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May 01, 2006


Hi Norton Girl!

Well for someone who keeps bringing up religion you really like name calling. I am not flaunting. We are discussing things like normal human beings. Why is it that people have to always bring up GOD as they are slamming others. It seems you must of had some bad experience first hand or something. If you look at pyramids then look at the example I used of GM. The main guy will never suffer as everyone else is losing their jobs. GM employees thousands and they need their jobs in order to survive. I only know about this from reading the papers. There are many other stories too. Look at a the bank. It is set up as a pyramid too. The stock market is a pyramid, look what happen during the tech boom. Many people lost everything and it is legal. I was only merely pointing things out in the earlier message. It seems when someone has expresses an opinion you must slam them and bring God or religion. You should look at the facts. Like I mentioned earlier most who don't make it in things always use the blaming game. It is sad the God must be brought into every different opinion.



"It is sad the God must be brought into every different opinion."

Chloe, do you have a problem with the Word of God being used as a guide to live life by?


I don't have a problem however when I looked at all of the earlier posts, there seems to be such a double edge sword with your backlash. For instance, there is name calling if someone expresses something and there is such negative things with money. We need money for everyday things. If someone has more then someone it seems they are evil and judged by you. You don't even know these people. Then you say you will pray for them. It just doesn't seem like the love that was taught in the churches I went to. This is why I mentioned why bring up God if you don't show love. It is rather negative what you mention to someone. If it was your mission to teach others then there must be some other forms then slamming. It is just childish. This is why I said why bring up God if there is such negativity. The world beautiful if you focus on the good. Why slam others?



I am begging you to put that drink down or that crack pipe up 'cause you are delusional. First of all I am not name calling or using God's good name or slamming anyone (except maybe you)!!!

Chloe you said "I have made my fortune w/owning parking lots, vending machines & the stock market". This is called flaunting!

You also said "I am rich & I admit I am not always right. However, I would rather be rich then right". That's just lame!!!!


Chloe, the only term I use to describe anyone is "ARbot". I'm not into name calling. It sounds like you are the type of person that tries to keep Christians in defense mode by calling them "judgemental" or "not loving". Jesus loved more than anyone, EVER. He also called wrong doers to account. This one of my favorite examples:

13When it was almost time for the Jewish Passover, Jesus went up to Jerusalem. 14In the temple courts he found men selling cattle, sheep and doves, and others sitting at tables exchanging money. 15So he made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple area, both sheep and cattle; he scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables. 16To those who sold doves he said, "Get these out of here! How dare you turn my Father's house into a market!"


BTW Chloe--I am not blaming anyone, I am pointing out criminal activity in Arbonne. Who said anything about teaching??? I am only revealing the facts w/in this co.

Hi Norton Girl and JJ!

I am begging you to put that drink down or that crack pipe up 'cause you are delusional. First of all I am not name calling or using God's good name or slamming anyone (except maybe you)!!!


Why does the church collect money. The need it. Do we say that is evil? Of course not. Every company has its bad apples. All I said at the beginning of my post was that I preferred the Clear Advantage over Proactive and it was cheaper then proactive. The consultant that sold it to me gave it to me at her discount. She in no way is doing something illegal. You might know some others who are doing something wrong. As I pointed out earlier you are so quick to judge as everything being so wrong. I'm sure you both aren't perfect. Look at your earlier posts. You are not very polite to most of the people who are expressing their opinions.

First of all I don't drink or take any substance. So childish. You must resort to such things. Is it so hard for some so called Christians to show Christ like examples. This is why I mentioned why bring in GOD. How you post your messages don't seem so Godlike so why bring in God.



"You are not very polite to most of the people who are expressing their opinions."

only when their opinions are wrong. hehe.

Good night ladies.


Again, I never said money was evil. You pointed that out. I am not judging anything-- everything I have pointed out has been factual. I like how you only point out that you were talking about some acne wash when all you did was come on here & start bragging & preaching on what's what!! Read your posts again. And who the heck are you to tell someone about being polite when you have suggested that people have deep rooted problems, insecurities, etc. On second thought, you are crazy, I hope you never touch alcohol or drugs. You're pulling this crazy thing off good w/out them!!! BTW--this is 2006 no one says they are rich---they say they are wealthy & ususally they don't have to go around telling everyone especially on a MLM blog because it is just a known fact. You're killing me w/your craziness.

Good night!

I guess you just think the whole world is against you. I'm sure you think everyone has to agree with you and that is it. All I mentioned above is why bring in GOD.

The only thing I mentioned in my first post but it wasn't name calling is, "Your Broke" I find when people have issues about money and cast it down on others its because they are broke. If anyone has made it honestly it is still evil in your eyes. It is only the love of money that is evil. Abundance is sharing. This is how I keep making money back. It is because I put it back into society. It generates goodness back to everyone.

Love & Blessings to you both!

I hope you find whatever it is you are looking to achieve with this site. I just think you should looked at things more objectively.



"From all the different circles I hang around it seems that you two have something in common!!! YOU ARE BROKE!!
You are either Right or you are RICH! Which one are you?"

Chloe, I don't know who you are hanging out with, but whoever they are - they're not telling you the truth. In my experience, every MLMer I've ever known has been broke.
(Because they hide the truth about their finances from their recruits).
And actually, I'm right. AND I'm not broke. I have $150k worth of equity in my house presently. I have a large savings account, and I have no car payments, loans, or other debt.
I'm not telling you this to brag - I'm purposely debunking this myth you seem to have in your head: that being anti-MLM means you are broke. Not true!!!!!!

ripped off reis


I really think you should go wash your face with your "less expensive acne wash" and stopp commenting on this forum. There are hundreds and hundreds of people that have been effected by these "unethical and manipulative people. The top people who run this company are keeply aware of this situation. They also seem to approve of it. You really need to go and count your "riches" and enjoy your wash. You have nothing to contirbute to this particular subject. Bye-Bye


Chloe---this is just to inform you & you only because I don't feel the need to brag amongst my peers to make myself feel superior/better to them since we all have something in common w/our MLM experiences. So please everyone else ignore this next statement except for Chloe---for your information my husband is an international superstar in the pro-wrestling business. He has done more beer, baseball commercials, game shows, etc. in his 16 yr. & still going career in Japan. He has travelled the world and defended his world arm-wrestling championship that Sylvester Stallone made into a movie called "Over the Top" in 1987. This doesn't even count his 5 year run in the US for Ted Turner's group where he and six other wrestlers formed the "NWO" w/Hulk Hogan then my husband took it to Japan. I'm not broke Chloe, I could wipe my a$$ w/a hundred dollar bill everyday if that's what I wanted to do w/my money. Fortunately we like charmin (shameless plug for my husband's agent) so we too feel it could go for better causes but do not feel the need to be commended for it just because we can. You just do it.

I know the whole world is not against me Chloe that is your observation no one elses. No one has to agree with me but since I pointed out factual info, they just tend to agree with me. You are the one who rode in here on your high horse, making claims w/parking lots & such. We were discussing MLM expeiences. If you really aren't high or drunk then the only other advice I can give you is to quit listening to those voices in your head they are making you crazy. In today's world they have meds for that unless your a scientologist like Tom Cruise & them and you'll have to supplement w/some vitamins. Either way do us all a favor and read what you posted tomorrow then get back to us and let us know exactly who it is in Arbonne that you are defending. Appreciate it.


Hey norton girl, I know who your husband is. He is a big, bad dude. Just tell Chloe to shut up or your hubby will pound hers;-) hehe.

Thanks for all your beautiful comments. It seems if you had all this money through your husband why did you get into the business? I never brought your husband into this. I was referring to the last post. In any business each person has to take responsibility for their actions. When you signed on with your company did you not sign on as an independant consultant or a co-dependant consultant. It is easy to just blame. However, why would you get into this if you say you are so wealthy through your husband. There are many people in this world that are wrestlers or celebrities and still have nothing to show with it. Wealth is very deep rooted. Look at people who win lotteries and still lose it all. Wealth is having money work for you even when you are not working. I made my wealth by being generous and other opportunities came with it, this is not including my husband. If I were to bring in my husband then I would have to say he is a Prof. Engineer who supplies parts to all these different companies world wide. We all have cars! If fact his parts are found with BMW, Mercedes, GM Ford etc. This how we know about the unfairness in corporate companies. He is inside each company to see it. However, as I mentioned earlier there are bad apples everywhere. Infact I'm sure there are some in Ted Turners organization. If we keep so focused on the negatives of everything then we will keep attracting that in our lives. I don't find I have to bring in my Christian faith in this even if you insult me. ARbonne will still go. You will need a much better case with some attorneys to help you break it further. Why not just sue the your main upline that is causing you all this distress.

If you still feel that you have to go on and insult, name call and bring in God then all the power to you. Why not focus on the good things in your life! Your kids, husband, health etc. All this bitterness is just going to manifest in your body. I actually feel sorry for you. Hey! There is nothing wrong with venting with what happened. Your upline was unjust and it will come back. I just think there are good and bad things in the company that you were involved in.

I'm sorry if you didn't like the word rich in the first post. Wealth and riches are the unseen, that is what brings more in our lives. The more you count your blessings, the more things come in.

Good Luck !


Chloe--just wanted to point out your little white lie about the GM crap. First you said that you know all of this through reading the newspapers & now your story is because your husband supplies parts for them so he sees it firsthand. Get your story straight! Besides who has ever heard of a prof. engineer being an auto parts supplier?????

About my husband & money, if you knew what being wealthy was all about, Ms. supposive parking lot lady, then you would know that wealthy people diversify many avenues of income. Fortunately,I have never had to work in 13 yrs. of my marriage & this Arbonne thing was something I was doing w/my friends for your information.

Please don't feel sorry for me, I am great. I have the truth & the law on my side. I am not bitter but I am justified. Thanks for your legal advice but I already have agencies looking into this. Get off the God thing already, all I said about God was I hope he has mercy on their souls. Again, you still haven't told us who you are defending in Arbonne!?!!?


Ya know Norton girl, furthering wrestling on the rest of the world is nothing to be proud of. Its garbage and the worst kind of crap. My children are forbidden to watch half naked women prancing in a ring around grown men giving each other the finger between beeps of nasty language. That being said....how is what I just said different from what you say, lumping all people in a category. By your defination your husband is then just as responsible as Vince McMahon for putting that crap on TV. I cannot believe you can cast such stones. There are people that like wrestling but an equal number who think thats a blight and a menace worse than any MLM. That and reality TV all crap.


Lori,my husband has never & will never work for Vinnie Mac. I agree about not letting kids watch the it on TV nowadays. The promotion Ted Turner had was a lot diff. than Vinnie Mac's ok. Futhermore, pro-wrestling in Japan is a lot diff. than in the US it is viewed more as a sport than entertainment. They don't have the NFL, they have sumo & pro wrestling. My husband's co. has been around for 34 yrs. & is very reputable.


I hear ya but what I'm saying if you are right why beat her over the head with a brick. Just say okay and walk away. Besides if it all falls out dont you want her to have somewhere to go? Please dont take my post as an attack on your hubby, I really didnt mean it to come across that way. After reading it , it did sound that way. What I meant is one persons reality is anothers perception. Know what I mean?

Hi Nortongirl!

Yes I did read it in the papers too but I only brought in my husband since you did. I was only furthering the point. I never brought in God, you did. I was just saying why keep bringing in faith? Yes, infact someone who is an engineer can be very beneficial in being a supplier. It was an opportunity that came his way as he was working with other companies in design. It is the engineers that design parts. So since he already had a great reputation, then it made more companies want to deal with him since he is engineer. Most people would want to buy hair colour from a colour technician then just a cashier. That is the same in the auto business. Perhaps most suppliers are just salesmen however, if someone happens to be an engineer then that makes them more reputable in knowing what they are talking about.

Good Luck!


Thanks Lori--I guess I am trying to get her to divulge who she really is or who she is protecting/defending. The upline I turned in are watching this site like a hawk. Yeah you're right she's gonna need us in a couple of months, I'll control myself. I

I just stumbled across this site yesterday. I am not involved with anyone that you know. I was only stating an opinion and it is a free blog. If they didn't rip you off and you have enough money why bother. It will catch up to them, it always does when people go into any business with wrong intentions. Not everyone who makes an opinion different then yours is out to get you. I only said that I used the wash and the person gave it to me at their discount. I found it cheaper then proactive since this person gave it to me at a discount.



That was the dumbest thing so far. "If you have enough money to get ripped off and not be seriously hurting, then let it go".

So criminals should go free if the victims are able to go on living without serious long-term financial harm?
The only people I've run across with this attitude is MLMers - hmmmm.....


That's right PC, hmmmmmmmm! Think chloe is "in the closet". The MLM one, not the other one;)


I signed up with Arbonne to be a wholesale consultant a couple of weeks ago and it has been a nightmare since. Not to mention, my sponsor is a friend who I thoroughly trusted and have known for a long time. Technically, I would say I'm not a consultant because I never signed any papers. My sponsor sent an application online to Arbonne for my sign up and I was supposed to do that and then I bought the RSVP where you get $700 worth of products for $350. If you didnt know Arbonne has this thing that you have to place a $1000 order in your start month if you want to be a business builder, I dont so I didnt care about this part but I still could have done good just selling to friends and family and passing the 35% discount onto them. I'm not out to make money just share the wonderful products. I have used Arbonne products for 9 months now and I love them so thats why I decided to sign on as a wholesale consultant. Unfortunately, my friend took my $350 order and combined it with her order so she could reach her $1000 in her first month and so therefore; my account shows where I havent even placed an order yet. I have read every inch of the policy and procedures manual and my sponsor is violating just about everything written in the manual. My sponsor paid everything with her credit card so I returned all the products back to her and she did refund my money back because I want that order to go under my name not hers, I feel that she has used, manipulated, and misled me in several ways. Keep in mind since she signed me up what is considered fraudulent as I was never presented with a paper application nor did I personally submit the application online, she did that and I was not even present, so I did not see the terms and conditions that were started on the application. I have contacted Arbonne custumer service, policy and compliance dept, my NVP, area manager and have yet to receive any response. My sponsor is trying to justify what she has done to cover herself and I am getting so discouraged because I want to order my products but cant until all of this is resolved. What are your thoughts on this????? Am I doing the right thing. I have a friend who also is involved in Arbonne and her upline says I am going about this the right way and I have every right to be upset.

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