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June 23, 2006




[Specifically, the complaint alleges that the defendants, in both written and oral sales pitches to prospective purchasers, violated the FTC Act, by misrepresenting, among other things:

* the potential earnings and profits prospective distributors could realize;
* the substance and success of their location assistance program;
* the number of ORION distributorships established in any given geographic market;
* that testimonials of "successful" distributors represent the typical experience of ORION distributors; and
* that some of the comments by distributors were unsolicited and uncompensated.]


I'm just wondering how many people are going to get suckered this weekend. I've thought about it ever since I got the invitation. I wrote a letter to the Hyatt and included this info. I want to do more, but I have to check on the legalities.



When I saw Antares, I almost fell out of my chair. At my last job we did business with a DIFFERENT and reputable company that goes by the name Antares. I believe their full name was Antares Management Solutions. I wonder if they can sue them for having such a similar name and potentially hurting their reputation....


I don't know, but I would look into it if I were that other company. This Antares is a really crummy company.

Arbonne has given me my son back

WOW is all I can say for every post that I have read here. I want to say I feel for each of you and I hope that we are adult enough to live, learn and move on. It doesn't matter what happens in our lives and it turns out that it wasn't for us or something got so screwed up that we didn't even give it a chance to become something great. Arbonne, Mary Kay, Party lite, Body Shop, Tastefully Simple, Passion Parties or what ever your choice of a home based business HAS helped MANY people get out of dept, build a house, help a neighbor, fund a charity, give to others, allow us to be around positive people and one of these companies worked well for me enough to allow me to FINALLY be at home with my son.

YOu can call me an Arbot all you want, I am Ok with that. I have had people on my team that it didn't work out for, the difference between me and some of the people unfortunalty exposed you or sponsored you is that I do build relationships with them. I am ADULT enough to seperate business from family and friendship and if someone chose not to to the business, it's OK and I am OK with it. Do I want them to yes, because it has changed my life and MANY on my team and I only want that for them. YES there has been shipping problems, but I always make sure I can help my team while they wait and I will tell you, the ones that pushed through as mas as they where, do GREAT.

You have to understand when you come into MLM is that IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE and that is OK. Every company has its problems, hello look at the job you or someone you know is working for now. That company has issues. I worked in HR and Accounting (imagine that job for 10 hours per day) I sat just outside of the General Managers office. Do you think he ever once said HI to me or hey how are you or your family in the 7 years I worked for him??? NO he didn't, infact all he and the board of directors cared about is the MONEY. Not relationships.

Many people come into MLM companies thinking they will turn a profit in their sleep right away. Well, you won't. It is WORK, you have to work at it and you have to develope a relationship with your team or what is the point. I feel after reading these post on all of the blogs here that none of you think or really feel in your mind, body and soul that you are worth more than you are right now. You can't stand your sponsor, now all but the lady sponsored by her husbands ex-wife, that isn't fair. They are learning too and they ARE going to screw up. Some way worse than others but it is going to happen. In life SHIT happens, it does and I sometimes feel as if that sign is on my forehead to make sure it happens to me. But knowing now that it happens, I am able to move past it, learn from it and be better today.

I am sorry that this didn't work for you, I am sure there is something that will work for you. But as you are bashing this company, I want you to know what it has done for me. I was married to my first love, we lived a 12 hour plane trip from home. When my son was born I came home to Alaska to see my family and learned my at the time husband had moved out and wanted nothing more to do with us. I was 21, in pain and a NEW mom. My son didn't come with instructions and I was away from friends and family. I had to sell or give away everything to include my 1 year old dog. I didn't get a chance to enjoy my son growing up because we had NOTHING and I needed to work 3 jobs to make ends meet, build a work history and pray someone would see something in me to hire me for something that would afford me to work one job,provide a house for my son and food on the table. We also moved back to AK so I needed a reliable car for the cold winter. That dream that I worked so hard for NEVER came true. My son, now 8 was raised in child care, as good as they were to him. He learned how to walk in day care, he ate his first solid food in day care, he slept in his high chair in day care, he had another family in day care. I would have to drop him off at 7:30 and pick him up at 6:30 and bed time was 8:30 Now if that is what you call raising your child, you are missing their life. Arbonne was given to me one year ago today and in 6months of working my business on my lunch hour I was able to QUIT my job. The BEST part, we QUIT day care. This summer has been amazing to work my business with my son. He sets goals with me, he has participated in leadership training and he loves to talk about Arbonne with anyone, he is an Arbot in the making. Better than that he is a leader in life in the making. His life is filled with positive thoughts and the ability to get through rejection. It has been so nice to see him want to be so close to me. I have missed him for 7 years, and I now have a chance to raise my son. Many of you may or may not have had to place your kids in child care, many of you may or may not have been close to losing a house or wondering how will I feed my family this month after I pay my bills. I am sorry that you had a rotten experience with this in your life, but you will move on. Things don't happen by accident, they happen to us for reasons that we will never know or understand. Our mission is to decide how we will react and how long. Cat, I feel for you girl. You have been burned, you have a right to be mad. You also have a right to make yourself a better person and grow from it.

Could you imagine someone posting something about you that you have poured your heart, time and care into because of a few bad apples. We are independent of eachother and if you want it bad enough, someone in your upline WILL help you. I would love to see where each of you are in five years. What do you want in life?? What are you doing different to achive it? It doesn't have to be Arbonne.

son back - i replied to your duplicate post on the other tread. i won't waste my time replying again, you can just look there.


I am soooo sick and tired of the daycare issue. If you dont want to take care of your son then dont get a job, stay at home and let the taxpayers do it. My son was in daycare for 5 years. He learned to walk at home with me in the front yard. He ate solid food cause I gave it to him. Daycare is not raising your child. They are watching him while you put food on the table and pay rent. No more than schools are raising him when he goes to school.
As far as your boss being your friend is stupid. I am a boss. I dont want to be your friend...I want you to do your work.End of story. If you want girlfriend time go have drinks with your girlfriends but as far as recognition from a job....its called a paycheck! Its guaranteed once a week. Do you have any guarantees? How about health insurance? I give my employees that...sick days too. Paid vacations. Do you get that without having to be ON all the time?


Wow, no name and Lori, this woman poured her heart out and the most you can do is to Ridicule her? Show of character, isn't it?

son back, Congratulations on the hard work and the steps you have taken to turn your life around! I am currently reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and there are many many wonderful quotes in that book, one of which is the following from George Washington Carver, "Ninety-Nine percent of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses." Another one from Jim Rohn, "You must take responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself." From Wayne Dyer, "All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with another, and regardless of how much you blame him, it will not change you." And my favorite, from Jack Canfield, "You either create or allow everything that happens to you."

Lori, My son was in day care the first few years of his life and I thought I was the one to see him take his first few steps, but guess what? When I dropped him off one day and excitingly told them that he's a walker now (at 9 months) they said he's been walking there already! Same thing with solid food. Lori, if your child was in day care, I highly doubt that you were the one to experience most of the "first's". When a child is in day care for the majority of the day, and at home for just a mere few hours, chances are the day care provider will see the firsts, not the parents.


Why would you doubt that I was there. As far as ridiculing it was she who did that to every working mom. We have enough guilt without someone slapping more on. I will guarantee you I was there. My character would not slam the majority of women who do what they have to. Im sorry her husband was a dirtbag. So whos to blame? Daycare is there so when in that sitation a strong woman can be just that. Many times we have to step up and do the dirty work. I dont think working woman need any more tahn what we have to deal with.Thats what MLM does. It preys on mommy guilt.


Thats burns my ass to question where my sons firsts were. My friend ran the daycare. I was with him after work and before. I started him on solid food on my day off, potty trained him on my day off, andwalked in the grass the first time with him on my day off. Oh I also paid the mortgage and bills. My husband isnt a dirtbag...sorry. He would not walk out but if he had..I had it covered. I no longer work cause I dont want to.We have our own business and I keep the books. My youngest will start preschool in the fall. I have already taught him the ABC's. My oldest, the one "raised in daycare", I taught him that too. He knew more than most kids starting kindergarten. So dont suggest cause a kid starts in daycare they are deficient in any way.


I was a divorced mother of two babies 10 years ago. YEah, I married a dirtbag too. So, I did what I had to do and I have a respectable career that I am happy with....great hours, benefits, money and MY boss treats me with respect as well as takes time to ask about my family, what I'm doing for Holidays, etc...It didn't fall in my lap though. It was hard raising babies and working a full time job. I found ways to stretch money and took any opportunity I could to make honest money on the side without having to sacrifice what I wanted for my children. I respect anyone who takes on raising children and being the bread winner. If Arbonne had been presented to me 10 years ago, I would probably been interested and naive enough to have really gotten into it and made money. I'm glad that was not the case because now that I am older and wiser I know that I would have been heart broken to learn the truth about Arbonne.

Son back-I'm glad that you are able to spend more time with your son and I'm glad to hear that's a priority in your life, but don't give Arbonne the credit. That credit is yours and yours alone. You would have found a way whether Arbonne came into your life or not. Moms always find a way!!


And Lori-I'm sick of the daycare thing too. There are other options! And why, if a parent is so worried about their child being in daycare would they actually put them there? We all know Arbonne knows which buttons to push! The daycare one is just Arbonne salesman garbage used by all the other MLMer's.


Great way of putting it! I just get so mad when moms are criticized for doing what they have to in terms of daycare. I know of no one who would do it if they didnt have to. Well, at least not on the good days! LOL


You must understand...like Cat said, Arbonne did not do what needed to be done. She did it! Moms are very powerful. We do what has to be done. When we do amazing things I think WE need the credit and hand it off to a cosmetic company. Great if Arbonne had a hand well good for you...but YOU and YOU alone. The SAHM vs working mom is sad. Thats all. I didnt mean to get my hackles up.


I meant NOT hand it off to a cosmetic company. Oops


Full disclosure--I am an Arbonne consultant, a very poor one. That I haven't hit the big time has nothing to do with the company, but has everything to do with focus--it's not my priority. I went nuts over the products and thought it might be fun to dabble. So I do, dabble that is.

What surprises me is the anger. I had no illusions about this business. The only way to make money is to cultivate business builders and for everyone to "Arbonnize" their lives. That's how MLM works. If my upline pushed me to "front load" in order to reach DM or AM, I'd refuse (though strategically it can make sense; you can dump your extra kits as incentives if you have a down line, which I don't).

I don't understand why everyone is so hurt. Going into business is risky; doing an MLM business is risky; investing in stocks is risky.

Clearly only a fraction of Arbonnites make it big, but isn't that true of everything?


Of course I understand that, what made you think I didn't? It all comes down to semantics then doesn't it? When I read her (son back) story, I pictured a Mom who worked very hard to be able to fulfill her dream of having her son home from day care. She fullfilled her dream. That's her choice. What was right for her and her son. If you feel day care is right for you and your children, then so be it. It's your choice. No one should condemn each other for their choices. That's not what she was doing. Not at all. And of course she worked hard to get to where she is, to fullfill that dream, no one said otherwise. Lori, you said, "I know of no one who would do it if they didnt have to. Well, at least not on the good days! LOL". That statement made me think of an aquaintance of mine who doesn't work and yet still sends her kids to day care because she doesn't think her nerves can handle caring for two toddlers every day all day long. Who am I to say that she is making the wrong choice? She is making the right choice for her because she knows her situation the best. I also know a few moms who can't wait to go to work so they can get a break from their kids for a bit.


I can understand the mom you speak of. I think we all do what we have to to get thru the day. If she were to spend the whole day stressed out and yelling, then she's making a good choice. I feel like sometimes we can be better parents when we are not with them 27/7. I am with mine 24/7 but so far no ones been hurt!


My son, now 8 was raised in child care, as good as they were to him. He learned how to walk in day care, he ate his first solid food in day care, he slept in his high chair in day care, he had another family in day care. I would have to drop him off at 7:30 and pick him up at 6:30 and bed time was 8:30 Now if that is what you call raising your child, you are missing their life.

I find this very critical and thats what bugged me.There are many moms who cry everyday they leave the kids in daycare. So to tell them they are not raising their kids is just more rederick from MLM. It gets the single working mom in the heart. Of course they want to be at home with the kids but they also want a guarantee of health care and a paycheck that no upline should try to guarantee. Yet some do and thats where the anger comes from. So my only question is if you send your son to school now are the teachers raising him or does that not count?


LOL! I've been with my 3 kids 24/7 for going on six years, I truly can understand, it's trying at times, many times actually, LOL! Especially when some or all of the neighbor kids are here, like now, eight beautiful energetic children ages 3 - 9 in my backyard. Ah, the joys of summer!


Well, Lori, I for one don't push the day care thing because I know not everyone can be a stay at home mom, much less a work at home mom. Try making phone calls with a few toddlers in the background, what a joke! LOL!


My house too. This is where everyone hangs out. Im good with that...then no one runs with scissors...know what I mean?


I am the one that posted I got my son back.

I want to make it clear to each person that reads this. I missed my son dearly, I was NOT pushed into Arbonne. The getting my son and I home together was MY IDEA not someone elses. I did suffer from MOMMY guilt BIG TIME!!!!!!! I actually came into Arbonne just to be around positive forward focused people. I didn't even care at the time if this worked or not, I just loved their energy. Then my business took off and I was able to take a chance to be with him for a few more years. I have older step sons now and one is being deployed to Iraq. When this happened in our life, and looking back at how many years have past, I didn't want to sacrafice missing anymore with my 8 year old. I worked in HR so the mom with the Business that has to have employees, you have great mom's working for you because they do need to put food on the table. For me, I had to find something else. What happend to the days when only one parent had to work to make ends meet? I was in a tough situation for 5 years of our lives.

To the lady that said I am brainwahing him by taking him to leadership trainings, your nuts!! The leadership trainings are not even done by Arbonne or anyone that has to do with Arbonne. Meetings??? We focus on two trainings per month and I work my one on ones Monday, Wed and Friday and can fit them in when my husband is home. The thing is we make it work as a family. I don't hassle people to do this with me, I don't hassle them to buy, I offer and if they say no, I close my binder and chat with them for a bit. I have made so many friends that have and have NEVER bought a thing from me. To those that quit, that is ok, it's not personal it's business and sometime things just happen. I feel for those that had an upline that couldn't handle it or walk you through what to do with your extra kits.

Our team DOES NOT front load and no one stays at the top that does.

But if a mom can find a way to be at home with her child, why NOT?

Thank you Cat, You are right, it wasn't Arbonne that got me there, it was me and a few people that wanted something else different in their life.

I do have to say I won't be back to this site. I found it when I was researching some information. I wish you all the best in what ever you find in your life to allow you the things that you treasure most.


Well I have been reading peoples posts here (meaning Arbots) and have to say their comments are very contradictive. Quotes like “I just want to help people be healthier” or “I am a stay at home Mom (Dad) and want a little extra money for my family”. In the same breath people like us (Anti MLM) get accused of doing business wrong or unethical. Well we all got involved with MLM because of the same reasons and some of us got burned and others are soon to be burned. When an MLM’er gets on here and reads all the true facts and continues to do this business because they use other people for money to line their pockets for what ever reason it sickens me. This just means that the same traits that a stay at home mother or father that sees the unethical practices we post here and continue to do this will be passed on to their children that they stay at home with. That’s right, take some innocent persons money to by your son those $80 Nike shoes he has been wanting. Basically these MLM’s can make you part time money with part time work. That means you will have to do some work that will not include your children. Well just get a “HONEST” part time job and it will equal the same and you won’t have to take an innocent persons money. If you are trying to give a healthier life style to the people you care about then don’t use Arbonne, use less expensive products that do the same or better and you will save them money at the same time. People that get sucked into this MLM are not sold by the product or type of business but rather the idea. In the end everybody looses except the company. Then you are silently but permanently labeled as a sucker by your closest friends and family whether you know it or not. Been there done that.

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