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May 01, 2006



oh my WORD ... looks like this debate ended a long time ago, but would love to know what 'inscences' the anti-arbonne/anti-mlm people ... what's the drive behind this blog? Is it the product/company/mlm industry? I'd be interested to know.


If you don't care for Arbonne why do you keep going on about it. You don't believe in it then move on. There are many successful people in this business. Obviously you aren't one of them.

Skin So Sweet

Even though the statements above were written in 2006, i will take up for the Arbonne person. With any busniess - networking or anything, it can work and it is up to the person doing it. With all the negativity above no wonder you guys never made it! Look at Donald Trump - he is what network marketing is all about. He also speaks highly of Arbonne! I think if you saw what the product does for your skin and truly went in with an open mind instead of closed as all of you seem to be you would notice alot. It is a shame you are all dream stealers- whether a person trys to make a better life for them or not is not your buisness so why do you steal there dreams - Is it because you don't have the guts to try it or is it because you did try and never succeded because you were always negative. I have seen 3 of my friends excel with Arbonne - yes they worked their butts off but they have helped so many people out. Shame on you for being a dream stealer! May god watch over you and make you one day open your eyes.

Middle of the Road

Hey, I just stumbled across this blog 4+ years after this debate has gone on.
MLM companies are like any other profession, its not for everyone, and that's okay. You don't judge people for becoming a Dr. or for finding a satisfying life in retail, or serving. Why would you pass judgment onto anyone else? If it works for them great.

The nice thing about opinions is everyone has one and we don't all have to agree.
My family was involved in Amway when I was young. I have nothing against Amway, I don't agree with the way they run their business, but I am not going to slam them down every chance I get. Its just not for me.
The way I understand mlm, is if you go to a good movie or restaurant, then you tell your friends, family and even strangers in the grocery line. That film studio or restaurant doesn't pay you for referring your friends or family, but the mlm company does.
I don't expect any comments about this, if you choose to comment, I challenge you to do your home work, look at other companies too, Amway, Mary Kay, Youth Juice... etc.
Also, look at corporations - are you ever going to promote to the top of the company?? How are corporations not considered a pyramid... 1 person at the top, and an army of ants below making them rich.
Just some additional thoughts!

It's your choice - make it a great day!


I think I have heard of Arbonne before. I am not really sure why you are all hating on mulit-level network marketing, though. Sure there are people out there who give MLM a bad name (we all know who they are-the pushy people who won't take no for an answer), but most corporate sturctures and private law firms are built upon the same exact principle. Do you hate all of those structures, too?

metin2 yang

"All forms of matter and energy are attracted to that which is of a like vibration."


Dear pinkcadillac,
Arbonne is part of the DSA (direct selling assocition) and therefore is a legit and very respected NWM company. If you don't understand NWM than I suggest that you read a book or two because this is the business of the 21st century and whether you know it or not people all around you are realizing it and becoming a part of it and if you don't want to be a part of that and reap the benefits than I hope that you have enough money in the bank, savings,mutual funds and RRSP's because pension plans that exist now won't in 30 years even though we are paying into them now...we won't see any of it and if you think we will-than I wish you luck. That is why so many people are becoming self employed because they can control how much money they make, the hours they work, when they go on holidays, retirement savings....they don't let people dictate how much they are worth because you see people that don't have goals end up working for people that do and I guess that is you. I was just like you and then I educated myself, renewed my belief in myself, and got the attitude that if you want something, go for it....period! You know NWM isn't for everyone, it takes a special kind of person and so with that said I want wish you much success in the future because you are going to need it.
-Arbonne Consultant
(District Manager and future National Vice President by the end of the year)


So i was just at GTC 2011 :) and rejection is GOD's protection is all i have to say. so Thank you God for all the wonderfull things that you have let into our lives and those things that you have kept out:)

Kelly Greening-Thoburn

ALL I have to say is SERIOUSLY?? I am a NATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT with Arbonne and have not been even in for 5 years, I went to the TOP in 17months and the girl that signed me up, and the girl that signed her up are NOT National Vice Presidents even yet? Here is the skinny...I sell my products because I used them first myself and they cleared my skin up and my Children's skin also...my Dr. has looked at these products and said "wow these are TOP NOTCH" been my Dr for 12 years good enough for me) I share this business with others and if they see value in my products they buy them, if they see value in this business they join it...IT TAKES WORK, it is NOT for EVERYONE!! But neither is many other professions...my husband flys airplanes...I would not have been good at that...(no passion for it) he would not have been successful at Arbonne ( no passion for it) Anyone can do Arbonne or any mlm....but there are many factors to the success. I worked very hard and earned my car in 5.5 months, replaced my full time income TIMES 3) in 6 month all the time working my full time job, with a husband that is away 15 days of the month...I was tired. I joined Arbonne and have had a wonderful experiance. I LOVE with all my heart this company and the FREEDOM OF CHOICE that I now live with. 37 years old and have a husband of 17 yrs, 2 beautiful boys and I DECIDE WHO I work with, where I go and who I go there with. I fill my life with others who are kind and service minded AND honestly WOULD WORK hard WITH ANYONE THAT WANTED MY HELP. I am a kind honest person that would NEVER STEAL, CHEAT or LIE to make money of any kind. I you have to realize that (MOST) people who share this company name with me take PRIDE in doing the same. I am not sure what your experiance is...or what you feel this way?? But It is NOT Arbonne that hurt you. They really are a FAIR HONEST GIG!! Blessings Kelly

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