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February 01, 2006



Very Interesting!
A friend of mine sent me here after I wondered in my blog about arbonne. I'm not big on MLM already, but this confirmed it.


What's your blog?

rbon mad

I don't know if you're aware but Arbonne threatened the MyArbonne guy who had the fantastic skin care web site. They made him take down the website and he has decided not to fight them since he has his own business to run. Meanwhile, the rbon yahoo group still exists because it is a pro Arbonne site I am assuming. This is the last straw for me with Arbonne. They are no different than the rest of the greedy MLM companies out there. I know in the nation I was in they are experiencing a decline in sales so my suspicion is Arbonne as a company may be experiencing a decline in sales.


Hey, thanks! I was wondering what happened. I am not surprised that sales are down. Once people started catching wind of the puppy scam, I'm sure Arbonne suffered. No, they aren't any different than any other MLM although they claim to be. The fact that they wanted the site down should tell us a lot. Thanks again for the info! Cat


Great Post. Whatever happened to doing business honestly and ethically?.



Hi all, love the new website, learned about it from MLM Survivor.

Just an fyi for those trying to figure how to bail on Arbonne and try to recoup some of your money back from the pups. If your pups were used, return them to Arbonne (product replacement/client didn't like) then sell them on ebay. Avg. price around $130. Not all your money, but at least a part of it back. I did that with my 6 pups (this was before Arbonne was pushing the samples, etc.).

Hope this helps!


It is so sad that you all have to blame something else on your obvious failures. Direct sales companies are not greedy. It is just a way of offering a high quality product at a decent price because you cut out the middle men. If you want to see greedy look at corporte America. Do a little research on Walmart for instance. You know MLM is not for everyone and it is not easy. If it was everyone would do it. Everyone obviously does not have the vision to want to change their life and take control of their life. I am an Arbonne consultant and never once was I told I had to buy 4 pups. I was shown my options on how I can do the business and then told it is my business and I need to decide how I want to run my business. Even if you did invest $1000, that is pocket change compared to starting a traditional business - for example a restaurant or bookstore. You are going to spend alot more time than a few hours a week working and it will be years before you really see a profit. Even Donald Trump has said if he had to start over he would do MLM. Dr Phil spoke at the Direct Sellers Women's Association a couple of years ago. You that have sat here and bad mouthed something that you have not really researched will always have someone else making decisions for you. Like when you can go on vacation or when you will goto work and when you can go home. I have wittnessed nothing but love and support in my experience with Arbonne. I have witnessed the products change the skin of my family and friends.


I too, got sucked in temporarily by the Ar- Bots. I bought a kit from a family member and signed up for the discount. We chatted a lot about the business and I went to the 'university' to learn more. I was a little skepitcal when I went to the meeting. I quickly realized that these people were like wolves leading a bunch of happy lambs to slaughter. Buy 4 kits, you don't have to use it or like it to sell it??? What?? After the meeting was finished, they asked for a $5 donation (huh?) and the promised door prizes weren't given. Even their informational meeting was a scam! I am so dissapointed that my dream of working from home was dashed. I now have a love-hate relationship with them. I love some products/hate their tactics!


Sorry about your experience Orchid. What is the "university"?
I hate Arbonne because it has ruined a great 6 yr friendship - I wouldnt join on as a business builder. My friend who has been recruiting me just got involved last month so I am waiting to see how long before she gets out and loses a ton of money. So far she only has one recruit and she had to pay for that recruit's kits too.
The same thing was pitched to me. "You dont have to like/use the product, just recruit other people to sell it for you"


Hey--The Pinking SHears has a spot for Arbonne dissing, too:


It is their personal website that you go to 'school' to learn more about their products. You listen to their nicely worded 'educational' topics.

It's such a shame, these people are scrambling to recruit others dreaming that they will someday be rich. It's like they are desperately searching for another person to make money off of and move on to the next. I don't believe that they will get ahead since the products are so high-priced and consultants spend so much of their own money marketing the product. I think the per hour rate that you need to put into this, working for minimum wage part-time may be more profitable.

I didn't think you could pay for their start up fee??? Your friend should be careful and please caution her not to spend any more money than she can afford to lose. It's like Vegas, if you've got the dough, spend it, if not, be conservative. I think to really try it you might need one extra kit to send out. Samples are a much cheaper and more sanitary way to get involved, unless her greedy upline already convinced her to buy 4+ kits.

I am on the fence with them, I may pursue it slowly for a while and see how it goes. I do like their skin care and wonder if my upline is the only bad thing about the company. Hopefully more survivors will fill me in.

annie frannie

Orchiduser, I am not a 'survivor' in Arbonne, but I have a very different approach and encourage you to weigh all the pros and cons, and look outside your area/upline if you need to. I am feeling more and more I lucked out getting an upline that was in MK for 9 years and never made money and got so tired of all the scamming she encountered and was encouraged to do. So she has a very laid back, honest business plan. And she is driving the Mercedes, and has a large team. But it took her a couple years and many people have shot past her doing things she wasn't comfortable doing. So Keep in mind there are other options out there. I do not do the Results approach. I focus on the other products, the health products, the balancing cream, the baby care, etc. No one I know can afford the RE9 set right off the bat. I use it now, but I do use my 'profits' to support my arbonne habit, LOL! I did mention some of this on the FSC board, but wanted to mention it again. You can focus on whatever products you want, present it to people in a way you are comfortable with and some sales will come your way. Not a ton, but some. It is enough for me to make a little fun money.


fyi the results approach was started by a consultant named andy iman. He startef the pup approach the original name because he wanted a way to market the product so men couls use them. iknow this because i was in arbonne from the begging of this approach. When arbonne hearsd about it they were concerned about the integrety of the product being compromised from product contamination. They advised everyone to stop doing it this way and offer those sample packs you say they don't encourage us to buy. The sales foce us tols them we like the approach and it was working so arbonne said ok we will come up with a program where the product would not get comprimes thus forming the results approach. This however is not the only way to maeket and arbonne makes that clear to us. As far as spending thousands when i got in i spent 29 dollars and am now an executive dm and did not practice any unethical approache i lkaid out all the options truthfulley and even told them this is what i did nad you do what is comfortable to you. So you are wrong arbonne came up with the program because consulants were not buying samples and they needed to keep the product safe. By the way we still have samples to purchase and the results approach if done how arbonne says to do it as you acknowledge stills comes with a sample pack


I should have checked my typoes i apologize i was half asleep and typing way to fast lol


Thanks, I am still cautious of my upline, but I also wonder about the company because of their practices not being questioned. I want to do business with honesty and integrity and wondered if I could still clear a few bucks and keep my beliefs in tact. Thankfully, I have not bought any extra kits only a few samples.


Hi Orchid,

It must be your upline. I have an amazing upline and I'm not pressured with any of it. They laid out the different approaches for me and I've taken it from there.

I love the products and that's what I sell - I touch on the business side of it when doing a party and if anyone wants more information I talk with them privately and I lay it out just like it was done for me. :)


What happens when you drop off your kit with someone you don't know and they won't return it or when you get it they have damaged it in some way. It is possible to pour out as much product as you want and then return the kit. At the price of each kit, that would seriously cut into your profits. I have been giving this a lot of thought. I love their products, and I too, don't want to waste an opportunity but I have no intention of spending a lot of cash to find out it doesn't benefit me. I want to work from home, but this business just doesn't seem to be as profitable as they imply.



That link will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about MLM.

There are 3 players:

1) The very few who are wildly successful at the expense of the many.
2) The many who spend thousands to pay the overrides of the few only to quickly realize its only the strongest salespeople that make it in this business. I have NO statistics on this whatsoever but generally, really successful salespeople are only about 3% of the population. That means, to my guess, its probably at least 90% that drop out.
3) The remaining who recognize the value of the products, casually resell, and really, really, think a white mercedes is surpassed only in tackiness by a pink cadillac.

So, before you talk to your mom and best friends about this, consider that they might end up at the bottom of the pile.


orchid, I like your idea. just get the samples and try it out. If it works, great, if not, thats great too.

Arbonne thrives on the idea of fast recruitment and scaled commissions based on your recruits. Which is, IMHO, a pretty dirty (or smart depending on how you look at it) way around paying for recruiting (which is illegal in MLM). I just can't stand that part of it. I'd rather hang myself with that yellow pup kit strap than call my friends and hock the idea.

but the scaled commissions is not based on your recruits, it's based on the amount of products sold, which is NOT illegal.


It most certainly is based on your recruits. You people (pro-MLM) kill me. I no longer have the patience to argue with those that continue to promote Arbonne or any other MLM as a great opportunity for an honest business. To those of you who have not joined an MLM, but are considering doing so, let me clue you in on how you will be looked at and talked about amongst your peers......they will feel sorry for you, laugh at you and mimic you behind your back. Yeah, I probably wouldn't have belived that either when I was on my Arbonne high. Do yourself a big favor and start researching the good, bad and the ugly on MLM's and see if you really want to take the risk of getting mixed up with this kind of business and then also consider if you believe in the system enough to make a fool out of yourself in your quest for a white Mercedes.

sister of Arbonne rep

Sorry Cat, but I do not look down on my sister, nor do I laugh at her or mimic her behind her back. I do not feel sorry for her or any of my friends in MLM or direct sales. And none of them are making fools of themselves either, they each are wonderful hardworking individuals.

Barbara Brown

I knew this would happen... I just wanted to write in and give my opinion. I am one of the honest, ethical arbonne consultants just trying to make extra money by selling a product, not finding people to buy in to management. When I first signed up to be a consultant over 1 year ago, I could not find any negative info. about arbonne online. Once my upline switched their "focus" to recruiting people to invest $2500, I had a feeling it was going to get ugly. I don't doubt people's experience with this approach, and those that got hurt or felt used. But, I could have been one of those anti-arbonners also, but instead, I realized this was my business and my choice. I do not need my upline to succeed. For those that downplay the measure of success in arbonne - well, each person measures success differently. To some, it is driving the mercedez. To me, it is bringing in enough extra money to make our car payment. I stay at home w/ my 2 little girls all day, and do about 4-5 parties a month. I am very happy with the success that I have. I have numerous clients and wholesale buyers, and not one of them has been used or walked on. They are all happy w/ their products, the results, and the customer service I give to them. I even have a few consultants under me that are selling now. I did not force them into it. I did not call them every day w/ my upline hiding on the phone ready to pounce them. I let them use the product, fall in love with the product, and then come to me asking me about the business side. I have not alienated my family. I mentioned what I was going to do, and they wanted to support me. I have some family that are regular users and buyers b/c they LOVE the product. I have some family that is not interested b/c they like their Oil of Olay. Would I ever let this come between a relationship??? Absolutely not. So, when people talk bad about all arbonne consultants, or say we are unethical or getting rich off of other people, I take offense to this. Yes, there are greedy, unethical consultants out there. But, I believe there are alot more honest ones. I am getting paid by providing a service to my clients. I am knowledgable in our products and usage. I take time with them to find out what works for their needs and skin. If I am unethical, than so is the lady standing behind the counter at the Department Store.


Take offense if you please, but the truth is the truth is the truth.


You know, in any business there will always be a few bad apples. I have been with Arbonne for almost 9 years and yes I am driving a Mercedes. It took me about 6 years of building to earn it. I did it along side of owning 3 retail businesses and a large family. After 9/11 we would have lost our businesses and home if it weren't for our Arbonne income coming into the household. It literally paid our bills. It was the only positive thing in our life at the time.

I know there are unethical people in Arbonne, but there are also those with integrity. When we start a new consultant we let them know that they can start anywhere from the $29 start up fee to whatever investment they feel comfortable with. And compared to the $150,000 it cost us to open just one retail store (and without any guarantee of customers) it is relatively small and most can afford it.

I will work with people no matter where they come in. We recently started a young mother of 2 small children who's husband just lost his job, they were in danger of foreclosure and were leaning towards bankruptcy last August. In January she earned a $7800 check and they are much more secure as a family. And she started with a $200 investment. We worked with what she could afford. And this is only one of many stories of people on my team who are living a better life thanks to Arbonne.

It is all about integrity, honesty and hard work. I am 48 years old and have worked for corporate, worked my own businesses and Arbonne. I am able to help more people and be with my family more with this than either of the other two options.

I'm sorry that some of you had bad experiences and I know that there are some rules that Arbonne has that seem wrong, however they are trying to make it fair for everyone, especially consultants trying to get started. If someone has a huge website drawing a lot of people, that isn't fair to the little guy who has no money for a big website.

God bless, KR

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