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May 01, 2006


I am so bummed to hear that people are claiming this is fast money. Although I do believe that if people do their due-diligence, they'll realize that no business is fast money, it's still a shame to hear people misrepresenting what a lucrative Arbonne business requires.

arbonne boy


What Sibley is doing is not a scam or a pyramid scheme (I'm sure you're rolling your eyes right now, but hear me out). She has been investigated by the legal team at Arbonne and they found nothing wrong with how she presents the business. How other people present Arbonne, I can't speak for. We don't tell people they "have to buy a sh*tload of Arbonne product upfront". How people want to interact with the Arbonne opportunity is up to them. If they just want to get great products at a discount, they can. Only costs $29 for a yearly membership. Order what you want, when you want. If you want to take it a step further, and draw an income from Arbonne, you can build a team or network of people who want to do the same. All we do is show people how to shift the money that they are already spending on products (shampoo, conditioner, sun screen, lotions, sea salts, make-up, vitamins, etc) and find them on-line at Arbonne. You save time, money and get much better results b/c you're not putting junk in and on your body. Go google "animal rendering" and you'll see what cosmetics companies are putting into their products. Learn why mineral oil is bad for you and why Runner's World magazine cautions marathoners not to use sun-screens with it as an ingredient. Get educated on the products your putting on your body...We share this concept with other people who want healthier products and they join our team. Simple as that. If this is the road a person takes, they can order any amount they want. If you order more product or "kits" then you can share the concept with more people faster. Some people don't want to grow fast, so they don't order that much. That's fine. It's an individual's choice. Our team has found that people are much more interested in the products when they can touch and feel them for themselves, so my wife and I have a bunch of kits. We let the person use the products free of charge, so they can better understand the quality. I've had women whose acne cleared up over night with one application; I've had my mother-in-law's hot flashes go away by using one of their products; I've had people comment on my mom's skin (she's 73 years old) and ask "what have you done? your skin looks great"; I've had a good buddy from school's bald spot go away; I personally never use to shave b/c my neck was too sensitive and would end up all bloody...not with the shaving creme from Arbonne. All I'm saying is, if you try the products, you'll realize the quality that goes ito them. As far as a scam, you're a little misinformed. Lasty, pyramid schemes are when there is only money exchanged and no product or service is purchased. Arbonne is direct selling or network marketing. AT&T, MCI, Dell Computer Systems, a whole host of Fortune 500 companies use network marking now b/c it's an effective distribution channel for them. If you look at the facts, I think you'll be amazed at what you'll find.
Lastly, I'm a successful real estate investor, have 2 companies and have found I can fit Arbonne into my schedule. I'm an Area Manager (average annual income of $18,000). My wife joined Arbonne 8 months ago and did it part-time. She's a doctor. She just left the practice she was at to do Arbonne full-time. At the end of this month, she'll finish qualifying for Regional Vice President, which has an annual income of $80,000, and a bonus from Arbonne of $800/month to help her pay for a white mercedes is she so chooses. Along the way, we haven't "stepped on people", we've simply shared the concept of what Arbonne is about. I'm sorry you have such a negative POV on it...have you ever considered reading "The Gift" by Shad Helmstetter? Might be some good info to consider.

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore

All that to say absolutely nothing, hmmm. Oh, and make an income claim, isn't that against P&P? Before you argue, Arbot boy, you said annual income of 80,000, not average income.


Arbonne boy, I'll offer you the same advice offered to WOW.....Come up with more original material!...


Stian told my husband just yesterday that he did send some reps to Sibley's presentation but she found out about it and must have changed her presentation. UH huh??? Wonder why she had her husband stalking us on the phone if she is not worried about anything?!?!

Jennifer Jones

Get a REAL life.


"You save time, money and get much better results b/c you're not putting junk in and on your body"

Save time? I could go to MANY stores and buy nearly identical products within, AT THE MOST, 1 hour. As for the cost, he arbonne products allmost all fall in the high range even taking the 35% discount. So, what money will I save? Is it the money saved by eliminating the middle man? WAKE UP! You and all your up/down line are middle people so that holds NO water.

I, personally, put very little junk in or on my body and never will. I'm sorry you couldn't shave before but how many men do you know that can't shave? I didn't think so.

My wife was approached about arbonne and I can tell you she does use face creams etc... but even $100 a month is streaching it and to be honest, she doesn't really need it. She is bueatiful after she washes her face with plain old water.

The ONLY way you can make money is by either selling this high priced stuff to customers or getting other people to buy into the business opportunity. The problem is, SOMEONE SOMEWHERE needs to retail the products and if I try and duplicate your model (as arbonne teaches) no one will be selling it to consumers. All you end up with is a bunch of disgruntled business builders that buy products at 35% off AT THE BEST.

Good luck to you.

With no MAJOR and substantive changes from corporate (read actually enforcing compliance actively) I give arbonne about 2 more years at most before it is shut down.

(but it's been around for 26 years) Ummmm well SOME of the PRODUCTS have been but the COMPANY in it's current guise has been around for *2* years and company failure is 2-5 years.

Better milk it while it lasts.


Oh and Jennifer... your the one that bumped this topic... I wouldn't have found it otherwise.

I assume you are in arbonne since your email is an arbone one but if I'm wrong... so be it.

Hope your "real life" treats you well.
(even if it doesn't make sure to "fake it" so others think you "made it".

I'm a new poster. It was interesting reading about the business behaviors of the Gammons. I joined in April, and was impressed to join "the fastest growing" team. Sibley Gammon is the ENVP of this team. I was way down in the downline though. I invested $2000, but afterwards realized what was going on. It took me about a month to figure out that this was definetly not for me. Maybe it was because I was so insignificant in their downline, but I didn't get hassled. Anyway, has the corrupt part of the business caught up with this team yet? Have they been chastised at least for helping this "pyramid" to grow?


I did not read every post because there are so many, and the topic changed. However, if someone approached me with a gift and then told me I had to pay for it or return it there is no way possible I would do either! Did anyone ever get sued by an Arbonne consultant in an attempt to get the product or money back? There is no way a court would rule in favor of the consultant. If this ever does happen to you, I suggets you see how far the consultant is willing to take it. If she does not tell you upfront you are expected to pay for it you are not legally bound to do so. If yo are told that what you are being handed is a gift, then it is a gift, no matter what the consultant later tells you. Another idea- empty out all the product and then return to the consultant the "unused" portion. I do think that anyone that pays for the gift deserves to be taken.Unless a person is told beforehand the product is not the gift and the Arbonne opportunity is, any consultant expecting to be paid for a gift is violating a verbal agreement. It is similar to returning a diamond ring when an engagement is broken. So do not be a sucker and return anything you were told is a gift.

new dm

You ladies failed at what you did and now you are bitter.

Not bitter or jealous, just smarter!


Miss Getty...are you teaching your class or emailing message boards?


Or maybe you employer or school district would like to see that you use their email to post online. Gee wonder what parents would think. Taxpayers money at work! Good job...


#1 Yup this "lady" failed....

#2 I know teaching (and esp teaching in MN) doesn't pay great (allthough as an hourly wage it's actually not too bad) but I don't see how someone who wants to help our younger generation can turn around and try and fleece everyone else.

#3 This lady failed so bad my kids go to Breck (I don't leave near Elk River so wouldn't even do open enrollment) but thats just this ladys sad story...

Note: reading and comprehension for the win... do you teach drama?

I just want you to know that I am persuing legal action against all of your claims, since they are false, and considered defamation. I am sorry you have nothing better to do with your time than to spread your bitterness. Jealousy will eat you up inside. It's obviously gotten very far.

I just want you to know that I am persuing legal action against all of your claims, since they are false, and considered defamation. I am sorry you have nothing better to do with your time than to spread your bitterness. Jealousy will eat you up inside. It's obviously gotten very far.

I just want you to know that I am persuing legal action against all of your claims, since they are false, and considered defamation. I am sorry you have nothing better to do with your time than to spread your bitterness. Jealousy will eat you up inside. It's obviously gotten very far.

I just want you to know that I am persuing legal action against all of your claims, since they are false, and considered defamation. I am sorry you have nothing better to do with your time than to spread your bitterness. Jealousy will eat you up inside. It's obviously gotten very far.

Eric Cooper

just what I wanted...a troll for Christmas!

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore

Uhhhh, No Name, have you personally been defamed somehow? Didn't think so. Try getting an education before you take on this big task of overturning the First Amendment. Maybe that's just the type of person who joins Arbonne, someone who regularly persues frivolous litigation just because they need the money. It would fit the profile of the common Arbot, what with all of their Pavlovian drooling whenever they hear the word "Mercedes."

Yer funny. "No Name"? Kinda like "ArbonneAnonymous"... Speaking of shallow - if you think all people are after is a White Mercedes, you're the one that needs the education. First, I'd start with an open mind. It goes a long way. And advertising false & misinformation about a company is totally more unethical than any of your claims. I am curious why you insist on wasting time festering over your lies...


A little tightly wound aren't we? Thanks for livening up the site for a little bit, no name, but don't get too excited. We've heard this bit before. Anyways, I can't imagine what kind of lawsuit you have in mind, but I'm game so give it your best shot. Cat


I am quite late in this thread, but in August of 2005 I decided to "invest" in my own business and bought over $2500.00 worth of product. This was at the recommendation of Bonnie Futrell, whom, I believe, is in Sibley Gammon's downline. Therefor, I must be related somehow. I was taught, briefly, the puppy dog method, and I set out delivering my puppies. (My sponsor, by the way, is a very hardworking lady looking for a good replacement income for her current job which may be going away.)

I won't go into the long details regarding the letters I sent, the people who tried my product, etc. but I did get a few people signed up as "wholesale buyers." The rest of the products I either sold or used myself.

I do like the products and I have seen a difference in my skin. However, I never used "expensive" products before, so I can't really compare them to anything else.

I have two loyal customers, and it's for their sake that I am pondering renewing my "membership." I use the products, too, but I can't help but think that I am making all these women way above me even richer and richer everytime I buy the products on- line! I have heard Sibley's speeches and heard Bonnie's "why's" more than I can bear. Why do they keep telling us how rich they were before and now how much richer they are now with Arbonne? To sucker us in, that's why. Just read their eye on arbonne stories. It will make you sick.

A crying shame that I fell for it! I'm not poor, far from it, thank the Lord. But am I willing to scam people out of $2500.00 to make myself even more rich? No way. Until I discovered your site today 12/13/06, I thought I was CRAZY to have these thoughts.
Even thought that I wasn't doing the right thing to build my business and recruit business builders.

I must say, my family and friends are old southern ladies, and no one would ever be so agressive as to suggest that a recruit should invest this kind of money. Let alone buying the catalogs - I mean, if you are going to sell a company's product, shouldn't they at least supply you with your selling tools? I had to buy everything!!

I ramble, and I'm sorry. I thank you for the avenue to vent!

Still involved

Dear Atlanta Mom,
Interesting point on the catalogs. Way back when I worked for a manufactor, we would supply only our key retailors with literature, and then it was only a small amount. Most of the stores had to buy the catalogs if they wanted to provide them to their customers. Does anyone know if a franchise like Subway or BK has to buy their own supplies or does the company provide them?

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