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May 01, 2006



Thanks so much to everyone for helpi8ng to save me!
Here is "astroturtle's" Arbonne update:

I called the consultant yesterday to ask if these products were a gift or was I expected to pay? She said well yes, you are expected to pay for it or to give it back. Some gift.

I then told her that I thought it really cheesy to give a gift of products to try and then expect me to pay for it to the tune of $200+! She responded that nobody had ever given the products back and I said, well then, I suppose I'm the first! ha ha! :o)

I told her I'd not used any of the products and she asked me to go ahead and try them even if I didn't have any plans to join the MLM. I asked her that if I did try them and liked some, but not others, could I keep and pay for what I liked and give back the rest? She said no! My doing that would break up the kit.

I said then that means that you may have given this kit to someone else and now want me to put used product on my skin? (Eeek! Aren't there laws against this?) She said that she'd not given it to anyone else. I said well then why, if I use something from the kit would you want all of it back to give to someone else instead of selling me what I liked and replacing it with an unused, sanitary product? She said only that she'd never gotten one back before. I told her that maybe her not getting a kit back was due only to most people being more worried that someone might think them cheap or tacky and keep it even if they didn't really want it just to not feel humiliated! LOL! :O) I don't feel the least bit humiliated in giving it back! Why in the world would I when this is a total cheese factor way to do business?

I told her that initially, I was quite impressed that she'd give me these products to try and was interested until I realized the scam. Heck, I figured giving the products to me was a way to get me to try them and because I'd supposedly love it, I'd keep buying it or join the MLM! Now that's the way to do business!

Okay, so I did try the products last night. I broke out in a red, nasty rash on my neck and face! Great, just what I needed! And I do not have sensitive skin!

I'm sticking with ProActiv and Meaningful Beauty from now on! Both of those product lines do what they say, are fantastic and cost less than Arbonne! I was up half the night- ugh- feeling hot and itchy from the Arbonne rash and am giving back the kit today so she can see this beautiful rash in person! Ugh! I look lovely... not!

Y'all are awesome and helped me out so much
and am glad you liked my unintentional 'Arbot' description! tee hee giggle!

Pink Caddi, where are you B'ham? I'm in Shelby County/ annexed Hoover. I'd love to talk to you!

annie frannie

This is exactly why I don't use that approach. Unsanitary, costly and confusing for the recipients. I use sample packs that people can use or not use without pressure.
I will say, though, Arbonne has a reasonably priced Acne line. it is even on sale this month. If this woman had taken the time to get to know you and your needs instead of doing a one size fits all approach, she may have gotten a new customer. I have had several people switch from proactiv because they find it drying and it bleaches their clothes, towels, etc. She missed a chance to get a possible customer by using her assembly line approach. And in the process made Arb0nne look bad.


Hi Cat!
Your right - our skin is a huge indication of what is going on inside. That is one thing that I don't like about selling skincare. People expect perfectly beautiful skin, but change nothing about their diet and lifetstyle. Pepsi counts for a serving of water a day, right???!! I do like the skincare, but I really adore the makeup and body lotions. They have worked really well for me, and compared to prices at the department store counters, it is a savings for me.
I think of myself as "still involved in arbonne," but I don't think I should be judged b/c of that. If people stayed away from any businesses with questionable and unethical practices, there would be alot of businesses going out of business! I enjoy having my wholesale account and passing the savings along to my friends and family.


"Pepsi counts for a serving of water a day, right???!!"



Sorry, JJ. You really are from the south!!Couldn't resist!!


Of course down here we call all sodas "Coke". It doesn't matter if it's Pepsi or whatever. When someone ask "would you like a coke?" They mean "would you like a soda?" EVERY drink vending machine is called a coke machine. AND, we drink the real thing, Coca~cola for breakfast!!


Well, I don't begrudge you for using the products or even continuing to do the consulting side of it. I don't really see that as dishonest, but for me personally, I will not ever buy any of the products just based on principal. WHen I say that I wouldn't trust someone involved with an MLM, I'm talking about the ones who go to meetings, read the books, live by the rules of MLM and continue to look for new recruits. I don't trust those people! This happened to me a few months ago....I was coming out of Publix with my buggy of groceries and see this lady putting her groceries into her car. She had a carload full of kids (2 of which looked like toddlers) and so when I was done unloading my groceries she happened to be just finishing up as well. So I offered to take her buggy so that she didn't have to leave her kids unattended. I'm a nut and always go ahead and take the buggy into the store and put it away. Well, the lady was waiting for me outside her car when I came back out of Publix! So she walks towards me (leaving her kids unattended) and starts in on her Mary Kay crap. I was so bummed. She seemed so sweet and I really enjoyed helping her out until she started in on how I was just the kind of person to get into this type of business. So, I politely declined and told her good luck. Do you believe that darned lady kept walking with me?!!! ALl the while I could hear the shrieks (sp?) coming from her car. So she asked me what my reservations were. I'm a pretty calm person, but I'm also Italian so I tend to have a temper if pushed. I told her that my reservations were none of her business and that I didn't appreciate being hounded when all I was trying to do was be neighborly! I almost cried when I got back to my car because I felt so terrible for being rude. Those are the people I don't trust or like. Unfortunately, MLM organizations encourage this type of behavior. Yuck!


I think alot of new consultants in whatever recruiting biz actually think at first they are trying to help people. I know I fell for that, b/c I kinda believed the hype of making a good income. No, not the mercedez income, but something of substantial help. I thought of my stay at home mom friends who could benefit from it. But, luckily, I realized that all they would here is "Make money for me! Bla Bla Bla" and I just couldn't go through with it! And I knew I could never be the type of person to approach a stranger and tell them why they would be perfect for this business! huh?! Ya'll know that I am a product driven person. If I love a product, sure, I'll tell someone about it, IF THEY ASK! Its the desperation that I can't stand. It will make you do things you never thought you would do. You need an honest hubby, or a huge step outside the box, to view what it really looks like.
Did this MK lady really think she was looking professional with screaming kids alone in the car to make a sale? Desperation.

JJ, I have to admit that Coke is my coffee from time to time!


Hey Barbara, you might like that new Coke called Coke Blak. It is like a coffee flavored Coca-cola.


Oh wow, Cat. Sorry you had to witness yet another woman making a fool of herself with Mary Kay. Poor woman. She'll probably end up on my blog someday, telling her "Warm chatter horror stories", about the one time she tried to talk to a woman in the parking lot and the woman bit her head off!


Cassandra - sorry i didn't "respond" to your quotes. I'm a Christian, so the wisdom of Buddha et al does not mean much to me; I do not base my world view on a couple of quotes from some dead men, and wrap it up with some crazy meta-physical voo doo.
So I'm sorry I don't have a "rebuttal" for you on the quotes - I get my wisdom from a better place.


"All that we are is the result of what we have thought." -Buddha

PC, this doesn't even qualify as wisdom of any kind. All that I am is the result of what I've thought...........NOT!!!

All that I am is the result of what God has thought. Thank goodness I am much more than just what I have thought. Know what I mean?


Yes I know what you mean JJ! You and I have always thought alike, so no surprise there. :)
Off on another tangent, but I was wondering if you gag every time you see some MLMer say this: "Take God as your business partner".
It makes me ill; not because someone wants to follow God's principles in their business dealings - that's great. But this pat phrase is often used to "cover up" some things. In my opinion, of course. I'm working on a piece on this subject, and was wondering if you have any thoughts on that.


I think that mlmer's will say anything in the recruiting process. If they are trying to recruit a Christian they "talk the talk". The person that recruited my ex into arbonne definitely portrayed herself as a Believer in the beginning. My ex was at that time very close to God and she believed that this person was sincere in her faith. It didn't take long for me to figure out that this person was not what she claimed to be. Her lifestyle is very "wordly" and un-Christianlike. That's all I will say about that. But I think that many mlmer's use God to recruit Christians. Plain and simple!


But it seems to me that "Take God as your business partner" means "Use God to bring you more recruits", etc.

They always say "pray that God will bring you people who need this opportunity" - and that's pretty much all the praying that they recommend.

Madame Notte- a -Suckeur

My question is why people feel the need to throw God in EVERYONES face. I'm glad you believe but maybe I dont? It just seems when people feel the need to gain credibility they throw God into the mix. Like being a believer makes you more worthy of belief than the next guy. This is in everyday life not just MLM. But what irks me even more is everyone wants to deny their neighbor of his beliefs. Why would it offend to call a school vacation Christmas vacation? Why does Easter need to be sanitized? And why does a cross on a hill that has been there for decades offend an athiest? We all should be secure enough in our beliefs to know that cross isnt going to "turn" anyone.


I work in the manufacturing industry, so our company went through some rough times during the major recession that hit the industry. The owner of my company is an extremely faithful person, and his wife also works here. He also does pre-marital counseling through his church, so being his assistant, I get to do some of that work for him as well.

I gotta tell you, this man walks his walk big time. Now that the industry is picking up again, we've had great successes in our company, enough that we can start taking company trips again. The real kind, that I didn't have to pay for a thing outside of my own personal shopping. As the owner of the business, he lives very comfortably (has a nice house, brand new porsche, has a vaca home in Florida, etc), and he attributes it all to honoring God. He is living proof that when you live your life the right way, God does reward you. Even when things are bad, he knows that he will be taken care of the way that God intends. I think it's pretty powerful stuff to see what happens when someone really lives their life by the Book.


Hi Everyone!

You are all entitled to your opinions. I used proactive and it wrecked my skin and then I used Clear Advantage by Arbonne and it worked. Clear Advantage was cheaper then proactive. Also, the person from Arbonne who sold it to me gave me their discount. I didn't have to sign up. I will later if I want to get more products at a discount. I don't intend to get into the business but the line worked well. It is like any company, you get some who are better at this then others. I find the ones who don't make it in networking are people who give up since they thought they would make tons of money at it right away. I am not into it however, if the richest men in the world own some Networking companies then they know something that we don't. It works! Warren Buffet owns 3. Donald Trump is networking some of his products too. INfact, I saw the show on Leno, where he was asked if he had to do it all over again, how would he make his fortune. He said Newwork Marketing! The crowd laughed and he responded, Ha HA! That is why I am sitting up here and you guys are sitting down there. He was serious about this.

I have made my fortune with owning parking lots, vending machines and the stock market. I know many people who have made it in Networking and I respect that. They are still training others in it. As long as the company is under the DSA then they are not scamming. Most people don't know how strict the DSA is. It would be good if they had a DSA for corporate companies since those are legal companies that have many account faults. Look at GM- they have fired over 500 engineers and they will hit over 1200 in total. Then it will be a matter of time when the poor people on the bottom of that triangle get hit!! Those $25 an hour workers. Now isn't that a poor scam!! That is an example of our everyday corporate companies that are legal.

I have a question to PC and JJ. You seem very critical of everyone in these companies and you seem to keep stressing that you are right! From all the different circles I hang around it seems that you two have something in common!!! YOU ARE BROKE!!

You are either Right or you are RICH! Which one are you? By your actions here it seems you are the first one. Seems you have some misconceptions about money or others making it. This is always the first clue that there are problems in your own lives. If you are going to spend so much time with cutting up companies why not involve the corporate world. There are so many of them too out there. There are some Networking companies that are scams but if companies like Arbonne have Harvest Partners with them and other Marketing experts who brought HOme Depot to the top then you must look at from a different point. They are legit-Have a look at their credit rating with Dunn & Bradstreet. It is on of the highest. It is higher then GM, Ford and quite a few other ones.

I hope you guys are rich to be spending so much time researching Arbonne. I am not supporting them but you really seem to resort to such name calling which is another indication of some deep rooted problems in your past.

I am rich and I admit I am not always right. However, I would rather be rich then right. I do take extra money and work with problem teens. I teach others how they could better themselves. I rather spend time giving back to the world and making a difference for the better. If someone wants to do Arbonne let them. Only 2% of all the consultants actually make it big. It is only those who stick with it. Let them be!

Like in any company there might be some bad apples but you will even get that in any family. Shine the light on what is good and more of that will come back to you!!!!!

Love & Blessings to you Both!!!!



Talk about deep rooted problems--Chloe run to the nearest mirror---you got problems. Read what you just wrote about "I am rich" & "I take extra money & work with troubled teens". Well good for you little missy & all your vending, parking, etc. adventures. Who gives a rat's a$$!!! You worry about us having wealth & the time we are spending discussing/researching Arbonne but yet what are you doing??? We are discussing real experiences w/this MLM co. so why on God's green earth would you feel the need to pipe in. If there's a problem w/GM or whoever & your disgruntled then spread the truth like we are. Don't come on here bragging like you are some kind of saint for helping troubled teens & such. Usually people who do this kind of work/charity don't go around bragging/telling about it so they can get credit/patted on the back, they just do it. If you don't have a mirror then the next time someone pulls into your parking lot, you should ask them to flip down the visor (should be a light that comes on 'cause you need it)!!!! The very idea that you would even suggest that someone had deep rooted problems because they are venting about true/personal experiences in life---I feel sorry for those troubled teens that encounter your a$$!!!!


Chloe, I am wealthy beyond you wildest imagination. Riches beyond anything that your mind can conceive. Apparantly you and I have differing views on what constitutes wealth. Based on your post it appears that according to my view of wealth your are beyond bankrupt. Remember this Chloe, all the things that you have are temporary, everything seen is temporary. It is the unseen that is eternal.

19"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

24"No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.


Hey PC, doesn't it make you feel special when an ARbot shows up and singles us out. I just love being 180 degrees from their point of view. I get all warm and fuzzy!!

Hi PC!

If you are going to get biblical on me then you should know that I am already saved beyond. Perhaps you should follow the scripture about the way you judge. You will be judged the same way. If you are going to dish things at people then you should be able to take it and not take it personally and use the bible. I do use my wealth to help others since I always give more then 10% to churches and charities. It all comes back. I do not put my value on money. Money is only energy and it is only the love of money that is evil. Perhaps you have some serious deep rooted issues. I was only showing you that corporate companies have more causes for serious economic problems that will affect your average joe blows. It is a matter of time when you will see it. That is why Unions have served their purpose but there is no more job security. Good Luck with your issues!




I should have addressed the response to JJ and Norton girl. I put PC since I thought the response was from PC. To Norton girl, it was meant to say, with the extra money that I have, I give to the problem teens.

I think the problem with some ex-Network marketing people or MLM is that they went in with greedy intentions when they started. Someone who even sponsored them probably gave them a wrong idea that they would make money instantly. If someone is told that they can only sign up as a business and not as a wholesale buyer then there is a problem. This is where most people fail. IT is the greed that kills. When some people have become successful it isn't fair to shoot them down. Most people who do cut others like that are jealous. Jealousy is the green monster. In any of these types of businesses you need a consumable product that is in market demand. People should use the products not frontload. Anyways, it is only my opinion. Using name calling is just the first clue that a nerve was struck. That is why we have bullies in the world. It is just their insecurties coming out.

Good Luck in whatever it is you want to accomplish.



"Do not judge, or you too will be judged.

uuuhhh, Chloe, that was me not PC. But I'm sure that she agrees. Your choice of scripture to defend the obvious materialism of your original post is one of the most over used and completely misunderstood scriptures ever. As soon as the Truth is spoken into a disagreement the person whose position contradicts the Word of God claims that they are being judged. I'm not judging you Chloe. If you felt like you were being judged when you read what God has to say about the issue we we discussing then that conviction was from the One who wrote the words, not me.


Like I said Chloe, who gives a rat's a$$ what you do w/your so called extra money. Insecurities??? Obviosly you have plenty since you feel the need to flaunt your donations and your wealth of money. Greed??? Greed is what has made these "successful MLMers" successful. They suck the life & worth out of famiy & friends to climb to the top of the pyramid!!! We are not jealous of them we pray God has mercy on their souls!!!

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