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May 09, 2006


annie frannie

I don't have a credit card, either, Lori, except one, like she said in case of emergency. Buying skin care would not be an emergency, LOL. I use only my debit card and keep track of every penny in and out to make sure I am not losing money on the deal. Many people don't have credit cards, or the older clientel I have are not comfortable sharing that info. They prefer checks or cash. Which is fine with me, because then I get my money up front and don't have to wait a month for the check to come from corporate.
They pay me in advance, I use my card to process the order. Strange if that is against policy, but from what Norton girl points out, it seems to be the case.

Hey Lori, I have an avon question for you--do you still have my email anywhere? I will see if I have yours somewhere, I can't remember what I 'named' you in my addy book.


I've run into a few people, believe it or not, who do not have a credit card. Not because of bad credit or whatever, but because they just don't see the need for one. I know for a fact that one of them had paid cash for their $50k car. So don't make assumptions, you never know.

As far as the cc thing goes, I think it's all in the way it's interpreted. I don't see that it says clients can't give me checks/cash and I place the order on my credit card. I do see that I can't place my credit card on someone else's account, or have my upline throw a few orders in my ID for the sake of helping me reach promotion. And definitely NEVER to "buy" someone's way in on an IOU. If my retail clients are paying me for products, then why can't they pay me by check? They do need to reword the policies better, so there's less misunderstanding on what is and what is not acceptable.

As for the part about if buying $2,000 is frontloading or not... on our checks we sign monthly it says that endorsement of the check (paraphrasing) says that we have sold 70% of products purchased previously. So if the person comes in with a 2,000 order, then he/she would have to sell off 1,400 of it before signing that check. Whether it's follow up on, I don't know how they would, but if it ever would come back (like in norton_girl's case) it could bite the consultant that way.


WOW, Cassandra, that's wild about the endorsement. Arbonne really covers their butts. BTW, I haven't had a CC in years and don't see much need for them. I can't stand owing money and the interest that gets charged is scandolous! My husband carries one though and he always makes me take it with me if I go out of town without him. If someone were to tell me that they don't carry credit cards my first thought wouldn't be that they must be a loser with bad credit or bad job. Jeez! What a lousy way to think about people.


It says we cannot give financial assistance. Financial assistance is giving someone money. I am not giving anyone money or paying for there products when they pay me by cash or check, I deposit it, then use my credit card to pay for the whole payment. They have paid me. I pay arbonne. Anyhoo, again, misrepresentation of the policy and trying to make something out of nothing. If the top told you it was fine, find something else to "bring down arbonne." Now, I completely agree that it is stacking to cover people's initial investment and wait for them to make money to pay you back. That is financial assistance. Nortongirl, it would be hard to prove that this is what your upline did, even though it is pretty obvious it is. You would have to get ahold of their credit card statements. Good luck.
Now, it does say that any frontloading or pushing of huge inventory is strictly prohibited. Can you prove this? I know I can. I have literature in writing telling me that if I didn't come in at a certain investment, I would not receive any assistance for training. Completely against policy. Arbonne called me after I sent an email regarding this and wanted the literature and names.
I am going to contact my upline first and let them know that I disagree with their practices and arbonne wants names.


You can get a "gift card" that works like a credit card. I know a few people who use these when ordering online when a credit card is needed. It's nothing more than a pre-paid debit card, there are charges to activate it though, but once they are activated then you can add money to it whenever necessary. Some banks carry them, and some retail places, I've seen them at Walgreens.


Ok my point is this. The woman I turned in violated all these policies when she charged almost $6,000.00 for 4 people to become consultants. They did not purchase these products to sell. Remember they are building a network of consumers. I am not referring to those of you who are legetimately selling your products retail. I am talking about new $29 consultants w/$1,500 orders up front so these women using their cc can move up the pyramid. If they waited for these new consultants to come up w/the money then they could not promote so fast. Also every recruiting meeting I attended they would always tell you that if your short a few hundred dollars at the end of the month that your upline will be more than happy to place an order under your # so you will make qualifications. Sibley Gammon & crew did this all the time. They know how to manipulate the system like crazy. They even came up w/a way of getting one consultant from another sales force to sign up w/you bypassing the 6 month inactive period that Arbonne requires.

Lady Swisse, Viscountess DeePore

Barbara, actually you would have to compare the woman's bank deposit statement to her cc statement. If she paid prior to receiving the money in her account, you can prove financial assistance. If the money was paid to Arbonne, and nothing from her banking statements reflected a transaction, she could be in trouble. Is anyone willing to investigate that? I don't know.


Barbara--good for you but I hope your upline does not encourage from doing the right thing. About proving it, Mr. Stian Morck himself pulled her cc a & saw for himself but he said after talking to her she did it for convenience. DAAAA!! Conveniently buying herself up the pyramid. I can promise you that they have not sold 70% of those products. Also I know I would need access to their cc system that's why I have gone federal w/my complaint because Arbonne is being corrupted by these biz builders. I am not trying to take down Arbonne for goodness sakes I am spreading the truth about these deceptive acts so no one else is scammed like my friends and I were.


I really hope you can nortongirl, I really do. What they did is completely against policy and should be brought to light. I even emailed arbonne a couple months ago asking about the 70% rule and inventory loading. I asked how can they not notice all the huge investments coming in all the time? Do they really think 70% is sold? How can they not see this is obviously frontloading and advancement buying, which is against policy. I said if they are so on top of things to come down on consultants with the word "cancer" on their website, they should be on top of this. Of course, I received a generic response on how there is no way to know what the products are intended for, bla bla bla.
Question: out of convenience for what?? Seriously, what was the convenience for? I really don't understand how he can justify this. I wish you luck.


I should also note that Mr. Morck tried to act like he did not know who Sibley Gammon & crew were when he first called me 3-31-06 then finally admitted that he was their VP support. In other words he is the one they call if they have a question about ethics & stuff. Plus he said it would take too much time & effort to try and track everyone who is doing this. Really??? I am sure that an IRS auditor would love to come in & do it for him/Arbonne. I kept asking him, if Arbonne really is a mult-million dollar co. then they should be able to implement a system so this does not occur in the first place. You know like a cc co. when someone is trying to make unauthorized purchases on you acccount they have a way of red flagging so why can't Arbonne. I guess they don't want to know due to the fact their growth would not be what they are claiming.


I have to commend you Cat for not deleting posts or banning people from posting. I just said on PC's blog that their latest theory of the patent that Candace and Pierre hold is for a different label, it actually is the patent for the RE9. Only when I posted about it, my post got deleted. Again, Cat, thank you for not deleting and keeping your blog real.

annie frannie

I saw that post earlier, Cassandra, and then noticed it was gone. Anyone with any knowledge of the products the patent is for, would know what is being described in the application. And who knows what dude is talking about when he mentions other labels that look like Beaubelle and Arb0nne (which to me look nothing alike and have little in common) unless he means the product ads that are generated due to the key words on the site.
Don't know why pc wouldn't want her readers to get that bit of info...


I do, because it goes against their "theories"... and they say we "Arbots" are cult-like, good grief! LOL!


When I read that formula thats the first thing I saw .... its the Re9 system. Even with my limited knowledge I recognized it.I really hope he wasnt referring to the Google ads when referring to "other " products. That would just l;ook really stupid.


yes that's what he was referring to; I tried to clear that up with him, but he's a bit clueless about google ads, it appears.
Cassandra, I did post about the patent being a description of Arbonne products; I'm just tired of your posts on my blog, that's all. Everyone's patience has a limit.

I see you still haven't responded to the fact that AIRD has been proven to be a total fabrication, and Pierre hasn't worked at that building since 2002. That email from the woman at the Arval lab was quite interesting. SHe said that AIRD doesn't exist, that Arbonne & "AIRD" were never their customers, and that "someone is telling you a lie".



PC, the post I made that you deleted was three or so hours BEFORE you tried to "clear that up with him". You only posted it after coming to the realization that your (collectively) theories were wrong about the patents. The EOA's that you have been referring to with the pictures have been published, those pictures are from when Pierre was working at Arval, what- 4 years ago? I'm still waiting on you to give a link on arbonne.com where it says that AIRD is currently in Arval, Sionne.

annie frannie

is it just possible that this Olivia doesn't know EVERYTHING? We know nothing of her position or role at the company, how long she has been there or anything, yet you are taking her word as gospel truth.
Again I ask you, do you really think they would sneak around a building they have no right to be at, slap up a placard and pose for pictures? I am sure there are other buildings around they could use for a pretend lab if they wanted to.
But the fact that it is actually a photo of a lab, in Switzerland, that Pierre has a relationship with, does not seem like such a scandal to me. It makes sense that he would use the same lab for his Arb0nne work, or at least he had in the past.
I say this with the chance knowing the facts could come out the way y'all think they will, but I am reserving judgement until there are facts that are verifiable. Just read on your site that even the Harvest Partner company says they lease space from Arval. Why would he lie, when he knows nothing about all of this? I am willing to entertain the thought he may not know all the details in the same way Olivia may not know all the details.
awaiting further updates with bated breath


After I told him at Harvest & Partners that is not what Arval says then he said "well it's somewhere like Sionne or something like that". Annie call for your self if you REALLY want to know. It's plain & simple if you have a research lab (leased or owned) you should be able to give a freaking address. Come on already.


Hey Cat - I made you that new Arbonne logo, but then I didn't post it for ya because I was worried about you getting sued by Arbonne in case that little green logo is a trademark - just thought you should know. I'm not sure on the matter, but I don't want you to get sued by this ratbag organization for my crappy skillz in MS Paint.


Hey PC that's funny & great artwork!! Cat--if they want to sue you then my friends & I will pitch in our contaminated "gold bags" to help out. LOL


I know! I was trying to go through all my drafts and some things that I just haven't put up yet and found that logo. Of course, I knew you had made it! I was wondering when you would notice! I figure if Arbonne doesn't like it then they can ask me to remove it. Thanks for the concern though! And thanks for the logo!!!


I understand everyone is mad on this site about Arbonne, but seriously it has helped me out tremendously. I HAD eczema so bad on my hands & legs it is now GONE. I have psorasis on my face which there is no cure for. But, with Arbonne I haven't looked this good in years. So before you go bashing a company that has helped out a few people. Have some respect and try to grow up. I don't ever want to see Arbonne go away, the first time in 20 years that I have felt and looked awesome and if it is better than Marykay, Avon, Estee Lauder, and all those others that are cancer causing go after those companies. In Sept. 07 an article was wrote about the Breast Cancer Foundation Chair lady was NO LONGER going to take funds from Marykay, Avon, Estee Lauder because of the cancer causing chemicals they put in their products and market to preteens who are in the development stages. UGH! Arbonne's name was not mentioned.


How the hell do some of you spend $1000s of dollars on Arbonne to start your business??? I've been reading all the comments on here and it's amazing. It takes a lot of time and work to ACTUALLY become an NVP or whatever. I don't feel sorry for you people who got brainwashed into thinking that you could make a business out of it just like that. Some of their products are pretty good (the acne products really cleared up my acne) so I signed up as a consultant, but only for the discount, not to make a business out of it. I think it's unethical that you guys are promoting Arbonne products in a bad way just because you got fooled into trying to make a business out of it. If you couldn't see how evil and pushy some of those "Arbots" then that's your fault for being so gullible :P

laughing at you

Wow. What a bunch of whackjob losers you all are. Why don't you have a few meetings to learn how to GET A LIFE AND GET OVER IT???



Self absorbed? Greedy? Really?

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