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April 06, 2006



oooh! I knew it! Every time somebody gets questioned on their ethics in MLM, they pull out the old tried-and-true "Don't judge me!"
Guess what? We're judging you. Big Time.
Not because we're perfect; just because it's our right to call a scam a scam.


PC, you do NOT have the right, however, to call someone "stupid" "brainwashed" and all the other "names" you have called us. Doesn't matter that your view point differs from ours, you can be Civil instead of being Combative.


Wrong cassandra, she has every right to be as combative as she sees fit. Many of us see mlm not as an innocent scam but as a very destructive scam that has negative results in the lives of real people. If you want everyone to play nice maybe you should find another playground.


She does NOT have the right to call names and try to belittle people who do not agree with her view point. NOT very diplomatic and is an extremely immature way of disagreeing with others.


by the way... I am a REAL person and I have had only POSITIVE results from Arbonne. However, I do not call names or belittle anyone who has had negative results with Arbonne.


Cassandra, you do not have the right to not be offended. PC has every right to voice her opinion, which is a darn good one btw, if she chooses. You have the right to disagree. You also have the right and choice to read or not read this blog. You can't expect to change how someone else voices there opinion because it hurts your feelings or whatever. What are you, a liberal democrat or something!! geez!!

p.s. PC definitely doesn't stand for politically correct. hehe


To: Lori...
I looked around because I like to know the issues on both sides of an opinion. And there are ALWAYS issues, it just depends on whether you want to see them or now. I just feel that its foolish to go blindly into something, anything, without knowing the pros and cons. I think it gives me a realistic look at the situation...because otherwise, that'll be what would turn me into a sucker. Also, knowing both sides helps me to understand the opposition and prepare to explain, or argue my point if the need ever be. Its kind of like politics.

To: Pinkcadillac
I think the person who made the comment about judgement wasn't impugning you (I'll wait while you get the dictionary) for the fact that you are judging. I think he/she was observing how quite dumb it is that you are judging them from a STUPID BLOG SITE!


NotaSucker, Now that I am more aware of the facts about MLMs I definitely judge someone when they tell me they are involved with one. That doesn't mean that I immediately think badly of them, but the respect meter takes a nosedive. PC is just being completely honest here and if you don't like it then you probably don't need to be blogging. You most certainly did belittle people with negative opinions about Arbonne. That's fine, but don't scream about being judged. You came here knowing what this blog is about. What did you think would happen? That we would all decide YOU were right and we are all wrong. Make your point, stay and argue if you want, but don't tell anyone here what they can and can't post. This is MY sandbox and I say it's OK to throw the sand!!




Um...never said you couldn't judge...that was someone else. And never said you could or couldn't post certain things...I'm simply making observations. The people on this site don't really bother to read thoroughly, do they?
And yes, that's exactly what I thought would happen. I'd state my opinion and everyone would immediately follow along.
OK to throw sand in your sandbox? Then don't get pissed when someone throws it back in your face.


NotaSucker, Sorry, I guess that was for Cassandra....I guess all you suckers/scammers sound alike. I said throw the sand didn't I? Come on...give it your best shot. And, I can get pissed all I want. Who do you think you are and why do you think you can come here and call the shots?


One of the funniest things about hanging around these blogs is the reactions of the ARbots when they realize that not everyone on the planet is brainwashed like them.

They crack me up with the whole " I take offense to that statement" attitude or "how dare you judge me, you don't even know me" attitude.

It's worth hanging around just to be entertained by their complete cluelessness.

Who remembers BB in her prime, man she was a doozie!!


Bb was always able to see different sides. I never saw her be blind to the issues that are out there. I consider her my friend and dont remember her being at all unreasonable.


I do not have the right to call MLMers scam artists, liars, thieves, and idiots??

Dang. I'll have to go re-read the Bill of Rights, I suppose.

And to NotASucker: I don't need a dictionary for "impugning", but I bet you first learned that word while watching "Pirates of the Carribean".

[Captain Barbosa]: "Don't impugn me honor, boy! I agreed she'd go free, but you're the one who failed to specify when or where!"


Preston Dyar

I like the products, I use them.
29 bucks for a 35 percent discount... I personally have no problem with that.
I buy and give samples... Most people like them. Those that want the product-- I show them the way that they can receive the SAME discount, or I have them as retail paying customers if they prefer that route. It's totally their decision and I don't push...
I also use the vitamins and have saved money on the usual amount I spend each month on them making it worth it.
If I make some money doing this in a non threatening way, then great. If not, well, then I still have a 35 percent discount on products I really like. I think MLM's are what you make of them.


why so angy?? how about because i'm afraid to answer my own door! not because of some dangerous pedefile, but because of my sweet neighbor! she "stalks" me (and other neighborhs) with the "oh, i'm so glad i finally got you at home!!" (why can't she figure out that we don't return her calls about arbonne, that we ignore her emails, avoid her parties -- and avoid her at parties(!), "get other calls" when she calls, are on our way to root canal surgery when she stops by BECAUSE WE DON'T WANT ANY!! it's expensive and when i want something i go buy it(!). she calls from other phones (so i don't know it's her!), to tell me she "understands" and is just needing me to let her sign me up to place orders under my name, that she is going to pay for it -- and the big hit(!!) she JUST NEEDS MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER! ARGH!! forget it! leave me alone! how many times do i have to refuse you? do i have to tell you that i don't buy expensive cosmetics for my 12 y/o, that I'M NOT INTERESTED, good grief, we are not safe in our own homesl -- FROM OUR FRIENDS! i will never understand how a company can take a perfectly nice, likable person and turn them into a social pariah. i USED to enjoy her company!! my husband is self-employed. what would be the difference of me knocking on my friends and neighbor's doors and "insisting" that they purchase from me! and, then, i call them all the time, send them emails and dump sad stories on them to make them feel so guilty if they don't buy it . . . this is what they do. you would never allow this from someone who's husband is - say a carpenter (YES! YOU NEED NEW CABINETS!), but it's okay to do it because it a mml, or because it's make-up, WHAT? i hope that she has finnaly gotten the message when i refused my ss number and "suddenly" lost "service" on my cell . . . to not call her back -- AGAIN!


Are you kidding me??? I decided to find info on the arbonne product because I have friends who like it and this is what I found. Who the hell cares! Why are you all fighting over product. Who cares if people want to be consultants...that's their buisness...they can get out of it. And for all this stuff being pulled from the bible to battle each other....isn't God supposed to be the one that judges...I'm not claiming to be this big Christian , but I thought it was a basic belief in religion. You people are horrible to each other...just accept the fact that your thoughts are different and move on. And ARbots? lol. You guys have gone so far as to give consultants a name??? Please...I beg you to do something constructive with your time...you're not going to convince everyone to be completely against arbonne.
Anyways, say what you want to my comment I won't be returning to this site so let your harsh words of ridiculousness go unread.


Wow - I am surpised at how emotional everyone is ! God bless us females who can feel such emotions !! It seems to me that when we all buy retail from the stores - all seem to accept it. Paying $30.00 to be able to buy wholesale ( rather than buying or leasing a building and paying for all utilities , tax, insurance , staf etc etc ) is a great deal especially if it is a good product that is very natural and healthy. When stores buy wholesale and sell retail - they get insentives for the amount of product that goes through their store. The more they purchase at wholesale the larger the discounts the supplier offers them. However - the supplier and/or manufacturer all pay for advertising etc. which is millions of dollars over a short time. Private companies take thoses millions and instead of advertising via all forms of media - they give "thank you bonuses "to the consultants . The more consultants that you bring in - the bigger the bonuses going to he people who work the hardest. We should perhaps celebrate these companies who prefer to give to hard working individuals rather than the media. Just some thoughts from someone who is not involved in Arbonne or any other organization but has been around retail enough to think that maybe there is another way to view this. Good luck to all no matter their views.... us females need to support each other regardless of difference of opinions. Long live famales !!!

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