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February 10, 2006



Wow, this is crazy. MLM lawyers are extremely nasty...I know a former Mary Kay consultant who had a legitimate dispute with the company, and the lawyers were so nasty they threatened her in evil ways!

They will continue to try to intimidate people and keep their dirty little secrets safe. Thank goodness for freedom of speech. At least those of us OUTSIDE of Arbonne can tell the truth.


I don't blame Joel for not fighting with arbonne on this one. When you see how much he has going on it's easy to understand why this wasn't worth the trouble. He started the site for the right reasons and gave everyone the opportunity to speak their mind. It is arbonne who punked out on this one and ran. If I were as blatantly WRONG as arbonne, I would run and hide just like they did. They must be real proud of themselves and their company, don't you think? Yeah RIGHT!!!


Oh JJ, how I have missed you, my dear.
If you ever feel like brawling with some crazy Pink Freaks, you have an open invitation to my blog. ;)


Two Words


rbon mad

As long as the individual who has the blog, website, etc. about Arbonne is not an active consultant, let the games begin. I believe Joel is still a consultant (meaning he pays his $15 a year to get the discount) but I could be wrong. I am still an active consultant but after this, I may not renew just so that I can start create a forum for Arbonne survivors. It also helps to have a husband who is an attorney and a brother in law who is a judge and after consulting with them, it doesn't matter what Arbonne has in their policy about blogging (which by the way they did not specifically mention in their compliance manual), etc. It is still considered Freedom of Speech and Arbonne cannot enforce such blatant censorship. They can threaten all they want, it would just promote bad publicity for them. I applaud Joel in his efforts to present other opinions and experiences and understand completely why he is not fighting this. It is truly a shame that the forum had to end so abruptly but hopefully not permanently. As Mulder from X-files would say, The truth is out there.


HEY! fantasticskincare.com is back up!

Talk about losing money, what a waste of money paying for a blog when you don't even use it. Should've gone with a free blog.


Not sure you are right.Look at the counter...see how many visits?Alot of those people came here and read Cats story.


oh well, if she decides she doesn't want to pay for a blog anymore, she can always switch over to blogger. ;)


Yes, Arbonne CAN enforce such censorship, because Consultants sign a contract agreeing to those terms. It isn't about freedom of speech, it is about contract law. The cannot enforce that against non-consultants, but they CAN enforce it with consultants who signed the contract.

That said, they aren't half as bad as Mary Kay. I used to run a web site that gave opinions about various cosmetic brands (I am a makeup artist). Mary Kay tried to bully me into removing everything about their cosmetics from my site.

I sent them a copy of the First Amendment and told them to call my atty if they needed any help understanding it.

I never heard from them again! HA!


Well, Mary Kay is a pretty nasty beast, but Arbonne is just as bad--ever met one of their "business building" reps?? :)

I can't wait to get my first threatening letter from Mary Kay. I'm practically salivating at the prospect...


You know, I never signed any contract agreeing to anything.


I need to vent...My arbonne sponsor (my bf's ex) is going to NTC this week in St. Louis. An event that retails for $285 registration (which I believe can be paid for with ASAP points, unless one is saving them for the big Cruise). Not only is she missing her son's (and stepson's) first two baseball games, but she has not yet discussed the possibility of their father having them for the time that she's gone. So, she's just leaving them with their stepdad while she's gone all week. Nothing against stepdad, he's a great guy and a good father, but don't they belong with their real dad when mom is out of town???

On an upnote, I thank God everyday for Arbonne, because it allows me to be aware of the stuff that this woman is and will be pulling on her children and their father, and it has brought me to all of you great new people. :)

annie frannie

Cat, you were supposed to fill out a consultant agreement form when you signed up to open your account. There was all sorts of fine print on the back of that thing. And if you do it on line, you have to click the box that says you read all the policies etc, and agree to it. Unless your friend filled out all your stuff for you. It was when you had to give your SSN, so you had to be a part of the process at some point. Most of my people don't bother to read anything, but I am encouraging them to do it now.


Yeah, that was kinda my point; I never signed anything nor did my sponsor read me anything or tell me any other reason for needing my SSN other than getting me signed into the system. Of course, once again, I stupidly trusted my friend. I asked a lot of questions about the Policies and Procedures after reading them. I asked A LOT of questions. I was also fed A LOT of BS from Sibley and her crew.....Allison, Nina, Whitney, those are just off the top of my head.


My husband is a step-father to my 2 girls. I wouldn't have a problem leaving them with him if I had a business trip to go on;however, it does sound like her priorities are a little off and I think considering an Arbonne brew-ha-ha a business trip stretching it so I don't see how she could choose Arbonne over her children. But, in all fairness, she probably does see this trip as something she absolutely can not miss and justifies that by considering the trip a very important business trip. When I signed up I would get all these emails about going to Kentucky, Florida and other places for conferences. My upline tried to really push going to Kentucky! Please! What a lot of people don't realize is that Reps will say anything to get you to sign up. They will even lie and tell you that you will have more time for your family and we all know that's a bold-faced lie.


Yeah, I got notices all the time for Kentucky and Colorado. Why don't I just hop on a plane to go to a car presentation? I'll wait for one around here, thanks. Like I said before, I don't have a problem with the stepdad, but I think since their dad doesn't get enough time with them, he should have right of first refusal every time she is away. It will be interesting to see how many baseball games she makes it to this season. You can bet I'll be counting, since I'll be at every one.

annie frannie

well, I am not going this weekend to the NTC, but honestly, if you can only go to one Arbonne thing a year, this is the one to go to. All the big wigs are there, the training is excellent, and this is when they launch the new products they have been working on.
Since they have grown, they now are having regional trainings once or twice a year as well, the one in Louisville last year was one. SInce I live 1 1/2 hours from there and have a friend I could stay with, I went and it only cost me the $75 registration cost. But this one in St. Louis, my VP encouraged, but I said, I cannot leave my 4 kids, whom I homeschool, drive 5 hours and pay for a hotel for 4 days, plus the registration fee. I'll just download the learn and burns later!
I also get notes from time to time about car presentations in other places, she always says "if you have any team members in this area, blah blha blah" not making it seem like I should be personally going to Missouri for a a car presentation.
I did just go to one last week here in town, a triple one. But it was nothing exciting, I would never travel for one. They each shared their stories, which was nice, and a bigwig ENVP shared about the business. These were first three gals in our area who got them. and they did it the slow,old fashioned way, with parties and one on one team building. I have been going to the one gals trainings here in town for a year and she is so sweet, she has welcomed me and my team in even though we are connected in no way.
But there is so much training for free that I can do at midnight after my kids are a sleep, I will not travel or do anything that costs and takes me away from the family.

annie frannie

Leah, do you think if your dude asked, if the kids could come over? Maybe if it isn't his 'scheduled' weekend, she didn't think he was availabe. He does have lots of gigs and so forth...
just trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. I am not saying you are wrong, just trying to see both sides. And try not to keep tabs too much on her attendance, it will make you crazy and it is something you can't control. Like it or not, your dude and she have to have a good relationship for the sake of the kids, and if you undermine it or act judgemental, it won't help anything. The truth will be obvious whether you say anything or not, so don't let it eat you up inside. I dont' know what the rest of her life is like, but if she is with the kids most of the time, missing a few baseball games is unavoidable. I mean I am with my kids 24/7, and I am only too happy when hubby can take them to some event so I can go do something else, like an Arbonne class, and be away from the daily grind. I go to the big things, of course, but when they have games 1 or 2 times a week, we have to take turns sometimes so we can accomplish other things.
I am not taking her side, I just have seen a friend of mine in similar situations get filled with so much resentment and get so judgemntal of the ex-wife, it ruined their relationship with the guy. IT takes a big woman with a huge heart to be able to deal with all the ins and outs of kids and ex wives, and I admire you for doing so much to make it work. He is a lucky guy!


Annie, actually I'm just venting here so that nothing comes out to him. I generally don't have a huge problem with her because she is a good mom, and she's always been pretty nice to me. What's been bothering me lately is that I'm starting to see how manipulative she is, and it bugs me. She's got JOL totally under her thumb, and while I know it's a reality I will have to deal with for a long time, it just gets under my skin once in a while. I find it easy to vent online for a few minutes anonymously, so that my friends and family don't have to think all I do is complain. I love my man and his kids, so I'm going to put up with a fair amount of crap until they are grown, so I guess I just feel entitled to bitch and moan here and there. I shall stop now though, because I don't want to look like I hate her or anything. I don't want to be a bitter person.

annie frannie

Oh, I totally understand about anonymous online venting! I do that too, or else I think all my friends would hate my husband and his place of employment. There are things I think and feel I just can't say to people I interact with in real life, because it would impact their opinion of things that are important to them. But I need to get them off my chest.
Feel free to vent, I wasn't telling you not to, I just wanted to give my big sisterly advice to guard your heart against bitterness. SOunds like you are and you know what you have ahead of you. Like I said, he is a lucky guy, and they are lucky kids!!


I second that! Those boys are lucky to have someone like you looking out for them, Leah. You sound like you have a very level-head about it all and I don't blame you for venting.


Thanks guys! It's good to know I have a place when it's necessary. It really helps me keep my mouth shut to JOL because he's dealing with his own thoughts on the subject and doesn't really need to hear it from me.


Leah...your BF's ex was your recruiter? You must have a pretty good relationship, has it suffered since you decieded to slow things down a bit? I ended up with my hubbys ex in a phlebotomy class! Luckily we didn't get paired up cause there was no way she was practicing on me!


Well, I was spending a lot of time around her when she recruited me because we were at soccer games all summer together, and it just got me very interested. Because of his child support payments (and other credit trouble he got into when he was dead broke from the child support payments and the divorce), it is going to be very hard for us to save money for things like a wedding and a house. The thought of Arbonne was very appealing, as it could help me make the money to pay for those things as well as be a SAHM when that time comes. So I went for it, and I ended up spending even more time with her because of training and everything.

It was actually her pressure tactics, not those of anyone else in my upline, that made me back off. She is the type of person who can sell ice to an eskimo, and I'm not. This business really is perfect for her, and I bet she will go pretty far with it. But, she is all about the business and finding business builders. She also quit her job to do this, so she has all day long to be out finding new prospects, and I don't.

I haven't really seen her since I decided not to do the business, but I don't see her having much problem with me. If anything, she'll probably make the comments to let me know what I'm missing out on and that's it. She really can't go too far with me, because the kids are the most important thing, so neither one of us can go too far in upsetting the other. I know that, at least. I hope she does.

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