is saying is because you do feel guilty....Most people get deffensive when the truth is spoken...I've been there too....but life is too short to get mad....takes things for what they're worth....


The government says we have to have equal rights to education and every child will go...No teachers do not raise your children...they are their to teach....if you are not involved in your childs life then you are leaving it up to the teachers....this is sad....


what is with all the idiots today? These MLM jerks cannot do anything but insult. It is an indication of a scam when the promoters immedietely begin attacking someone's personal life, rather than address the very real problems with their so-called "opportunity".


Actually, teachers are not there to raise our children they are there to educate....Back in the day when I went to school you did not back talk the teachers or your elders....you knew that if you did, you were to reek havic when you got home or worse you had to see the principal for a spanken....what ever happend to parenting? God only knows........


You don't have to be in a MLM to know what is right or wrong....comon get some commen sence.....


free@last, get a dictionary!


Attack, Attack, Attack....


Not attacking just suggesting you get a dictionary, if you feel attacked then that's on you not me.


My bad!


Why do I feel guilty? I am a stay at home mom whose husband supports us. What am I feeling guilty for. I have what you want yet I dont have to hock creams to do it!


So please tell me how daycare is different. If you are the nurturing parent then someone else is just making sure they dont set themselves on fire. All Im saying is working moms have enough guilt they dont need the self righteous attitude of " someone else is raising your child". Or maybe its ok to live in a car or on welfare as long as you raise your kid. No people will never wait to have kids until they can afford them..some will never be able to afford them. We could solve alot of social problems with birth control...but hey thats not gonna happen.Until then sometimes moms have to work.

Oh no. Someone let Bernice out of the psycho ward again! Bernice - Go sell your trash somewhere else!


OMG, is that the same Bernice from the fantasticskincare board??? If it is, she is looney!

Same Bernice. Hence the psycho ward comment, I presume.


I guess it makes you feel better calling others names! Sign of a week person.....


It's weak Bernice--I'm begging you to get a dictionary.


LOL.....I'm glad your looking out for my wellfare....let me know about anymore corrections....

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