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May 01, 2006



Yes, subway, mcdonalds, wendys and many more have to purchase their own supplies. They pass on the cost to the customer.

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore

I work in a sales office, and I request literature from all of my manufacturers on a regular basis. If they want us to sell their $100,000 + machines, they will surely provide us with the selling tools necessary at no charge. Some of them get stingy about it and try to limit my requests, but I have 6 salesmen with 5000 or so customers to see. Most of the companies are all too happy to send us literature, though. It means we are trying to sell their product.

Further to that, if we do a marketing mailer focusing on a specific manufacturer's product, we get them to share the printing costs of the mailer with us.

Arbonne business aids aren't insanely expensive, but they definitely add up, especially when you are paying sales tax and shipping costs on them.

Ron Dranky

Does it make sense for Arbonne to be charging sales tax on the retail price of the product? If you are a consultant, shouldn't the sales tax be computed based upon the wholesale price?

Also, did I understand correctly that the state dictates that a customer pay sales tax on shipping?

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore


That is a whole tax issue which Arbonne and all MLM's do the simplest way to keep everyone legal. The assumption is that you are selling the product for retail price; therefore, sales tax must be paid on the retail price. Unless you get your own tax ID number, the company will always do this. It really is better for the consultants, as it keeps them from breaking the law and committing tax fraud, since most of them come into this business with zero business experience and wouldn't do a business like this if they had to start keeping track of things like sales tax. It would remove the cookie cutter part of the equation in convincing people to join an MLM. Keep it simple, and they will join.

I don't know and have never been able to figure out why sales tax is charged on shipping and business aids. It is true of other companies besides Arbonne, but you would have to ask your tax professional. It doesn't make sense to me, as business aids are not a resale item, and shipping is not a product at all, but that's the way it is. I work in a mostly tax exempt industry, so I don't get into that issue very much anyway.

Eric Cooper

My own opinion is that sales tax on shipping is regarded as a type of service tax by the individual states. It sure generated a lot of complaints from consultants when I was there and I would imagine that it still does.

Eric Cooper

Well, I googled the topic and found at least one state (Washington) with a small explanation:

Does retail sales tax apply to charges for shipping and handling?

Shipping, handling, freight, postage, C.O.D., and delivery costs charged to the buyer are generally part of the selling price and are subject to retail sales tax. It does not matter if the charges are billed separately. Such charges are also subject to B&O tax under the retailing classification. See WAC 458-20-110.

Deanna Robinson

When someone signs you up as a business builder for Arbonne, they get you to spend alot on yourself. And then tell you to "DUPLICATE" the system. You then have to turn around and scruw a few more people the same way they scruwed you.

Eric Cooper

that is why we are here, Deanna..
Welcome to the truth!

Scott Collins

Do you people really have enough free time to post this many comments about a company you don't understand? If you don't like it...move on. I'm not nuts about broccoli, but I have better things to do than blog endlessly about the fact.

Scott Collins,
Could you be the husband of Dana Collins?

Eric Cooper

Likewise, if you do not read these posts, then you don't realize that many of us know and understand more about Arbonne that you do.


I am an Executive Area Manager, in the coveted Edmond, Ok area (OK is the most successful state with over 200 Arb. VPs) I am only 4 down from the multi-millionaire and sweetheart of Arbonne, Cecilia Stoll. I made AM 3 months after joining. I am now in my 11th month of being a consultant.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS BUSINESS!! When they show you all the EOAs of VPs and the demographic map they don't tell you of the thousands of other people that didn't make it and gave up. I think it is only 3.5% that actaully make it to NVP (I may be wrong on that number but I am pretty sure that was it)

Unless you are a true selfstarter, plan on sacrificing everynight for meetings, parties and trainings or you like to shmooze every person that comes into your life. I worked my butt off in the beginning.
This was my experience: I got 4 biz builders just like I was told by my upline. Pushed them(b.b.s) like I was told. The problem was that everyone was so focused on b.b.s that there wasn't enough wholesale buyers to sustain AM & the B.B.s would quit. They were a bunch of stepford wives, perfect church going people that hugged, and smiled when they seen you but if your webstats went down you were ignored and snubbed. If you didn't look the part or act it they would also blow people off even if they made an investment!
They dazzle you with Cecilas story of rags to riches,bringing prospects to her Manasion. Cecila teaches contradictory trainings. Her Christian side says love your down lines and then a few minutes later she says only show those performing attenion. They push you to perform, while saying it is so different from Corporate America.I think it was worse,you are used in the worse way. Cecilia's success line teaches to make your downlines jealous by showing those performing attention and praise or at least my little 24 year old sponsor did, Anne Ragsdale. Her and her mother RVP Toni Ragsdale met with me one day when I enquired about the business. I thought I was being sponsored by the Mother come to find out at the first meeting I was registered under the girl that still lived at home!I was taught everyone had to make a several thousand dollar investment and to register people yourself so you can get their PIN number to check numbers if they move out of your central. I was also encouraged by my sponsor to buy products so that I could finish the qualification period. Once I was out of buying products she dropped me like a pancake! No customer service nothing! One (out of 3 above me)VP called me the whole time I was in and that was about a dispute. I regret ever joining, trusting my upline and most all of bringing others in that wasted money.
I like some of Arbonnes products. I like the company itself- Rita, the president seems like a really cool woman. But I will never trust Network marketing people again and I don't recommend the business. I chalk it up as an expensive learning lesson.

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore

Great Post, thank you Melanie! You are a shining example of breaking free from the orange fog. I hope you are not too far in debt and that you can get your life back to normal quickly!


I read alot of the discussion,
I did not see any difference in this company to any other company out there.
Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the real world. Some people, companies, and countries are good, in the middle and bad. Some parts of companies are good, in the middle, and bad.
Every company that does business will have someone blogging. I love it that were are able to express ourselves.
You choose.

Check out the blog on snow sucks. I think it was started by some guy in Florida that lives on the beach.


I have been working with Arbonne for almost a year now. I loved the products before I started. They had solved some sun damage issues I had. And when approached about the business, I was extremely reluctant having had poor experiences in the past with network marketors who were dishonest. But the business plan is actually really good. And my line is very serious about being product driven. We can not build a business on the backs of those below us. No matter how many people join my business, I still have to sell my monthly goal.

It is interesting that this site knocks MLMs so much; however, business people across the country are turning to this industry as one valuable way to do business. I think I trust Warren Buffet, who has major investments in two mlms, more than I trust anyone on this website.

Marketplace Morning Report on NPR just had a broadcast this morning talking about the validity of this business.

Anyway, Arbonne has allowed me to quit my job, get out of my cubicle and enjoy more time with my son. It has also allowed two of my friends to do the same. So you can scoff and call us stupid all you want. If this is stupid, I'll take it!

Well said, Goodwine. Eloquent, simple and with conviction.


Maybe yes-maybe no, maybe sex- I don't know....My nick is ChicaSensual20...I'm naughty and playful.......wanna see me on my page? ...my page!!!

Seems like little miss bitter "PinkCadillac" should give it up and go for the White Mercedes Benz!!


Gosh, I just typed in Arbonne and got this site... I was looking further into the company...

Man you all are scary!!!
What happen to make you all HATE Arbonne so bad??? After reading some of this blog, you all seem to be the ones trying to brain wash people... Don't any of you have anything better to do than to get on here and talk down about a company that you don't want to have anything to do with...
Fly to Switzerland and check it out for yourself if it means that much to you to see if the company really exsists... All of you are funny and I feel sorry for the Cassandra girl trying to post her views... What cruel people you were to her... Just plain MEAN!!! SO- what makes you any better than the so called crazy people in Arbonne... My advice to all of you spending your time on trying to ruin Arbonne is GET A LIFE....
You all sound like a bunch of preschoolers crying over spilled milk... MOVE on people... Move on and let it go!!!


i am curious what is the purpose of this website, and what financial endeavors do you suggest? It seems like you have a lot of time on your hands.


Hi, I joined Arbonne last April, got behind the wheel of the Mercedes 5 months later, am enjoying an extra 6k a month and have a full time job (I am a Microbiologist) and am the divorced mom of a 9 year old. The concept is simple, sign people on and get them to replace what they are using with something better. What can be easier or more fun than this, and for 4X my regular salary for just a few hours a week....a little effort and passing out some info to people. I thought it was a no brainer to join. I am sorry it didnt work out for most of you, positive thinking and being excited helps. I am no stranger to hard work, but putting a sea salt scrub out isn't "work"! Have a happy holiday! This is the second xmas in my FREE Mercedes! Arbonne is truly a GIFT! xo Deb


stop talkin about arbonne u dont know anything about it just the trash that you find on internet and just to let you know arbonne is an awsome company!

Michael P

Wow, another one of these lets bash arbonne threads because we tried to be successful but failed because when we fail we blame the company and not ourselves. One of the first lines of success and learning how to overcome failure is learning how to take responsibility of your actions.

My mother has been with Arbonne since 1990 or 91, it took her 6 years to become an RVP, then another 7 years to become an NVP, and she has helped thousands of people in her successline make money, many of which are locally where we live. And altho i have been in arbonne since 2005 when i turned 18, i never really did anything with it to be honest, i didnt understand, i was a slow learner.

Well things have changed, my attitude has changed, and just in time for me to lose my District, but i'm already in qualification for Disctrict manager again, and this time its me. I'm 3 success lines down, my mom, then my dad and me, and although i am slow, i do know from experience how wonderful arbonne has been to our family and the lives it has changed and helped over the years.

So you tell me one thing, if it wasnt for arbonne, my dad would still be in the mills, my mom may not be alive today because of health issues and if it werent for arbonne i wouldnt have the attitude ive come to have, some of my moms top RVP's wouldnt be living here because of harsh economic times in oregon, and many area managers would have to be working full time jobs instead of working part time with arbonne.

I just find it amazing how people say arbonne in a pyramid even though they have no proof, and if it was a pyramid, the US government would have put a stop to us years and years ago. I can sign someone up who could take off and do way more than me, because an RVP before i do and make more money than me, now you say if arbonne was a true pyramid, whoever i sign up, gets screwed over under me, loses money and get no where.

Well maybe in a pyramid scheme with no real products, and you know what, i tell people its NOT for EVERYONE! This may or MAY NOT work for you, it all comes down to us about what kind of choices we make, and arbonne has rules and standards, and if people run arbonne illegaly like you say, they are removed and kicked out because arbonne doesnt stand for conduct like that.

So if you had any life at all or was successful in whatever you do, you wouldnt be online here bashing arbonne when you have no reasable reason for doing so. I'm guessing it didnt work for you, and you didnt want to take responsibility for something that didnt go over right. You have to realize we arent perfect, yes people can make mistakes, and poor business practices can happen, but just like the scriptures say, you reap what you sow.

So while i try to atleast help people look and feel younger, and people who have terrible skin conditions and the only way they could have gotten out of it was thru amputation or severe pain, dont give arbonne any more of your useless negotive crap that has no merrit, because the more you whine, the more you dig yourself in a hole and make yourself look like a complete idiot.

If you truly feel arbonne is doing things wrong, why dont you sue arbonne, why not bring it to the supreme court. You will be truly supprised when you find out how legit arbonne is and how much of a complete moron you will look like. I am sorry for coming off harsh but sometimes people need to know.

Where's the end?


PC...aka PinkCadillac... are you driving one? did you get it from Mary Kay, which is in fact a MLM company. Just wondering since you're bashing Arbonne.
My NVP started in 2005, and makes between 25-30k a month. So yes, it is possible to "Make it". Your salary is based on what you put it into your business.

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